After months of radio silence and little to no behind the scenes material, the Shadowhunters Tuesday Takeovers have returned.

And while the fandom couldn’t be happier about that, not everyone can keep up with what happens during the takeovers at all times. But don’t worry if you can’t – SDN got you covered.

Starting this week, we will keep track of the takeovers and keep an eye out for any relevant season three information and put it into this article. The article will be updated after each takeover, so make sure to stop by every now and then in order to not miss anything.


September 26th, 2017: #EmeraudeTakeover
The first one to take over the Shadowhunters’ social media accounts was Emeraude Toubia – who plays Isabelle Lightwood. While filming in downtown Toronto, Emeraude took some time off her lunch break to talk to the fans via Facebook live chat.
Here is what she revealed about season three:

Plenty of Malec
Isabelle will have a lot of scenes with both Alec and Magnus. While the Lightwood siblings getting screen time together might not be a big surprise, we certainly loved that Izzy and Magnus are going to get more bonding time. Alec and Magnus are going to have a lot of scenes as well, according to Emeraude “they are going to be everywhere”. We can’t say we have a problem with that.

Exciting new characters
Season three will bring on a couple of new characters, and while we already know from the season two finale that one of them is going to be Lilith, most of the others are still unknown. Emeraude teased the casting announcements were going to blow the fans away and mentioned during her takeover, that an important new season three character had their first day of filming.

Shadowhunters at NYCC
Just before the end of her live chat, she answered a question about New York Comic Con, more particularly about who will attend the panel. Emeraude wasn’t sure yet, only revealed that not the entire cast would make it since some had to stay in Toronto to keep working on season three. By now, the participants have been revealed: Katherine McNamara (Clary Fray), Isaiah Mustafa (Luke Garroway), Alisha Wainwright (Maia Roberts) and Matthew Daddario (Alec Lightwood) are going to be there alongside producers Darren Swimmer, Todd Slavkin and Matt Hastings. Let’s hope for some good season three spoilers.

The Shadowhunters NYCC panel is scheduled for Saturday, October 7th at 12 pm ET (6PM European Central Time) at Madison Square Garden. SDN will be covering the event.


October 4th, 2017: #AlbertoTakeover
The second week of the takeovers was all about our dear Simon Lewis, played by Alberto Rosende. Alberto kept the fandom entertained with lots of pictures from set, and sat down for a 25-minute live chat where he revealed quite a few details about what we can expect for the new season.

Trouble ahead
Regarding what the fans can expect for season three, Alberto teased that with Shadowhunters, things always get worse before they get better. He said that in his eyes, season three was going to be a lot scarier than season one and two, with more heartbreak and problems that are going to test the characters time and time again. Addressing Simon’s arc in particular, Alberto said that there was a lot of change ahead for him in terms of places and people, which might be tough at first, but would eventually help him grow as a person.

New music by Simon
What we already learned in the first two seasons, is that not only is Simon an NYU student and the dorkiest vampire ever, but also a talented musician. We already got to hear Alberto’s beautiful singing voice twice last season: first when Simon played “Fragile World” during his gig at the Hunter’s Moon in 2×13 and then again in 2×17, when Maia walks in on Simon playing “Royal Blue” on his guitar and they both decide to take things slow in their relationship. Alberto revealed that those two songs were not the last ones we are going to hear and that he was actually recording a new single the day of his takeover.

Rough times for vampires
Raphael and Simon’s relationship has had its fair share of ups and downs ever since they met and that is not going to change that fast. Regarding the development of those two fan favorites, Alberto said that it was very difficult. With Raphael being busy leading the New York vampire clan and Simon not always understanding how taxing that task is, there’s lots of material for more conflicts ahead. Alberto had a lot of praise for David Castro, saying that he’d killed his scenes in 3×04. If that meant that there are going to be a few major Raphael moments in the new season, we are so here for it.


October 10th, 2017: #HarryTakeover
The Tuesday after New York Comic Con, it was time for everyone’s favorite warlock to take over the Shadowhunters’ social medias. Harry Shum Jr started his takeover right after he came off a night shoot for 3×05 and took us on a little tour around the outside area of the Shadowhunters set in Toronto.

