Production of the third season of Shadowhunters started only a couple of weeks ago, and even though there has been surprisingly little BTS material, there are a few details that slipped through.

Here is what we know so far:



Alec Lightwood and Matthew Daddario may be very different, but there is one thing they have in common: going M.I.A. whenever the show is on hiatus. Just like with Matt, information about what Alec might be up to is scarce.

One thing we do know, however, is that Alec will have more scenes with our second favorite warlock. Ariana Williams, who plays Madzie, has been posting pictures from set recently and thanks to the chattiest showrunner ever, also known as Todd Slavkin, we know that Alec and Madzie will finally have more scenes together. We’ve missed the two of them on screen together and we are excited to see how their relationship has changed since they met back in 2×05. (source)

Apart from that, we might find out what the Head of the Institute is like when he’s drunk. Thanks to another one of Todd’s tweets, we know that at some point during the new season, Alec might go a little overboard with the drinks – and that gin and vodka might not be a good combination for him. That is, if we interpreted Todd’s (not so) cryptic hashtags correctly. (source)

Alec might also catch up with an old friend. And possibly make a new one. Since Sophia Walker is returning as Catarina Loss, it is likely that Alec and her will finally meet at some point. As for the old friend, there’s no news about Eileen Li resuming her role as Aline Penhallow yet, but we would certainly love to see it happen. And hey, Todd liked a tweet about it, so maybe the odds are not so bad. (source x source both tweets were liked by Todd Slavkin)

While we do not know when all of these things are going to happen in season 3, the writers already revealed that episode 3×02 will be a pretty big one for Alec. Stay tuned as we find out more about that. (source x source)

Update October 8th, 2017
As Matthew Daddario attended New York Comic Con this weekend, we got quite a few insights on what’s ahead for his character. One of them is that season 3 will show a fairly new side of Alec: he is going to be selfish, at least as selfish as Alec Lightwood can be. Matthew revealed in his interview with “Talk Nerdy With Us” that – since Alec is no longer hiding who he is – he finally has the chance to do what makes him happy. Instead of focusing on everything but himself all the time, he will concentrate on what he wants. As a part of that development, we will see him opening up even more on an emotional level. (source)

Unfortunately, opening up to “the full spectrum of emotions” – as Matt put it in the interview – does not include positive feelings only. This might become a problem for Alec. Matt revealed that our dear Head of the Institute is quite stressed this season, not only because of his job or the latest antics of Clary Fray. He’s also worrying a lot – both about his parabatai, who is still keeping a secret from him, and about his boyfriend. During an interview on Marissa Messiano’s YouTube channel Matthew said that Alec is trying to help Magnus solve his problems. Since Magnus has lived for such a long time, there could be quite a lot of them, such as Magnus coming to terms with his past or the arrival of an old rival of Magnus (make sure to check the Magnus section of this article for more info on that.) (source)

On the other hand, we will also see Alec causing some problems himself. During his and Kat’s NYCC interview with “CelebSecretsTV”, Matt said that Alec is going to face a lot of mundane issues this season, most of which he never learned how to deal with. This leads to poor decision making on his part, such as summoning a Greater Demon into the Institute. Recalling the short glimpse of Lilith in the season 3 trailer – where she is standing in a hall that resembles the Institute quite a lot – we can’t stop thinking that Alec might be the reason the Queen of Hell is showing up there in the first place. (source)

A far more severe problem than demons will be a strain in Alec and Jace’s parabatai bond. Matthew told “The Geekiary” that Alec and Jace’s relationship is going to be tested this season and that they are both to blame for it. On the one hand, Jace refuses to tell Alec the truth about what happened at Lake Lyn in the season finale, even though Alec felt him die and knows there is something wrong. On the other hand, Alec doesn’t put as much effort into their relationship, as he is mostly focused on Magnus. The showrunners confirmed in their own interview with “The Geekiary” that this leads to miscommunication and tension between them, outcome unknown. (source)

