It’s been a while since we spoke to the amazingly talented Jade Hassouné and we were eager to catch up with him at the The Hunters of Shadow Con 2 in Paris! Read on as he speaks a little bit about the #SaveShadowhunters campaign and what his dream storyline for Meliorn would in the future. We even got him to open up about what ideas he had for the future!

SDN: Are you aware of the #SaveShadowhunters movement that’s been going on?
Jade: It is amazing, incredible. We see the power of it. There’s, what? Millions and millions of hashtags trending? I’m very aware and I’m going to continue doing it with you.

SDN: We’re glad to hear that. Meliorn seems to follow the Seelie Queen’s orders blindly even when she decides to betray Magnus and the Warlocks and to ally herself with Valentine whose only desire is to kill all the Downworlders, Seelies included. Do you think that Meliorn felt guilty about betraying all the others especially when they came together to save him in season one? Did he feel some doubts about how this new alliance with Valentine would go?
Jade: That’s a very good question. It’s two answers because there’s the Jade answer and then there’s the “I understand that I’m Meliorn” answer. So, Jade wants Meliorn to stay friends with everybody and always help them and acknowledge that yes, we’ve allied before and we were allies for a long time and I want him to continue that. The writers of the show haven’t really gone back to continue that for some reason. They’ve decided to make him just a servant, and it’s very interesting and different in season three. It’s going to continue and it’s going to change, there’s going to be more, it’s not going anywhere! But I wanted more participation from him that I thought was a bit missing. I wanted him to be involved in it a little more and just be like “My Queen, here’s this person” and again “My Queen, here’s this object” and again, you know what I mean? Because I think there’s a lot more story there and I don’t know why – maybe there’s no time or there’s not enough story to be able to describe that. Also, I know they’re focusing a lot more on the Queen as you will see.

SDN: In the mid-season finale, Magnus lost his magic to protect the man he loves and save his boyfriend’s Parabatai. If Meliorn was in the same situation, without his powers, how do you think he would react? What would a mundane Meliorn look like?
Jade: Wow, cool! He would be free, first of all. He would be lost because he was raised in the Seelie Court and always felt like he belonged there but, really, he is half-human. There’s this whole other side of himself that he would go and explore. I feel like he would go off on this huge adventure and on a trip to India and Thailand and stay on the beach, explore himself in that way where he is a lot more of a human exploring life. It’s interesting because, in a way, he has lost his powers because you don’t really see his powers anymore – in the way that they’ve changed him. He would just be free, I think that would be the main thing, it’s that his magic now seems to have reduced so I think he would be an explorer of the world.



SDN: That sounds nice, though. In your previous answer, you said you would love to explore Meliorn’s character more. If you could, what would your dream storyline be like?
Jade: Okay, my dream storyline would be that after what was established, like helping Clary and Jace in season one, helping Isabelle in season two with Raphael, I would like to see everyone kind of come together more for different missions like “Hey, we need an army. Let’s have Meliorn come in and help us fight”. I would love to see, like in the books; big battles where everybody is there and fighting altogether and beating the enemy together, instead of always all separate and not seeing it. That would be my ideal storyline. Also, I would really love to explore the alliance rune in the big war where everyone fuses with a downworlder. And obviously the whole betrayal and all that stuff as well. Also, I would love to see, later on [in the books], were Meliorn was in a club in Europe. I would love to see what he goes and does when the Queen sends him on different missions, what does that look like? I would love to have an episode where you would follow him and have a storyline of his background – where does he come from?

SDN: On your social media, you have shared snippets of yourself singing, sharing your talent – thank you for that. Do you have any ultimate artist that you look up to and would like to work with?
Jade: Oh my gosh, yes, of course. I love, obviously, Lady Gaga, and Lana Del Rey I’m obsessed with. My new obsession is Alma from Finland. She’s brilliant, I love her music. I think she’s so cool and doesn’t care about anything, but her voice is so good. The songs she writes are so good, her and her team. I would really just love to meet her. I wrote to her online and just secretly want her to reply so bad, I’ve been so obsessed with her. Billie Eilish, I really like now. I just discovered Kevin Roldán who is this Latino rapper and singer. I love Carol G, she’s colombian. There’s a lot I would really love to collaborate with and sometimes I do kinda dream about it. I’m going to do a lot more music in the future so it’d be cool if one of the artists I cover one day is like “hey, why don’t we do a video?”… I would die.

SDN: No, no dying! That’s not allowed. Just grab one of the cast mates and collaborate with them.
Jade: Yes! Actually, I have a lot of ideas for future conventions where I’m going to try to create like a tour where we go around and actually do music because Dom sings, Kat sings, Alberto sings, David sings – a lot of us do. So, it would be really fun to do these convention things but imagine us performing as well. This is kind of a vision I have for the future where I’m going to create tours where we will be meet and greeting and stuff, but also do some music performances. That’s my idea coming up in the future and all the other art conventions and things that I’m thinking about.

SDN: Well that’s a really great idea, though. That would be really nice!

It was lovely to meet up with Jade as always and we sincerely hope some of those brilliant ideas come to fruition. Hopefully this won’t be the last time that we get to catch up with him and to pick his brain. Thank you, as always, Jade for sparing a minute of your time with us!