After spending the first couple of minutes of his takeover musing about possible names if there ever was a Shadowhunters theme park (our personal favorite was “Chairman Meow’s Haven“, if we’re honest), Harry revealed that shooting of season 3A is halfway done.
Unfortunately, he didn’t reveal a lot of details about the third season, just that there are plenty of emotional scenes waiting for us: funny and dramatic ones, but also some that are going to make us cry.

What Harry could offer, however, was a little preview into Magnus’ arc this upcoming season. He said that we will see Magnus evolving as a character and also get a deeper glimpse into his past. This fits pretty well with the rumor that Magnus’ father Asmodeus will make an appearance this season, as well as the already confirmed guest starring of Javier Muñoz as Magnus’ old enemy Lorenzo Rey.

Introducing The Shirt™ (x)
Since Harry’s live chat happened right at the beginning of his takeover, he took the rest of the day to treat us to some insights on set life via instagram, such as a quick walk through Magnus’ new study, which was unfortunately just too quick to really see anything.

After that, we got a glimpse at the new, fancier version of Alec that Matt teased at NYCC last weekend in the form of several pictures of him in a dark shirt we had never seen before. While we here at SDN may still be unsure about whether that shirt was black, blue or purple, we all very much agree that it looked absolutely glorious. The Shadowhunters’ costume department sure know how to upgrade someone’s wardrobe. And how to kill the entire SDN team in the process. But that’s a story for another time.


October 17th, 2017: #AlishaTakeover
This week it was Alisha Wainwright’s takeover, whom we all know as sassy bartender and badass werewolf Maia Roberts. Alisha started her takeover with a selfie from the gym, later on we got to catch up with her while she was getting her hair and makeup done. Her live chat didn’t happen until she was done filming, but it had a special guest: Alberto Rosende – who had his takeover two weeks ago – stopped by for the last couple of minutes.

Unfortunately, Alisha couldn’t talk much about the new season, but she did drop a few hints here and there. One of them was the fact that she was filming with Alberto on Tuesday, so more Maia/Simon scenes are coming our way. Although being the most “mundane” couple in Alisha’s eyes, she teased that those two are in for some trouble this season, and that “all we can hope for is that their happiness continues”. Seems like there are rough times ahead for Simon and Maia.

More werewolf scenes and backstories
Times might be less tough for Izzy and Maia as those two might get to know each other better in season three. Alisha kept her answer very vague when a fan asked about Maia and Izzy, but from what we gathered, these two are going to get some more screen time, as well as Maia and some other shadowhunters that have yet to be determined. Hence why the Izzy/Maia scenes remain unverified info.

Luckily there was also something Alisha could already confirm: Season three is going to dive deeper into the world of the werewolves. She said that there would be plenty of werewolf backstory, and that the scenes were going to be “wonderful”. With now two main characters who are werewolfs, we guess it is safe to say that those scenes were long overdue. We can’t wait to see them.


October 24th, 2017: #DomTakeover
After three Downworlders in a row, it was time for another Nephilim to wreak some havoc on the official Shadowhunters channels. Dominic Sherwood, also known as our male lead Jace Herondale, started his takeover right after he woke up. He kept the fandom updated with a couple of Instagram posts throughout the day and squeezed in his Facebook live between filming a scene with Matthew Daddario, who stopped by to say hi to the fans (link to video!), and a night shoot with Alexandra Ordolis, who plays Luke’s partner Ollie.

Parabatrouble ahead
Unfortunately, Dom was told not to give the fans any spoilers but still he managed to tell quite a few interesting things. Such as a teaser on where the parabatai relationship of Jace and Alec is headed. Long story short: there are rough times waiting for them, that much is for certain. However, Dom said that at the end of the day, the parabatai bond is where both Jace and Alec pull a lot of strength from, especially when times get really dark for either of them.

It seems like there will be plenty of opportunities to prove that statement. Dom predicted a turbulent ride for both his character and the Lightwood siblings. He said that he’s soon going to film some very emotionally taxing scenes with Matt and Emeraude. Apart from that, we’re going to get to know the Lightwoods better as season three is going to dive deeper into their backstories, including lots of parabatai scenes and more focus on Jace and Izzy’s relationship. To complete the Lightwood family stories, Maryse is making a comeback and also has a few scenes with Jace. Same goes for Magnus Bane, even though he does not bear the Lightwood name… yet! 🙂

Rough times for Jace and Clary
In terms of Clace, the news Dom had to offer were altogether not too good. He teased that both Clary and Jace are in a “very tough emotional space this season. Nobody is ever really happy for a long time on this show.” Considering this statement and Jace’s last scene in the season 2 finale, it seems like Clace fans will have to buckle up and get ready for a turbulent ride.