Despite all of those unpleasant developments, Matt did have some good news for the fans: we are probably going to see some amusing Alec moments this season. He told “The Geekiary” that he’s trying to make Alec more like Magnus and that he hopes people find it funny. According to him, Alec becomes “a little more funny and catty”. While we have no idea what he means with that, we would sure love to see Alec with some jewelry and, who knows, maybe even some painted nails? (source)

Update December 11th, 2017:
Judging from what we heard and read online over the past few weeks, Alec is going to be a busy man next season. His new job as Head of the Institute seems to be taking up a lot of time, but as Alec has always put his loved ones first, he will not be forgetting about them. Todd Slavkin teased on twitter that Alec’s season 3 arc will contain lots of politics and diplomacy, but also time with the people who are closest to him: his parabatai, his family and most importantly, his boyfriend. (source)

While we’ve already gotten some information on some of the Malec scenes next season (check the Malec section of this article for more info on that), we now learned what those Lightwood siblings scenes are going to be about: the past. Todd confirmed that there was “a good chance” of us seeing some more childhood flashbacks similar to those in episode 2×03. Moreover, Dominic Sherwood mentioned during his takeover live chat that there are more parabatai and Lightwood siblings scenes coming up. (source) (source)

Alec is also going to have more screentime with Clary – even though he’s probably not all too happy about that. But the showrunners are making him suffer through working with Clary Fray anyway: Todd teased that there were plenty of scenes featuring both of them, and that Matt and Kat are amazing in those scenes. (source) (source)
Despite that, fans who were hoping for Clary and Alec to become friends this season, might have to keep hoping for another while. Katherine McNamara said in her takeover live chat that people should not expect them to become besties overnight. Although the two of them have made a lot of progress since season 1, it seems like there’s still some work to do until the term of friendship applies to them.



For our dear High Warlock, there’s luckily more information – especially concerning how he is going to look like in season 3. Both in season 1 and season 2, Magnus has had a specific look – the many different colors and patterns (and half-unbuttoned shirts) of season 1 are holding a dear place in our hearts, just as his more toned down and classy, yet sophisticated style of season 2.

In season 3, his wardrobe seems to go into a similar direction, at least judging from the material we have seen so far. A recent photo (which had the entire SDN family dying, to be honest) shows Magnus in black skinny jeans, a dark shirt, shiny black boots and a dark green, patterned bomber jacket. Apart from that, he got a new haircut. His neatly styled undercut had to make room for a mohawk – and if there is one character on TV who can pull that off, it is certainly Magnus Bane. We also might get to see some colorful highlights again, as we have seen photos from Harry’s camera test where he sports white highlights. (source x source x source)

Magnus himself is not the only one who got a bit of a makeover for the new episodes. It seems like the High Warlock felt like expanding his apartment, as it has been confirmed that he will have a brand new study in season 3. We can’t wait to see it. (source)

We’re also thrilled to know that Catarina will be back in season 3, we were left hanging with only one scene with Magnus back in 2×19 and we are very eager to see what’s next for the two warlocks. Todd mentioned Catarina’s appearance in season 3 on twitter and stated that we will definitely see her blue skin in the future. (source)

Update September 28th, 2017
Thus far, Magnus’ spare time has been filled with mainly three activities: be with Alec, slay at being High Warlock and save the asses of reckless Shadowhunters on a regular basis. In season 3, Magnus will get a new hobby: we are going to see him cooking. Harry posted a picture from what seems to be Magnus’ kitchen and captured it with “cooking at work”. The picture shows a mug with an “M” printed on, and in the background a cutting board and other cooking utensils. Considering Todd’s latest tweet about someone spying in the writer’s room, it is likely that this will be one of the more domestic Malec scenes the producers promised. In any case, wherever Magnus keeps the mug with the “M” on, there better be a matching one with an “A” right next to it. (source x source)

