Nomad Cowboys is an upcoming documentary directed by Brock Harris and Creed Garnick. Its executive producer is none other than Matthew Daddario It is currently being filmed and was said to be launched in 2017, though no further details were announced at this moment in time!


“Let’s go play a game we’ve never played, in a language we don’t understand, where you could possibly die.”

In September of 2016, a couple Hollywood actors went to Kyrgyzstan to represent the USA in the “World Nomad Games” in order to challenge a group of cowboys. They compete in Kok-Boru – an ancient Central Asian Horse game – against the world’s greatest players.

Cast & Crew

The cast includes Creed Garnick and Brock Harris who both starred in and worked on The Last Hunt. They are joined by Billy Magnussen (Into The Woods), Brendan Bryant, Sky Garnick, TJ Moulton, Max Snow and Scott Zimmerman.

This wild ride was produced by Vanessa Garnick Boshoff, Aidan Kahn – infamous for his role in Van Helsing, Supernatural or even iZombie – and Sibyl Santiago – best known for the short drama The Last Hunt in which she worked with the cinematographer Axel Lanzenberg.