October 31st, 2017: #KatTakeover
Last Tuesday was Halloween and the day of Katherine McNamara’s takeover. Kat took her job very seriously and turned her takeover into a truly “spooktacular” experience. Not only did she wear cute cat ears for a while but she also provided the fans with lots of Halloween puns and jokes. One of our favorites: “What do you call a haunted chicken? – A poultergeist!”. Get it?

Always trouble with those Lightwood siblings
Kat’s first attempt at going live was cut short due to technical issues but when she came back online a short while later, she shared some pretty interesting teasers with us.

For example, a hint as to where Clary and Jace are headed this season. Kat said that things do get better for them but only temporary. While this sure sounds bleak, it doesn’t really come as a surprise – when do things ever go as planned on this show?

Even less of a stunner is the next S3 fact: Jace is not going to remain the only Lightwood sibling Clary will have trouble with. Alec and Clary have always had a rocky relationship and even though they made some progress over season 2, the term of friendship is not going to apply to them just yet. Kat said that even though Alec and Clary have a lot of scenes together, fans should not expect them to be all too harmonic: “You know Alec and Clary, they don’t necessarily get along.”

Back to the roots and off to foreign places
All the way back in the pilot episode, we got introduced to Clary as a young artist with big aspirations. A lot has happened since then – lots of things that made Clary put her art dreams on hold. In the new season we will finally see Clary drawing something other than runes again. According to Kat, it’s a way for her to ground herself, something that doesn’t have anything to do with the Shadow World for once. Considering everything Clary has had to deal with since that fateful night at Pandemonium, she certainly deserves this break from her everyday life.

Clary might also get to revisit Alicante. This is not really confirmed information, but judging from Kat’s reaction when a fan asked her about it, another trip to the capital of the Shadowhunters’ home country seems very likely. Let’s just hope that this time around, things go more smoothly than the last time Clary went to Idris.


November 14th, 2017: #IsaiahTakeover
For Isaiah’s takeover, the Shadowhunters social media team unfortunately picked a day where he was pretty busy filming. Therefore most of the day was pretty quiet and his takeover didn’t really start until the evening – which turned out not to be so bad, as Isaiah tried to compensate for it with an extra long live chat. He sat down for 50 minutes to talk to the fans, which is probably the longest takeover live chat in Shadowhunters history.

Just like the other cast members so far, Isaiah was kept on a pretty tight leash in terms of spoilers. But he still managed to let a few details slip through. Here they are:

Isaiah spent his day filming with Alberto. Alisha was also on set, but Isaiah and her did not have any scenes together. Her scene partner seemed to have been a rather interesting one, since Isaiah was not allowed to tell us who she was filming with.

However, he was allowed to give us an update on Luke’s storyline in season three. At the end of season two, Luke’s partner Ollie found out that he is a werewolf and confronted him about it. Isaiah said that in the new season, a part of Luke’s arc will revolve around this new problem – and take him and the viewers deeper into the Shadow World than ever before.

Scary stuff is coming
By now, we heard this so often that we suppose it’s okay to take it as confirmed information: the third season of Shadowhunters is going to be a lot scarier than the first two. Isaiah joined the ranks of several of his castmates and told us that 3×01 is especially going to be “pretty scary”. He added that there is a lot of exciting stuff coming for us, and everybody working on the show stepped up their game this season, pointing out that there are some amazing scenes being written right now.

The next topic he addressed has been an issue ever since the first episode of Shadowhunters went on air back in 2015: the bloopers. More specifically, the lack thereof. Isaiah was totally on the side of the fans in terms of whether or not to release them. However, he added that for season there, there just haven’t been that many so far: “You can’t really make a blooper, it just has to happen. Although, if we’re all on set together, someone is bound to crack up. Usually Dom or Kat.”

The Garrobane-bromance is rising
As we learned towards the end of season two, Luke has become friends with Magnus. Their friendship has been very popular among the fandom, so it is a very pleasant surprise that we’re going to see them interact some more and be badass leaders together. Isaiah confirmed that there are new Luke/Magnus scenes in the making: “Their friendship is definitely going to be explored more, and we have some quality scenes coming up.”

