Alec and Magnus are a match made in – well, not exactly heaven since Magnus is part demon – but something close to that. Nevertheless, they had their ups and downs on their way to the happy, content state we left them in at the end of season two. Whether on a professional or emotional level – they faced plenty of challenges, but proved time and time again that no matter how difficult the problem, they could work through it and come out of it stronger each time. How did they manage to do that, you may ask? Well, the past two seasons of “Shadowhunters” were packed with moments that gave us quite a few ideas. Join us as we take a look at the most memorable ones.

1. Be protective of each other

Let’s start this article off with a moment where Alec and Magnus didn’t even have to be together to show everybody how it’s done. Back in episode 2×11 when Sebastian, a stranger to all of them, arrived at the Institute and offered his help with tracking down Azazel, Alec told him off right away and let him know they “had a very capable warlock for that”.

We are so here for boyfriends defending each other’s honor, even if it’s not strictly necessary. However, after we were done swooning over Alec being all protective of Magnus, we couldn’t help but shake our heads as well. How come it’s always Alec who doesn’t trust the strangers right away? Sebastian managed to charm Jace, Clary and Izzy right away, whereas Alec remained the only one critical about him, and he was right to. We can’t stop asking ourselves if nobody ever told them not to trust strangers. But then again… you don’t have to worry about potentially dangerous strangers if you are the potentially dangerous stranger.

2. Talk about your issues (2x09)

Lots of people are convinced that the key to a working relationship is communication… well, if that’s really it, then it’s pretty clear why Alec and Magnus are so good together (besides the obvious fact that they were made for each other). They talk about whatever bothers them. And they balance each other out – where our dear Shadowhunter often struggles with coming out of his shell, open, talkative Magnus is right there to take him by the hand and walk him through it. Metaphorically speaking of course, since Malec holding hands is something we have yet to see on the show (in case you were wondering, dear showrunners, this is us kindly, yet very distinctly, asking). A perfect example for that trait was episode 2×09: Alec almost jumping off Magnus’ rooftop in 2×08 was an issue that absolutely needed to be talked about and we are so glad that the showrunners made Alec and Magnus address it. Or at least start addressing it, as they got interrupted by Clary and Jace once again. Seriously, do these two schedule their appearances after whatever time periods they estimate Alec and Magnus to have some alone time? Someone please explain the concept of calls and text messages to them.

3. Couples who slay (demons) together, stay together (1x04)

Back in episode 1×04, Magnus and Alec were still pretty far from the power couple they are today. Good thing that didn’t affect their chemistry at all – it was pretty obvious that there was something between them the second they met. Right from the beginning, they proved that, even without knowing each other, they are totally in tune with each other in times of battle and distress. Could there ever be more perfect preconditions for a blossoming relationship between two badass supernatural heroes? We are having a hard time thinking of any.

Well, except if those two characters actually made the same amount of effort to get together – and not hang up on cute, kind Warlocks trying to ask them out on a date. Thank the Angel Alec worked a lot on his social skills since then.

4. Working on your apology skills pays off (2x01)

Matthew Daddario once said it himself: Alec is prone to making mistakes (video). And while his mundane nature may be responsible for that, his Shadowhunter upbringing helped him develop another very important quality: facing the consequences of his mistakes. Whenever Alec does something wrong, he will always try to fix it as best and fast as he can. In this particular case, the road to Magnus’ forgiveness led to an apology – a slightly bumpy one, we have to admit. But that didn’t make it any less sincere. Luckily, Alec was never above admitting his own mistakes – that trait comes in exceptionally handy when you behaved like an absolute idiot and treated your not-quite-yet boyfriend nowhere near how he deserves to be treated. Good to know even Shadowhunters learn from their mistakes.

5. Make date night a thing (even though you’re gonna get into a fight mere hours later)

Alec and Magnus are both pretty busy people, especially in 2B. Despite their jobs taking up the better part of their days, they always managed to make time for each other, even more so as the season progressed. Magnus turning Alec’s office into a place for a romantic dinner was the cutest thing ever. Scratch that, the cutest thing ever was Alec’s puppy eyes when he realized Magnus wasn’t mad at him even though he’d forgotten about their dinner.

