This week’s episode was quite an eventful one, but it also left plenty of questions open. Here’s our review of episode 3×13 “Beati Bellicosi”.


After last week’s Malec fest and the events in Paris, episode 3×13 starts back in New York where it follows a group of people we haven’t seen in quite a while: Jordan and the Praetor Lupus. They are on the hunt for Heidi, but unfortunately things don’t go so well. They do manage to track her down, but in retaliation Heidi attacks one of the Praetor’s members with a blade made out of sterling silver – lethal for a Werewolf. While this may already seem pretty terrible, it’s just one of the many awful things Heidi does this episode, but more on that later.

First, we find out why the episode is titled “Beati Bellicosi”. Unfortunately, it’s not a particularly uplifting reason. The saying is used by Praetor members to pay their respects to their fallen friends, similar to the Shadowhunters’ “Hail and Farewell”. We hear Jordan say it when Nick, the werewolf who got injured by Heidi, doesn’t make it and Jordan says his goodbyes to him.  

Next up, we catch up with Izzy, who – after bravely saving Simon’s life last episode by letting him feed on her – wakes up in his apartment. Still a little drained, but a lot better than she seemed last week. Simon is there as well, free of his mark and also looking a lot healthier than the last time we saw him. Being his usual adorable self, he’s fretting all over Izzy after the events of last episode. While that may seem like just a sweet gesture at first, he has every reason to be worried: After all, Izzy exposed herself to her old Yin Fen addiction by letting Simon feed on her and therefore letting vampire venom back into her system. We also learn that Isabelle didn’t take the new dose of venom as well as she seemed to last episode. She actually passed out on their way home from the Seelie Court, which is part of the reason why Simon brought her to his place. The other reason is that he didn’t know how to explain to Alec why exactly his sister was a) at the Seelie Court and b) came back horribly pale and unconscious. We feel you, Simon – we wouldn’t know how to tell Alec about this either. Especially considering how he reacted last time he found out Isabelle was hooked on Yin Fen.

Still, Simon and Isabelle end up at the Institute after they learn that Clary is alive and has returned to New York. This leads to a heartwarming reunion between the three of them. Simon skittering across the Institute’s floor and almost running over Jace in his haste to get to Clary was heartwarming, just like his relief when he finally gets to hug her again. Isabelle and Clary share a sweet reunion as well. We loved these few moments at the Institute, although we couldn’t help but miss the hug between Magnus and Clary that was teased in some episode stills. Of course, you can only show so much in 42 minutes of TV, but given how much Clary and Magnus care about each other, we’re sure that the reunion between Biscuit and her “Warlock godfather” (© Kat McNamara) would have been a delight to watch.

However, we do get more Magnus moments a few scenes later. First, in the form of a fun little sequence of Magnus struggling with modern-day computers (Quote: “I don’t know how you work with these machines all day”). And then in another scene with Isabelle that turns the light tone of that scene into something more serious rather quickly. Turns out Simon wasn’t wrong to be worried about Isabelle and her addiction. After everything that happened at the Seelie Court, she’s experiencing withdrawal symptoms. She asks Magnus about a certain root that grows in France and is supposed to help with the symptoms. Due to his lack of magic, Magnus is unable to help her, but no less worried. He offers to ask some other warlocks for help, but instead of accepting, Isabelle downplays the situation, claiming she doesn’t feel so bad anyway. Anyone else heard alarm bells ringing in their heads at that statement? Yeah, same here.

It’s worrying enough that Isabelle is struggling with withdrawal symptoms again, but her pretending to be fine worries us even more. Especially, when at the end of the scene, there’s a close-up shot of Izzy’s hand, which is shaking again like it did at the worst times of her addiction.  


Manipulations left and right

Remember when we said we’d be seeing more of Heidi this episode? Now’s the time to talk about that. We meet her again at the DuMort, where she is talking to the New York Clan’s new leader, Griffin. Well, not exactly talking… more like trying to manipulate him into attacking the werewolves. Thankfully, Griffin doesn’t believe a word she says (as he should) and tells her straight away that the New York Downworlders have been leaving each other alone for quite a while now. But if there’s one thing Heidi can be described as besides insane, it’s persistent. She doesn’t show any signs of giving up, which slightly scared us knowing what she is capable of.  

