Opinion – Shadowhunters Episode 218 “Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen”

Opinion – Shadowhunters Episode 218 “Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen”

We contacted one of our friends, a reporter who was lucky enough to watch episode 18 in advance and she agreed to share her opinion with us, with a special focus on our favorite couple. We hope you enjoy this article and that it will get you even more excited for what’s coming for you on Monday!

How did I feel about “Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen” as a Malec fan?


Season 2 Episode 18 is the most unique Malec episode in the series by far. At the beginning of the episode, Magnus is asked to make a difficult decision and as he struggles with the decision throughout the episode, memories of his time with Alec come flooding back into his mind. Both Magnus and Alec are in distant, difficult positions in the present time, but fans are shown a series of flashbacks that take them on a journey through the Malec relationship. And can I say that one of the flashbacks takes us back further into their friendship? It acts as a tag from an episode early on in Season 1 that gives new insight to how these characters came to learn more about each other. They’re a bit nervous, but also curious about their feelings, and it makes me want to rewatch a few of the Season 1 episodes.

As Magnus continues to wrestle with his political choice, audiences are also transported into more Season 2 flashbacks, this time showing us moments that I know I was curious to know more about from Season 2A. In Episode 17, there was a focus on trust or lack of trust between the two characters, and in the Episode 18 flashbacks, we are shown how that trust has evolved over the course of their relationship, which felt very satisfying. In present day, Alec is consumed by a family emergency, and he is desperate to do what’s right for the people that he loves. The emergency does unite Alec and Magnus together for a few moments in present day, but you’ll have to watch on Monday to see how Magnus makes his political decisions and whether they will have an affect on Alec.

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