Not yet, at least. In hindsight, that dinner was the last good moment before things went downhill and the short time period, which shall be known as The Dark Days, started. But it was just too cute seeing them just enjoy themselves for a bit. Even if it was so short-lived.

6. Don’t be afraid to show off your boo and how awesome you two are together (2x15)

Alec and Magnus are one hell of a duo, and in episode 2×15, they were not afraid to show that off. And they were right to, especially considering their situation: Magnus had been through so much the previous episodes and it was all Valentine’s fault. What more perfect way to send off that maniac to Idris than to parade right in front of him that a) he lost, b) he lost against the Warlock he despises so much and c) that said Warlock is still himself, and still going strong despite everything that had happened? It would have been the perfect farewell gift for Valentine, if only this had been the last time we saw him.

Sadly the plan with transporting Valentine to Alicante didn’t go so well and almost cost Alec his job. But both Alec and Magnus are half human, so they’re allowed to make mistakes, right? Especially when they look so flawless while doing so.

7. Make sure that very first “I love you” is nothing short of epic

Sure, we’ve seen plenty of moving, emotional first “I love you” scenes on TV so far. But in our eyes, not many of them come close to that dramatic profession of love in episode 2×10, the midseason finale. The entire scene might have seemed a bit rushed at first – but honestly, thinking back to what Alec has been through that episode, the fear of having lost Magnus – can you blame him? Also, it’s not like we’re complaining about emotional Malec scenes. Especially if they’re positively emotional. So give us all the out-of-breath, coming-down-from-a-panic, post-Institute-attack I love you’s you have, dearest Shadowhunters writers – we are a ready and waiting.

8. Talk about your issues 2.0 (2x20)

Did we mention we adore the fact that, whatever the problem is (those of supernatural nature excluded, obviously), Malec get it out of the way by talking about it? Yes? Well, we still do. Magnus and Alec set the bar pretty high for all other couples on the show anyway, but how they work through their issues really is admirable. Their way of being honest with each other (save for that major slip-up in episode 2×17) is pretty inspiring. Let’s just hope that in the future, us fans won’t be the only ones inspired by that behavior. We’re looking at you, Jace and Clary.

9. Go all out when you throw a party - and support each other when it goes horribly wrong (2x08)

Magnus may have taken care of most of the preparations for Max’s rune celebration party in episode 2×08 – but at the event itself, the two of them sure looked like perfect hosts of a perfect party. Even their outfits matched – subtle, but clearly nonetheless (the color of Magnus’ vest and Alec’s pocket square, anyone?). We could totally see them hosting parties like this for many more occasions. It really is a shame that this particular celebration had to end on such a sour note. On the other hand, Iris Rouse crashing the party brought us two hilarious and epic scenes: Alec’s exhausted eye roll when he shoved Raj out of the apartment (that guy just loves being at the wrong place at the wrong time, doesn’t he?) and Magnus showing Iris just how powerful of a High Warlock he is. So it’s quite alright, we suppose.

10. Save each other from dangerous dragon demons… or at least try to

Be the knight in a non-shiny, anything-but-silver armor, or something along those lines: that was probably Alec’s plan when he stormed off to attack the dragon demons that were threatening Magnus in the season two finale. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well, and that heroic attempt stayed just that, an attempt. But it’s the intention that counts, right? Okay, probably not when your boyfriend’s life is on the line. The entire thing helped getting them back together. And nobody got hurt (badly). Except the demons, who probably returned to Edom in various states between well done, slightly charred and well… burnt. Let’s just hope Lilith is not one of those overprotective moms who goes nuts when her babies get hurt. Otherwise, this could be quite an interesting season three – which we know it will be either way.

We hope you enjoyed this totally foolproof, very reliable collection of tips (that are under no circumstances to be taken seriously). Alec and Magnus are probably going to remain the only couple these things worked for – or at least whom they helped getting back on track after all the trouble season two sent their way. For season three, the writers already teased a fair amount of new challenges for our favorite couple. While we have no doubts that they will face and overcome them just as gracefully as in the past, we are excited to see them play out. Even more so now that the wait for the new season has become a tiny bit shorter.