We can’t wait for all the Garrobane scenes. Now we only need to find out who exactly we need to bribe to get some extra parabatri scenes on top of that.


November 20th, 2017: #JavierTakeover
For takeover number 8, one of the newest additions to the cast led us with him through his day on set – virtually at least.

Javier Muñoz, known for his leading role in the popular Broadway musical “Hamilton”, took the opportunity to introduce himself to the fandom – and throw in some epic Hamilton references along the way, with a little help from his new friends.

While filming episode 3×09, Javier kept the fans entertained with several videos from set throughout the day. Eventually, he sat down for a 15-minute live chat as well. Being a big fan of the show himself, Javier visibly had a blast talking to the fans, and did not refrain to drop a few season three hints here and there.

A new antagonist is in town
He started off by introducing his character: Lorenzo Rey is a powerful Warlock from Spain who is going to be – and this is where things got really interesting – “kind of a nemesis to Magnus”. Javier added that Lorenzo is going to “stir things up a bit”, and that the fans will probably “love to hate him”. Addressing Lorenzo’s personality, Javier couldn’t really tell whether he was older or more powerful than Magnus. He said that “it hasn’t been specified yet”, although he supposes that there’s not too much of an age difference between the two powerful Downworlders.

While Javier loves his character, Magnus certainly doesn’t. Javier teased that the two Warlocks do not get along, and that we will see a face-off between them this season. Considering the rumor of an epic fight scene between Magnus and Lorenzo, we certainly can’t wait to watch this new dynamic play out on screen.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t tell the fans much more than that, since Freeform seems to be even stricter about possible spoilers when there are new characters involved. However, he said that the fans should be looking forward to episode 3×09 – according to Javier, it is “going to blow us away”. Well, we sure are excited to see if he is right.


November 28th, 2017: #MatthewTakeover

After our season three newbie Javier Munoz took over the Shadowhunters social networks last week, it was time for social media pro and live chat expert Matthew Daddario to step into the spotlight.

The Shadowhunters cast and crew are currently filming episode 3×09, and according to Matt, this episode will be “all over the place” and altogether quite a highlight for the fans. It seems like there are a lot of characters coming back for the penultimate episode of season 3A, Matt teased that “they had to get quite a few people in” for filming. He added that one of those people is going to be Nicola Correia-Damude, so we will get some Mama Lightwood action as well.
He also teased that there were some “really cool new characters” joining Shadowhunters next year, and furthermore the return of a character he could not tell us about just yet.

Nevertheless, he wants the fans to share their ideas on who it will be: “I would love if I could get people speculating. I want some good speculation about what’s upcoming. I want you guys to go wild.”
The comeback of this yet to be revealed character will not be the only surprise next year. Matt said the new season will be full of shocks and plot twists: “There’s interesting stuff in there for a lot of characters, and a lot of surprises. A lot of them are going to make you guys ask – have they gone crazy?”

The Lightwoods are one man down
A character who is not coming back for season 3A will be Max, Alec’s little brother and the youngest member of the Lightwood family. Matt said that this was due to some difficulties with the show’s timeline and real life: “The actor is growing up, but the character is not, and that’s sort of a problem.” However, he mused that Jack Fulton, who plays Max Lightwood, could maybe be coming back in 3B.

Towards the end of his live chat Matt attempted to do a quick rundown of episode 3×09 and its essence. There will be lots of fighting, with many people involved. Moreover, there will be demons “doing bad things but we do a tremendous job fighting back because we’re Shadowhunters and that’s what we do.”

Due to an upsetting incident that occurred during his Facebook live, Matt sadly was forced to cut his takeover short in an attempt at damage control on behalf of Dominic Sherwood, who was heard using a homophobic slur during Matt‘s live chat. (video)

However, judging from the things he was able to share with us and everything we’ve learned from all the other takeovers so far, it sure seems like we are in for another wild ride next season. But honestly, we would have been worried if it had been any different.

That is all you need to know – for now. Production for season 3A wrapped in early December, so we don’t expect there to be more takeovers anytime soon. However, if they return for 3B, make sure to check out this article every now and then, as we will keep it updated with all the season 3 spoilers we can get.