At the same time, things are heating up on the Werewolf side of things as well. Russell, having risen to Alpha after Luke left the pack, is back to his usual, ignorant self. After one of the Praetor’s members died at the hands of Heidi at the beginning of the episode, he is now worried for his pack and is looking out for them – in a very Russell way – by establishing a curfew. Also – in an even more Russell way – he threatens everyone who disobeys that curfew with getting kicked out of the pack, mundane jobs and responsibilities be damned. Bat and especially Maia are not having any of it. And even though Maia obeys Russell at first, you can tell it’s only a matter of time until she will snap. This episode was a big one for her, and this moment was the first glimpse at the many amazing Maia scenes we got to see over its course.  

But before any of those happen, the episode treats us with a type of scene we don’t get to see all that often: one between Alec and Izzy. While they are often part of the same scene, moments between just the two of them have become rare, so whenever we get to see one, they are even more precious. This one even more than usual, because it features a heartwarming attempt by Alec to help Izzy with her withdrawal-related cravings. While out on a mission to meet a Clave guard who has intel on the Clave’s suspected torture of imprisoned Downworlders, Alec by total coincidence opens a candy bar and offers Izzy a bite, claiming he brought the chocolate just because “he likes to snack.” Isabelle – of course – sees right through it and doesn’t believe a word he says (Alec’s face when he realizes that Izzy knows Magnus told him all about her addiction is priceless). But it’s still such an adorable moment, even more so as it leads to a quite heartfelt one: After his little story about bringing snacks to work didn’t work out the way it was supposed to, Alec goes back to his usual way of dealing with problems and straightforward asks Izzy why she didn’t tell him she was struggling again. Izzy then opens up about how she doesn’t want him to think she’s weak, which leads to Alec reassuring her that he wishes he was half as strong as her on her weakest day. That earns him an eye roll and smack on the chest from Izzy, but it was sweet anyway. Isabelle and Alec’s relationship and dynamic on screen is always great to watch, but this moment made us love them even more. It’s amazing to see how they are always there for each other, no matter what – whether it’s battling a Greater Demon or withdrawal symptoms. Do you remember when back in season 1 Lydia described Alec and Isabelle as “a brother and sister who disagree on everything, except for how much they love each other”? That scene was another proof of that statement. And probably one of our favorite Alec and Izzy scenes to date.  


(Freeform/John Medland)


The end of Saia

Next up, we get to see another strong Maia moment. Disagreeing with the way Russell leads the pack, Maia goes to find Luke (who is on a not-date with Maryse at an abandoned bookstore to find more clues about the Morgenstern sword) and tells him what happened. She wants Luke to come back and retake his position as Alpha, which he denies, but instead suggests Maia should take the job, assuring her that she is “alpha material.” We have never agreed more with Luke. If only Maia would believe a little more in her own leadership skills.

In order to put things into perspective, Maia later meets with Simon at the Hunter’s Moon, telling him that they “need to talk.” Anyone else got suspicious at that point? Well, turns out we were right to. Just like so many other conversations that start with “we need to talk,” this one ends with a break-up. As of episode 3×13, Simon and Maia are no longer a thing.  

This development shouldn’t affect us as much as it does, especially since it was clear this would happen ever since the showrunners announced Sizzy would be happening in 3B. But still – it’s just sad. Simon and Maia were great as a couple, we loved their relationship and how it was based on so much mutual respect and trust. They have been through a lot together and considering all of that, their break-up just seemed a little too nonchalant for our tastes. It seemed like neither of them really minded that their relationship was ending, even though Maia was left in tears at the end. Of course, the writers couldn’t make their break-up too emotional or dramatic given that Simon will soon be with Izzy and Maia has the pack to worry about, so neither of them would have much time to grieve. But that doesn’t change the fact that we are going to miss them. A lot.  

