TRANSLATION – Matthew Daddario for Blairwitch’s website about Shadowhunters Season 2B

TRANSLATION – Matthew Daddario for Blairwitch’s website about Shadowhunters Season 2B

Below is an English translation of Blairwitch’s interview with Matthew Daddario which was written in German. We do not have access to Matthew’s original English answers so please be aware these are not his exact words, but a translation.

Since Monday Matthew Daddario once again battles with bow and arrow against the ultimate evil. But what exactly awaits fans of the mystery series with the return of Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments? In line with the start of Season 2B, which can be watched on Netflix in Germany, we have been talking with the sympathetic actor about upcoming and past events on the show, immortality, losing memories and other topics. If you have not seen the first season and season 2A yet, be warned of spoilers. In Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments Daddario embodies Alec, who, together with Clary, Jace, and co., tries to protect his home, family, and friends from Valentine, Clary’s father. Valentine wants to create his own Shadowhunters and to take the law into his own hands. But that’s certainly not all …

Matthew, the hunt for the Soul Sword has begun. What else can fans expect from the second half of the second season?

First of all I have to say that shooting has been completed for quite some time now. Therefore, my testimony may not entirely be true, but I strongly assume it to proceed as followed: Firstly, it is important to find out what becomes of the Institute from which they must necessarily flee. We also expect the arrival of a new person from the outside. It is Sebastian Verlac, played by Will Tudor. His performances are very mysterious, which is why the fans will surely enjoy it. And as far as my character Alec is concerned, for him things are going well in the second half, but as with all the seasons of Shadowhunters – and I’m sure there’ll be some more to follow – a good stage for anyone in the series can abruptly end.

Things always go wrong when you expect them to rise. Jace must find a way, for example, to deal with the fact that Clary is not his sister. But only so much: it gets complicated. (Laughs) I’m very curious about that, because I can not remember 100% how he handles it. But it will be one of the central themes during the next episodes.

Now let’s discuss a few past matters: Alec always stood for rules and the law. Nevertheless, he helped Clary to try and revive her mother. Do you think he would have responded differently if he had not felt guilty?

Definitely! This decision was a huge departure from the person he normally is. I do not want to pass judgment, but to interfere and help Clary with the revival of her mother was certainly not a particularly clever idea. For Alec it was at least kind of a learning experience, even if we did not spend very much time with it. He should have stuck with his protocol when it comes to solving such conflicts. But his feelings of guilt, though he was not really guilty, made him turn away from it. Surely he learned from it. For without these feelings in him Alec would never have let himself go!

Unlike Alec or Clary’s mother, many characters are immortal. Every time we ask actors whether they would like to be immortal, they hesitate or respond with “no”. Are you the exception and say “yes”?

(Laughs) Basically it’s about what you make out of your life. As a mortal one can achieve a lot in 80 years. And yet there are days when you just sit around and do nothing. But if one had all the time in the world at their disposal, many relationships would be broken because the people around you either die or otherwise disappear. After a while, you know yourself well enough. Under such circumstances, it is no longer so lucrative to be immortal. When people talk about it, many actually see a curse rather than a blessing. In Shadowhunters, however, one can still die, so it could for example also happen to Magnus. Therefore, he should avoid dangers as well, because even as an immortal one would probably not really want to die. Personally, however, I have no idea how to answer the question. This is not so easy, very philosophical. If you deal too much with the subject, more and more questions are raised, and you then break your head – just as I am. (Laughs)

What do you find more uncanny: Like Alec to have a partner in Magnus who never ages and probably lives far beyond your time, or to be immortal like Magnus, who sees everyone around him age and die?

The mortals – and this probably includes Alec – would find it harder because they just realize that their partner will continue to live long after their death. Alec is also aging. Clearly, ultimately, it would be a very unfortunate situation for both sides, albeit for different reasons. But if they find a way to enjoy their time together somehow, then it has something beautiful in itself. It would certainly be important that Magnus segmented his life.

Let us stay with Magnus: he has existed for centuries and has met Casanova and Michelangelo. If you can personally get to know a long-dead philosopher: Who would it be and why?

Ohh … That’s a fun question.

Can you think of anyone?

There are already a few. But it is difficult to settle on one. Certainly, I would choose a person whose mind is so creative and interesting that they could still teach me new things, of which I have no idea yet. But that is so easy. You do not really know your personality. In addition to Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci would certainly be an interesting candidate, but I don’t know. This is a really good question. I would certainly choose a thinker or philosopher, and indeed … I choose … Oh man, no idea. It is much too hard to choose one.

Then let’s try this: In the series, they dealt with removing bad or problem-causing memories. If you could remove a memory: What would it be?

This is a question I also know an answer to. And I would not want to give up a single memory. For no matter how negative and painful some of them may be, they have sometimes helped me to become the person I am. In addition, they make you a more interesting person and that is what life is all about. Even the most cruel memories I would not want to delete, because they have defined me. Losing one of them would mean losing myself. And I could not imagine anything worse.

Okay then.


In conclusion we would be interested in the following: The beings from Shadowhunters are stronger and some are immortal, but they all have a handicap. For example, Vampires can not eat anything.

If you think more closely about what human experience involves and what makes life great, food takes a very important and great place, because it is something we all have in common. That vampires can not go out in daylight is definitely extremely brutal. But not being able to eat would be really bad!

What foods would you miss if you suddenly could not eat them anymore?

This may sound crazy now, but it would be bread and cheese. For me, bread is one of the most tasty things we eat. Bread with cheese, or cheese in general, I like very much – cheese breads in all possible varieties. (Laughs)

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