Pain, hurt, misery, a new villain and a wedding – the official trailer for Shadowhunters season 3B is finally out and it left us in awe, but also with one main thought: we need answers.

It’s been a long few weeks since we got to see any new material from the remaining 12 episodes of Shadowhunters. And even longer since we got to see an entire episode. Today, roughly three weeks before the back half of season 3 is set to start airing, this fandom’s dry spell ended and we finally got to see a trailer for the new episodes. Sadly it was only a one minute clip, but it left us with plenty of material to think (and theorize) about – so let’s get into it, shall we? Here’s a rundown of the trailer’s most interesting moments and the questions it left us with.


Welcome back, Jonathan Morgenstern

The trailer starts the same way 3A ended – with a dramatic (re)entrance by Jonathan Morgenstern. This time however, he has left his demon toast form behind and instead comes back in his full evil glory. And with a new face as well: After season 2B and 3A, Luke Baines took over the role of Jonathan Morgenstern from Will Tudor in order to portray Jonathan in his “true form”. And wow, we cannot wait what this new, even more evil version of Clary’s older brother is up to this season. Judging from the trailer, it’ll be nothing good. But that doesn’t make this character any less fascinating.


The portal knows royalty when it sees them.


What is going on with Magnus?

In the next sequence, the former High Warlock of Brooklyn, current Head of the New York Institute and our all-time favorite Daylighter get to share a scene together, portaling to an unknown destination. While the portal in this scene is fairly easy to explain – Magnus may not be a warlock anymore, but he probably has plenty of magical friends left to help him out, or at least enough favors to call in – the next sequence very much isn’t: We see a close-up of Magnus, apparently somehow restrained with a rather sceptical looking Alec in the background. The thing is, Magnus seems to be totally unfazed by the situation, instead he just says that it “feels good to be back.” Back from where, exactly? And what did he do there that made him up restrained in the Institute? Of course this could be a first glimpse at the moment Magnus gets his magic back and is not unfazed but just confused about it. But until we know for sure, we could really use some answers.


Can 3×12 air like, tomorrow please?

Next up is a scene this fandom has been waiting for literally since Malec first laid eyes on each other (and no, it’s not their wedding, more on that later): Magnus and Alec training together. It’s just a tiny glimpse at the scene but it involves Alec pushing Magnus towards a pillar in the Institute training room, pulling Magnus closer by his tank top and leaning in the tiniest bit before the scene cuts off. We’re so here for the full version of this sequence and episode 3×12 can’t come soon enough.


Dirty Dancing who?


Do Shadowhunters learn how to dance in their training sessions?

Get ready to die, ladies and gentlemen, because there is a Malec Dance Scene coming for us. This is not a drill, we repeat: Malec. Dance. Scene. And from what we’ve seen so far, it will be beautiful. The trailer offers just a glimpse, really, but a rather glorious one: the two of them, in the privacy of Magnus’ loft, sunlight streaming through the windows while Magnus twirls into Alec’s arms and Alec – in one of the most graceful, smooth moves we have seen him make since…well, ever– dips him. After that, the trailer sadly moves on, so we cannot wait for the day we will finally get to see that scene in all its glory. Even though we have severe doubts we will survive it.


Can Simon just get a break, please?

No matter how you look at it, Simon Lewis always seems to draw the short straw this season. First the thing with the Mark of Cain, then his roommate turns out to be part of some secret society. And let’s not forget the gorgeous, yet creepy newborn vampire and her obsession with Simon, which leads to him having to Encanto his mother to make her believe he died. It’s been a rough ten episodes for Simon Lewis.

And apparently, it’s about to get a lot worse. Sure, Simon will start dating Izzy in 3B, but other than that the trailer doesn’t offer a lot of happy moments for our favorite Daylighter. We see him in pain, fighting and of course, in trouble at the Seelie Court yet again. We know the Seelie Queen has a creepy obsession with Simon, but come on, can she just lay off for a second? Simon would really deserve a vacation at this point.