Besides the Saia breakup, this week’s episode had quite an amount of other stuff going on relationship-wise. While one ship sank, another one started sailing and it was one that had been waiting to happen for quite a while: Maryse and Luke. The show has been throwing us breadcrumbs towards them becoming a thing at some point since season 2. This week, things finally got serious. Luke and Maryse spend most of the episode at an abandoned bookstore that used to belong a Warlock, digging for information about the Morgenstern sword. Using her experience from her days at the Circle, Maryse manages to unlock that Warlock’s sealed vault – and then they kiss. Sounds a little sudden? Well, it was just that. Don’t get us wrong, we love Maryse and Luke together, but after all that foreshadowing and throwing breadcrumbs, their first kiss did lack a little atmosphere. It kind of came out of nowhere, and while we can’t wait to see where these two new lovebirds are heading in the remaining episodes, we did expect a little more of that moment.

After that scene, it’s finally time for Clace fans to rejoice. Clary and Jace are busy all episode trying to figure out how to get rid of Clary’s demonic rune. Up until a scene about half an hour into the episode. While Clary seems to be obsessed with getting rid of her rune throughout the episode, she then decides that she won’t let Jonathan or that rune dictate her life. This leads to a sweet moment of Jace and Clary confessing their love for each other (have they done that before? There’s been so much trouble and misery since the last time we got a proper Clace scene, we can’t remember) and a few beautiful shots of their first time together – candles and soft music included. We suppose the Clace fans out there are counting 3×13 as one of their favorite episodes from now on; they really were in for a treat this week.  


Warning: The following paragraph mentions graphic depiction of wounds that could potentially be triggering re: self-harm.

But of course, Clary doesn’t get to bask in the golden, candle-lit afterglow for all too long. Naturally, it’s because of her brother (duh). He may not physically appear in the episode, but since this is Jonathan Morgenstern we are talking about, he finds a way to make her life worse anyway. By using their connection through their demonic runes, he actually carves the words “I miss you” into her arm (Ew!). Jonathan and Clary really can’t deny they are siblings – they not only share their heritage, but also their tendency to make (possibly) good intentions happen with absolutely apocalyptic ideas. Someone really needs to give Jonathan a crash course on how fire messages or just boring, mundane greeting cards work.


Heavenly Fire

Meanwhile somewhere else at the Institute, Alec and Izzy are back from their mission. Unfortunately, they didn’t get much intel out of the guard as they found him severely injured in the alley they were supposed to meet him and were unable to save his life. But he managed to leave them an important clue anyway: Just before he died, he uttered a Latin saying including the words “Heavenly Fire.” Thanks to Maryse, Isabelle and Alec learn that’s the name of a secret Clave program, which nobody else is supposed to know about, especially nobody outside of Idris. Well, we are pretty sure the Clave can throw that rule out of the window now that the Lightwood siblings found out about it.

Maryse warns them to not get involved with it, telling them she “raised them to survive,” not to get killed while investigating something they’re not supposed to investigate. But we’re talking about Alec and Isabelle Lightwood here. Maryse may have raised them to survive these kind of things, but she also raised them to be strong, independent Shadowhunters who have long stopped falling for the Clave’s lies. We don’t doubt they will keep trying to find out more about that secret program, especially since they are going directly against the Clave in doing so. Given that we only have nine episodes left, we don’t expect them to take down the Clave until the end of season 3, but here’s to hoping at least some of the things going wrong in Idris will be uncovered and dealt with – starting with the torture of Downworlders.  

One hell of an ending

Most of this week’s Heidi scenes follow her in her attempts to manipulate the Downworlders into doing what she wants – one of the episode’s final scenes shows that sadly, she succeeded. After killing a Werewolf at the beginning of the episode and then setting Jordan up to attack the Clan’s leader Griffin, Heidi finally gets what she wants: The Vampires are ready to attack the Werewolf pack. It turns into just the disaster you would expect of a situation like this: Lots of people die, lots of them get severely injured in what is probably one of the most intense fight scenes we have seen on the show so far. Russell ends up dying too, which leaves interesting questions open for the upcoming episodes, especially as Maia was ready to talk to him about stepping down and letting her take over as Alpha before all hell broke loose. But in the aftermath of the vicious attack, Maia needs to deal with a much more pressing problem: Jordan was also injured during the fight and it’s unclear whether or not he is going to make it. Maia manages to drag him to a storage room (which is ironically stuffed with garlic) as Griffin, who has been following them, keeps trying to pry the door open with sheer force. And just as you want to know whether or not he succeeds in his attempt at attacking them, the episode ends. Talk about one hell of a cliffhanger – we’re already counting down until next week.