24 days and 24 drawings – in order make the wait for the holidays a little bit shorter, ShumDario News premiered its very first advent calendar this year.

From December 1st to 24th, we published an exclusive new Malec fanart each day, accompanied by a fluffy little ficlet. Our illustrators Shirin (@ShirmirArt), Mathilde (@noksindra) and Agnès (@sunshunes) took care of the drawings, while the ficlets were written by our members Sami, Sophie and Kathi

You missed a day of the calendar or want to have another look at your favorite drawing? Don’t worry, there’s no need to dig through a month’s worth of social media postings to find them again. All you have to do is read through the following article – here’s a look back on the entire #SDNAdventCalendar17 🎄.

Day 1: "Snow"


“Centuries old, and still clumsy enough to slip on an icy spot”, Alec teased as he tried to get back on his feet. Magnus glared at him. “If I were the one with an agility rune, I would shut up now.”
Alec smiled. “Gladly.”

Day 2: "Cold"


Winter has always been Magnus’ favorite season. Even more so now with Alec by his side. The snowflakes catching in his hair as Magnus gazes up at him, his breath ghosting over Magnus’ cold face, warming his heart.

Day 3: "Family"


“Papa, catch me!” Magnus had all but a second before Max, along with his plushies, jumped into his arms. “I WON!” the little boy squealed proudly as Rafael and Alec caught up to them laughing and gasping.

Day 4: "Christmas tree"


“Isn’t this the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?” Magnus stared up at the neatly decorated fir.
“Well, I beg to disagree.” Alec whispered as he turned Magnus in his arms, brushing their noses together.

Day 5: "Christmas Lights"


As the portal closed behind them, Magnus could barely hide a smirk. “Pretty, huh?”
Alec didn’t reply, but the sparks in his eyes as he took in the softly lit space and the glistening treetops were answer enough.

Day 6: "Sharing a scarf"


“I’m cold. I wanna go home, love.”
Alec sighed and hugged Magnus closer. The warlock still pouted, so Alec loosened his own scarf and draped one half around Magnus’ neck. “Better?”
Magnus smiled softly. “A lot.”

Day 7: "Ice Skating"


“So, Alexa-” A muffled squeal stopped Magnus in midsentence.
Alec, who had fallen flat on his butt, was staring up at him looking slightly startled.
“Oh dear…” Magnus laughed while reaching out to help him back up.

Day 8: "Ugly Sweaters"


“I look hideous.” Alec pouted as Magnus held up his phone. “No, love. That looks hideous,” Magnus murmured, kissing his cheek before magicking ugly sweaters onto both of them and turning back to laugh into the camera.

Day 9: "Snowman"


“We should give him a name… Bob, or Rob?” Max stares up at his dads and Rafael who look at him in confusion. “He is as bald as Grandpa!” he explains.
“Yes, he is!” Alec laughs out. “We shouldn’t tell him that, though.”

Day 10: "Holly"


Magnus let out a content sigh as Alec pressed closer to him, two strong arms winding around his waist.
“High Warlock – more like, Your Highness, mh?” Alec hums.
“Why yes, crown and all. And you shall get one, too, my love!”

Day 11: "Morning Cuddles"


Returning from his early run, Alec finds Magnus still curled up in bed. Trying to wake him up gently, he starts peppering Magnus’ face with kisses, Alec’s cold nose pressing into his warm skin. “Rise’n’shine, babe.”

Day 12: "Reindeers"


“But it scratches!”
Magnus tried his best not to roll his eyes. “It doesn’t. You just don’t want to admit you love it.”
Alec chuckled. “Busted, I guess.”
“Very much so. You look adorable! Now hush and let me kiss you.”

Day 13: "Cuddles by the fire"


Magnus was exhausted. He had spent his day with demanding clients and could barely hold himself upright.
“Come here.” Alec whispered. Magnus sighed contently as Alec wrapped his arms and the blanket around him.

Day 14: "Thick Socks"


A few winters ago…

“Why did Iz get us those? Our loft has floor heating.” Alec murmured staring down at their socks.
“Our loft, mh?” Magnus’ feet bumped against his.
“I mean-“
“Ours sounds right.” Magnus whispered.

Day 15: "Candy Cane"


Alec didn’t care about Christmas, and Magnus was hell-bent on changing that. All it took was his favorite blanket, a candy cane and his most flirtatious look when Alec came home.
“Still think Christmas is irrelevant?”

Day 16: "Xmas Songs"


As they swayed together to the low hum of a familiar tune, safe and warm in each other’s arms, Magnus felt more content and grateful than ever before – after years of wandering and loneliness, he finally found his home.

Day 17: "Beanies"


Alec loved the cold.

No matter how many layers of clothes Magnus put on, he was always freezing a little and cuddled up close to Alec whenever they were out for a walk.

Magnus secretly loved the cold, too.

Day 18: "Hot Chocolate"


Alec stared down at Magnus’ magic curling around their mugs, keeping the drinks warm. Drifting off, he wondered if he could taste the rum he knew Magnus had added to his hot chocolate on his lips if he kissed him now.

Day 19: "Kiss on the nose"


Magnus had spent all day decorating their home and now watched Alec’s face as he took it in.

“You like it?” he asks as he magicks Santa hats on them both.

“I love it.” Alec whispers, kissing Magnus’ nose softly.

Day 20: "Nana's bedtime stories"


“… and they lived happily ever after.” Maryse closed the book as Max let out a soft yawn.
“Please, one more, nana!” Rafael cuddled closer to her.
“Okay, one more.” Maryse said smiling down at her grandsons.

Day 21: "Mistletoe"


“You do realize this is totally cheesy, right?”
Magnus sighed. “My dear Alexander, it’s Christmas. Everything’s cheesy. But mistletoes,” he smirked as he pulled Alec in and closed his eyes, “are at least convenient.”

Day 22: "Candles"


“Still no power?”
“No, sorry.” Magnus sighed as he walked back to the table. “Looks like our movie night got cancelled.”
Alec chuckled. “You don’t seem sorry at all.”
Magnus smirked and kissed Alec’s cheek. “Not a bit.”

Day 23: "Gifts"


“Seriously, Magnus,” Alec laughed. “this is too much!”
Magnus shook his head firmly. “Nonsense. You deserve all of them. Besides,” he muttered, “I got my most precious gift when I met you. It’s about time I try and catch up.”

Day 24: "Christmas"

ShirmirArt©, Noksindra© & Sunshunes©

“What are you looking at, babe?”
Magnus’ voice was thick with emotion when he answered. “Our family.”
Alec hugged him from behind and smiled. “They all are our family, huh?”
“Yes. Yes, they are.”

Whether you celebrated Christmas or not, we hope our calendar made your December a little bit brighter and more beautiful. We sure enjoyed working on it and hope you loved the drawings and ficlets just as much as we loved crafting them. The Advent Calendar 2017 might be over now, but we are already working on plenty of exciting new projects for next year – including a second edition of it. Stay tuned!