Izzy had been a fan favorite and seeing her on-screen, whether it’s killing some demons or being a wonderful sister and friend, is always such a lovely treat. We honestly can’t get enough of her. We sat down with Emeraude Toubia and asked her some burning questions about what’s in store for Izzy in the second half of season three and some encouraging words that she had for the fandom regarding #SaveShadowhunters.


SDN: You all seem to be aware of the Save Shadowhunters hashtag that the fandom has been trying to push. Can you send some encouraging words to the fandom to continue to motivate us?
Emeraude: Of course, yes! We’re always so thankful and just know that we’re always on social media listening and paying attention to everything you’re saying. So, we support you and we thank you all for everything that you’re doing.

SDN: Well it is a lot of sleepless nights but we gladly do it for you guys! For most of the past two and a half seasons, Izzy and Alec were an inseparable unit and always stood together no matter what, fighting alongside each other, fighting with each other. Now that Alec is not only her brother but also her boss, do you think that could cause conflicts between them? If so, how would they deal with that? Can you tell us a little about how it is to portray that sibling relationship with Matt?
Emeraude: There’s always going to be trouble but I think that they love each other so much that at the end of the day, even though they fight or they do whatever, they’re always going to be there to support each other – it’s just how it happens when I fight with my cousins or with my mum or with anyone. We love each other so much that we’re going to be there for one another. You’re going to see a lot of stuff in 3B with Alec and Izzy going on missions together, not agreeing on some things but at the end of the day being there for each other.

SDN: We can’t wait to see that. Despite her other brother being possessed, Izzy had a pretty easy first part of the season. She got a promotion, went on a few dates and her relationship with her mother is better than ever. What can you tease about her storyline in 3B?
Emeraude: Well, you guys are really going to enjoy her, she’s in a lot more in season 3B. There was a fan poll and she was voted one of the favourite characters. So you’re going to see her a lot more in almost every mission doing everything. She’s helping everywhere she can. She has to say goodbye to a lot of people and she says hello to more people. We’re going to see a lot of her.

SDN: That’s amazing. Compared to how Maryse behaved toward Izzy in season one, first seeing them mend their relationship in season two, then witnessing them growing much closer in 3A warmed our hearts. Do you think that everything that happened between them is forgiven and completely done and dealt with? Now that Maryse is a mundane, how would you imagine their relationship moving forward?
Emeraude: I think that when they confessed everything to each other, it was like everything is in the past, and set in the past, and they’re ready to move on and grow that relationship. As a mundane, she was still a shadowhunter for so long and we need her. She knows a lot of things that we don’t know so we’re always going to go back to her for help and for guidance.



SDN: We love Maryse and we can’t wait [to see her more in 3B]. Isabelle has always been the most fervent supporter of Magnus and Alec’s relationship. These two had some turmoil lately regarding the immortality/mortality issue and even though it’s not an issue for the time being, if it still was, what advice do you think Izzy would give to Alec?
Emeraude: I would just ask him to fight for what he loves and be honest with the people he cares about. It’s going to be a lot of heartbreaking scenes.

SDN: That’s lovely and we have to wait for so long now! Izzy and Magnus have had an easy and great friendship from the beginning; the scenes between the two of them have been amazing from the start. It was nice to see them share more scenes in 3A. Why do you think that they hit it up so fast and so easily? What does Izzy see in Magnus that makes her trust him right away, especially with her brother since she’s so protective of her family?
Emeraude: I think that she has a sixth sense and she could, since the beginning, understand what Magnus is, who Magnus is. She gets him and they have also so much in common. They’re so real and they have nothing to hide so I think that they immediately just connected.

SDN: We love Izzy and Magnus’s relationship. They’re always so much fun and we want to see more! Your character seems to be pretty happy in her current position as the Institute’s weapons master. Do you see her going into politics at some point in the future, maybe as the diplomat?
Emeraude: She gets to do a lot more in the weapons room so you guys are going to see new stuff and it’s going to be really exciting. It’s going to be a big part of [the reason] why she saves Clary in a certain way and it’s all because of what Izzy can create in the weapons room – and a lot of magic happens in the weapons room.

SDN: Interesting, that sounds like a nice teaser. We had the pleasure to watch a very nice scene between you and Isaiah as Luke who was advising Izzy to maintain a personal life out of work. You also teamed-up in the mid season finale which wasn’t a common occurrence because you two barely ever shared scenes. How was it to work with Isaiah on these scenes? Anyone else you would have liked to work more with?
Emeraude: I mean Isaiah’s great. He’s wonderful to work with. He’s so cool and he’s so down-to-earth. He’s so hot too and he smells good. (laughs) No, but he’s really chill to work with. You know, sometimes you work with people and you get a little tense or you get a little nervous but with Isaiah, it was relaxed and nice and we kind of ad-libbed in a lot of scenes. So it was really fun to work with him.


There were definitely some interesting teasers in there and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for Izzy in 3B! We’ll be waiting to see her grow into her new role and to see her relationships develop even further. Thank you for taking the time to speak to us, Emeraude!