In a show full of ships and OTPs, one relationship that sometimes gets overlooked is the one between our favorite siblings ­­– Alec and Izzy Lightwood. Even when things are quite literally going to hell, they are always there for each other armed with their unwavering loyalty; ready to defend the other. We thought it would only be fair to bring their relationship to the forefront and highlight our favorite Lightwood sibling’s moments.

1x01: Synchronised fighting

Right off the bat, the show gives us a look at the relationship that the Lightwoods have. Without even exchanging words, we see Alec and Izzy moving in complete synchronization and harmony. They manage to maneuver their way as a team through the dancers in the club and efficiently fight even when severely outnumbered. It’s a testament to how well the siblings know each other and work together considering they can kick demon butt with nothing but a few glances spared for each other.

1x03: “We’ve all got our things, don’t we?”

One of the more common sights between the siblings is the light-hearted teasing. The premiere showed us this when Izzy and Alec argue about the exact color of Izzy’s wig only for Jace to settle it as a blond wig (but we’re with Alec on this, it’s platinum!). We see this dynamic only be further explored when Alec, Izzy, and Jace discuss how to rescue Simon. Alec and Jace tease Izzy about her relationship with Meliorn and her thing for seelies. It’s nice to see such normalcy even in the Shadow World – and even nicer to see the siblings smile and laugh with each other.

1x04: “We must each relinquish a beloved the memory of the one we love the most.”

This moment is the one that shows Izzy’s love for Alec. When the demon demanded a memory of the person each of the gang loved most in return for Clary’s memories, Izzy’s was one of Alec smiling. We later learn that the person giving up the memory might not necessarily be in control when we see Alec’s panic. Therefore seeing that Izzy’s memory was one of the rare moments where Alec is smiling had us smiling as well.

1x05: “She’s right.”

Early on in the show, we see Maryse and Izzy at loggerheads a fair bit, one of the reasons for that being the seelie’s refusal to tell the Clave what their scouts might have found. Izzy had become an easy target because of her relationship with Meliorn. But Alec defends her, which is a nice surprise considering what a stickler for rules he is for the most part. It’s a rare moment of softness for the usually stoic Alec considering he had mentioned his disapproval for the unsanctioned missions several times at this point, but steps up as the big brother in this nonetheless.

1x06: “You’re talking politics. I’m talking about Alec’s life.”

One thing we know about the Lightwoods is that they don’t back down in the face of adversity. Remember the story of Alec punching a boy’s nose and taking the punishment unflinching? We see Izzy carry the same Lightwood tenacity that Alec displays when she offers to get married  instead of him. Maryse and Robert choose to carelessly trade Alec’s happiness to restore the family name, but Izzy reminds her mother that Alec’s life isn’t something to be exchanged. Izzy is an intelligent character, and there is no doubt that she understands the gravity of her offer, but she still does it without thinking about what it means for her – considering it means Alec is happy.

1x10: “It’s okay, Big brother. I know you tried.”

It seemed like all hope was lost when Izzy was put on trial and about to be deruned. It was one of the few times we see Alec and Izzy shaken and unsettled. Jace and Clary had disappeared with the Mortal Cup, and everything seemed bleak. The only way to fix things was to resort to drastic measures – so of course that’s exactly what Alec and Izzy did. Alec tried to track Jace through their parabatai bond in a process that was no doubt excruciating. But he didn’t care about the pain or the consequences, as long as Izzy would be excused from any accusations. They share a sweet moment with Izzy hugging Alec, telling him that she knew he tried and ultimately, that’s all that mattered to her.

1x12: “Who invited him?” “I did.”

No one could forget the moment where Alec – as Matthew Daddario put it – smooches Magnus right on the face. It’s a moment known far beyond the people who watch the show. But before the smooching happened, we can’t forget that Alec did almost marry Lydia. Alec had given up on acknowledging his feelings with Magnus, riddled with the need to restore his family name and making his parents happy. But Izzy knew Alec better than he knew himself. By now, we know that she’s a champion for Alec’s happiness and would do almost anything to make sure he achieves that. This time, she extended a wedding invitation to Magnus, wanting our beloved warlock to give her brother the shot at happiness that he deserves.

1x13: “Say that again, and you won’t last.”

