We contacted one of our friends, a reporter who was lucky enough to watch episode 11 in advance and she agreed to share her opinion with us, with a special focus on our favorite couple. We hope you enjoy this article and that it will get you even more excited for what’s coming for you on Monday!

How did I feel about “Mea Maxima Culpa” as a Malec fan?

Seeing Malec reunite together in the Season 2B premiere at first feels very simple and sweet, but it’s Shadowhunters, and Magnus and Alec both have loved ones (and each other) to look out for, so their initial scene becomes more serious pretty quickly. Alec reaches out to Magnus for help with a mission because of Magnus’ knowledge about demons beyond his own, but then Magnus has to be more of a moderator to keep Alec reassured when Alec learns of a new problem. There’s some stress and some frustration, but Alec and Magnus stay united, and we hope that they get to work together more this season.

Magnus is also at the Institute to help Alec and other Shadowhunters, and I liked being able to watch Alec’s reactions to Magnus’ magic. Of course, as always, things don’t perfectly go to plan, but there’s a shocking moment within all of the chaos that was my favorite Malec moment of the episode, even though it’s not how we typically see them together. If you look at it one way, Alec needs Magnus because of his abilities, but at the same time, he needs Magnus because he’s someone he trusts and loves. I’m really curious to see how the rest of the fans react to the scene.

There are a few more Malec moments in the last part of the episode, but Magnus and Alec are both focused on figuring out what’s going on. It’s hard to explain without giving anything away, but I know that I’m really excited to see how Malec will need to come back together in the next few episodes. When something happens to one of them, you know that it will definitely affect the other, and that only means we will see more emotion, comfort and affection when those problems are resolved.

The episode was not at all what we were expecting for Malec, but it was satisfying in different ways. We see them being concerned for each other and wanting to help one another, but in reality, their whole story arc in 11 just made me anxious (the good kind) for Episode 12.

Shadowhunters Season 2B returns June 5 at 8/7c on Freeform.

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