As if they haven’t been through enough ALREADY!


Okay, seriously… what is going on with Magnus?!

The first glimpse at Magnus in the trailer may have already been unsettling, but that felt like a walk in the park compared to what came a few seconds later: first a shot of Alec telling Magnus that he won’t lose him (we may have cried a little when he added that “I can’t” at the end,) followed by a sequence of Magnus lying on the floor, motionless and apparently being resurrected by Catarina (fine, just come at us with the painful moments, we love ourselves some angst). And as if that weren’t already painful enough, the scene concludes with a shot of Alec kneeling on the Institute’s floor, in tears and surrounded by his equally shocked siblings. We don’t know what happened to Magnus, and frankly we are pretty scared of finding out because whatever happened, it must have been something terrible to leave Alec this devastated. Also, we already needed a bunch of tissues while watching that tiny little moment, we don’t even want to know what will happen when we get to see the full scene.


Malec is not the only relationship that will get tested

So, while Magnus and Alec apparently go through something terrible, they are not the only lovers suffering this season. As the cast and crew already confirmed several times in the past, 3B will be the half-season where Sizzy rises. But since this is Shadowhunters – a show where things never come easy to people, especially when it’s about relationships – they have to go through their fair share of trouble before reaching their happily ever after. Simon apparently gets in trouble with the Seelies once again, which leaves him unconscious in Izzy’s arms, fighting for his life while Izzy begs him to come back to her, telling him that “he has so much more to live for.” Needless to say that we can’t wait to see how that will play out. Our tissue boxes are ready.


What happened to Clary?

Besides Lilith’s demise, Jonathan’s resurrection and Magnus losing his magic, season 3A left us with mainly one question: Where did Clary go?

Well, the trailer doesn’t really answer that question, but at least it reveals that she is still alive (shocking, we know.) And whatever she was up to in the time that she was gone, it changed her. Clary seems a lot darker, even at peace with her darker side, and just a lot closer to Jonathan than to her friends at the Institute. We see her fighting against Jace, threatening Izzy with a sword and at the end of the trailer, Jonathan offering her to “join him” and, ultimately, her waking up with black demonic eyes. We suppose it’s safe to say that Clary has quite the story arc ahead of her and we cannot wait to follow along.


And most importantly… what’s the deal with that wedding?

Okay, that was a rhetorical question. We all know what the deal with that wedding is and which beautiful couple all those people put on their fanciest clothes and gathered at the Institute for. Malec are getting married sometime in season 3B and at this point there is no way you can convince us otherwise. While we couldn’t be more excited about the wedding itself, the fact that it is happening at all left us with quite a bit of worry.

What on earth (unexpected cancellation aside) could have happened in 3B for Magnus “we’ve only been seeing each other for two months” Bane to change his mind about settling down with Alec after a few short months of dating? Knowing this show, its writers and their love for angsty moments… terrible things probably. Terrible things that we really don’t want to see them go through. Don’t get us wrong, we can’t wait to see them get married, we’re just not entirely sure we’re ready for the pain that’s ahead. But then again – could you ever be?


Just because.


Is Maia rising in rank?

Over a year ago, back at New York Comic Con 2017, the showrunners revealed that Alisha Wainwright had been promoted to series regular for season 3. Judging from the trailer, it seems like her character Maia is following her example. We don’t see much of her or the pack in general, but there is a significant moment where Luke seems to be telling Maia that he sees a leader for the pack in her. Will he step down and hand over his role as the New York pack’s Alpha to Maia? We can’t wait to find out!


The 3B trailer may have been short, but it gave us a pretty good impression of what is ahead: twists, turns, new characters, emotions, pain, heartache – and eventually, a conclusion. And while we will forever be bitter about the show coming to an end so soon, the trailer proved the showrunners were right when they promised the best episodes were yet to come. Which leaves only one thing for us to say: Bring it, 3B. (Feb 25th on Freeform, Feb 26th on Netflix)