ShumDario News: Weekly Hiatus Program

ShumDario News: Weekly Hiatus Program

Summer is almost over, the worst of the emotional damage caused by the season finale (should have) passed and another hiatus has come upon us. Ahead of us lie five long months without any new Shadowhunters episodes. Sounds pretty bleak, doesn’t it?

Well, here at ShumDario News, we think so too. That’s why we came up with something to make the wait for season 3 a little less terrible.

Starting Monday, we are launching the SDN Weekly Hiatus Program. Basically, that means we will continue our usual coverage, but also have a specific motto for each day of the week where we will post all kinds of extra material matching to that theme.

Here’s how we are planning on the week to be structured:

Monday: video recap with Adam

The first day of the new week will be dedicated to a look back onto the old one. Every #SDNMONDAY, Adam will talk you through what happened the previous week in terms of ShumDario content and recap the week in a 2 minute-video that will be posted on our twitter - @ShumDarioNews. So if you don’t already follow us, you might want to change that 🙂

Tuesday: Malec fanarts

This fandom has so many talented artists and during the hiatus, Tuesdays will be their time to shine. Bring on your best and most beautiful fanarts and edits, we will be quoting our favorites on our twitter account. Make sure you don’t miss any of them by tracking #SDNTUESDAY.

Wednesday: Harry and Matt’s old projects

On Wednesdays, we take a step back into the past and take a look at both Matt’s and Harry’s old projects. Prepare yourselves for GIFs from the best, worst, funniest, most emotional and altogether most memorable moments from the work they did before they got cast as Magnus and Alec. Join us on our walk down memory lane on #SDNWEDNESDAY.

Thursday: Quotes

Over the years, Matt and Harry have done many interviews, been to a couple conventions and posted countless of tweets. In other words: they have given us plenty of material to quote. So get yourself ready, on Thursdays we will provide you with some wisdom - or complete nonsense, depending on what they are saying – powered by Harry and Matt. You can keep track of the quotes on #SDNTHURSDAY.

Friday: ABC

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Alec and Magnus or Harry or Matt? A lot of things, right? We at ShumDario News have the same problem, so we’re trying to sort our thoughts by using the alphabet. Each week we will focus on two letters and post our favorite things about Matt, Harry and their characters starting with that letter. Stay tuned by tracking #SDNFRIDAY.

Saturday: Fanfics

There is so much talent in this fandom, one day per week is most definitely not enough time to cover it all. While Tuesdays are reserved for artists, on Saturdays we will focus on the fandom’s amazing writers. Throughout the day, we will post the SDN team’s favorite Malec fanfics to our twitter – so get comfy, grab your favorite snacks and drinks and maybe have a tissue or two ready. #SDNSATURDAY could be an emotional ride.

Sunday: Malec GIFs

We may focus our work mainly on Matt and Harry – but we just don’t have the heart to leave Magnus and Alec out of this hiatus project. Therefore, Sundays will be reserved for GIFs of our favorite shadowhunter and warlock, both separate and together. Keep track of them on #SDNSUNDAY.


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