Things seemed to look up for Alec when he and Magnus shared that kiss at his wedding but unbeknownst to them, it just opened a can of worms – one of those coming in the form of Magnus’ ex-girlfriend, Camille Belcourt. Nothing quite rocks the foundations of a day-old relationship like seeing your partner kiss their ex-girlfriend. Especially when said ex-girlfriend is quite vindictive and hell-bent on ruining said relationship. Camille plays into Alec’s insecurities, not so subtly assuming that Magnus and Alec’s relationship won’t last. Of course, not wanting to see her brother’s happiness be touched, Izzy just as unsubtly reminds Camille of the damage that she can do. We don’t think Camille will be messing with Alec or Magnus anytime soon.

2x02: “Still want to take me home?”

One of our favorite things, as we mentioned above, is when the Lightwood siblings kick bad guys’ butts together. When a creep approaches them with some very tasteless comments for Izzy, Alec steps in instinctively before Izzy can stop him. Big brother Alec doesn’t make much of an appearance, but when he does, it’s such a treat! They’re both no doubt extremely proficient fighters, and it was nice to see Alec know this and take a step back to let Izzy take center stage. The look of pride on his face when she obviously takes the fighter down is hilarious and quite heartening. It’s not a look that we see much on Alec, but it suits him.

2x02: “If you go too deep, by the Angel, Alec, I will kick your ass when you get back.”

Loving someone means supporting them through thick and thin, but occasionally it means yelling at them to give them a wake-up call, so they don’t make a stupid mistake. Despite attempts to dissuade Alec from using the Adamas and risk his life, he will just not listen to her. Alec was a desperate man at that time and ready to do anything that needed to be done in order to save Jace and bring him back home. The risks were massive, and they both knew that. Izzy, of course, supports him through all of this, but not before yelling at him to stay at the surface – adding that she will not hesitate to kick his ass in case something goes wrong, just for good measure. It might not be one of their softest moments, but the fierceness of Izzy’s threats speaks volumes about how much she cares.

2x03: “One day, somebody’s gonna love you, heart and soul.”

We know that Alec has dealt with his sexuality for a long time, once upon a time believing that he could never have what he wanted until he met Magnus. In a flashback, we see Alec having a bit of a crisis when he realizes that being parabatai with Jace might not be the best idea. Alec thinks he is resigned to a life without a romantic partner, and it’s heartbreaking to see. But even when things look bad, Izzy cuts through Alec’s hopelessness, telling him that he will find someone who will love him. Even as children, we see Izzy do what she does best for her brother – take Alec by the hand and remind him of what he deserves; happiness and love.

2x07: “Look um... How do you know in your experience when it’s the right time?”

Some conversations are more uncomfortable than others and no doubt having the talk with your siblings might not always be fun, but sometimes it is necessary. Or well, in Alec’s case it was. Alec thinks it might be time to take the next step with Magnus (much to Izzy’s glee) but as usual, he overthinks everything – something that Izzy doesn’t hesitate to remind him about. The alarm on Alec’s face and the pure mischief on Izzy’s had us laughing. It was a nice welcome back to our favorite Alec, the sassy one. This scene was hilarious, but like all the scenes Alec and Izzy have together, it had so much heart. Izzy reminds Alec of how much Magnus and him care about each other and as long as it makes them happy, it’s what’s right.

2x09: “I’m not your baby sister anymore, Alec.”

As we know, nothing in the show is ever all sunshine and roses. Izzy isn’t a character that shows her weaknesses but the period where she was dealing with her yin fen addiction was painful to watch. It was a different part of Izzy which showed her vulnerability and not just the effects of the drugs, but also the reason why she did it. What hurt was the crack that we saw in Izzy’s relationship with Alec, caused by her addiction. To fight the way Alec and Izzy did in this scene only happens when you love someone as much as they do. For the first time, we see Alec and Izzy at odds with one another, but even here, we can see Alec grasping at straws to save Izzy – because, at the end of the day, Izzy will always be his baby sister.  

2x20: “We’ll need a warlock for that.”

We mentioned above the tenacity of the Lightwoods, and we see this with Alec here. He and Magnus had some fights and are in the middle a cold war. Unfortunately, things are about to go to hell – literally – and the Shadowhunters need the help of the most powerful warlock in New York, but Alec refuses to ask Magnus for help. It’s certainly a funny moment in a very heavy episode to see how easily Izzy can manipulate Alec – and how unabashedly smug she was about the whole situation. It’s not the first time she has played matchmaker for her brother when he needed that push. Thinking about it, we should be thanking Izzy for Malec’s existence.

Alec and Izzy both have new people in their lives and with Alec now calling Magnus’ loft home, we don’t see them interact as much. But that just makes the moments where they are together all the more precious. We’ve seen them grow together as kids and help each other develop as adults and honestly, we love these moments all the same. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for these siblings and hopefully, we will get to watch more scenes of them together.