Update December 11th, 2017
Shadowhunters may have already given us a tiny glimpse into Magnus’ past back in 2×15, but there is much more to explore – and season 3A is going to do just that. As Todd revealed on twitter, the show is going to dive into Magnus’ indonesian roots and explore his struggles growing up. Furthermore, in the same tweet he hinted at the arrival of one highly anticipated new character: Magnus’ father Asmodeus, Greater Demon, Prince of Hell and troublemaker extraordinaire. (source)

The Asmodeus storyline will probably come to play in the final episodes of season 3A. Aisha Porter-Christie, one of the show’s writers, teased that in episode 3×09, the realm of Edom will be important. Edom is where Asmodeus lives and plans his evil plots from. In Cassandra Clare’s books, the Edom storyline poses as a big challenge for Magnus and Alec, so we are not entirely sure if we should be looking forward or dreading this part of the season. Especially since Todd said something about sacrifice being a big part of the Malec arc next season. Nevertheless, we are excited to see it. (source)

Asmodeus is not the only new character Magnus will not be particularly happy to see. As we already learned during New York Comic Con, Hamilton’s Javier Muñoz is joining the Shadowhunters cast to play an nemesis to our beloved High Warlock. Javier had a Tuesday takoever of his own a few weeks ago and revealed a few details about his character. Long story short: Lorenzo Rey is up to no good. Check out our takeover article (link) for more detailed information about him.

No doubt, these prospects don’t sound all too promising, but there is some good news for Magnus in season 3 in terms of relationships: Todd recently teased in a tweet that Alec and Magnus’ relationship is going to develop a lot this season (so much that he rated it a solid 12 on a scale from 1 to 10). Moreover Alec, Isabelle and Jace will not remain the only Lightwoods Magnus has wrapped around his little finger. Chances are Maryse, the powerful, yet stubborn matriarch of the Lightwood family, will join their ranks as well. Todd teased that Maryse and Magnus will get closer this season, that we might even see them laughing together. Nicola Correia-Damude, who plays Maryse Lightwood, kinda confirmed this as well by commenting under an instagram post that Maryse “is going to grow a lot this season”. We sure like the idea of some of this growth being related to her view of the downworld and a certain High Warlock. (source)



In terms of what’s in store for Malec, we know even less than for Alec. However, the showrunners and crew members have liked a couple of tweets recently that would surely make great scenes for season 3:

One of the first novelties of season 3 could be a scene many fans have been requesting for quite a while now: Malec training together. Both Alec and Magnus are highly skilled fighters. Where Alec is one of the best shadowhunters of his age and has 20+ years of combat training, Magnus is a powerful warlock who has lived through dozens of wars and always landed on his feet. We are sure that seeing these two face off against each other in a training session would be nothing short of epic. (source Matt Hastings liked) (video)

It seems like we won’t be complaining about a lack of Malec scenes in general. In an interview with TV Line, the showrunners announced that season 3 will focus even more on exploring their relationship, showing both domestic moments and challenges they face as a couple. In addition to that, Todd Slavkin teased on twitter that there will be “plenty of Malec moments” to make us gasp. Unfortunately, he left out one important detail: whether that gasping will be in a positive or negative way. (source)

Magnus and Alec are also going to have a scene with Luke. In our interview with Isaiah Mustafa, he told us that he recently filmed a scene with Matt and Harry. At the time the interview happened they were shooting 3×02, so we will get to see the parabatri working together pretty early on in the new season. (source)

There was a mention of, for the book lovers infamous, sandalwood shampoo. In a reply to a tweet asking for teasers about Malec in season 3, Todd revealed that apparently, sandalwood shampoo will play a part in the season 3 Malec arc. He didn’t say much more about it, but considering what Magnus said about his preferred remedy for an overuse of magic in the season 2 finale, we are quite curious what that was about. (source)

In episode 2×15, we already got a glimpse into Magnus’ past when he told Alec that he killed his stepfather. In the upcoming episodes there is going to be more of that. Taylor Mallory, one of the show’s writers, recently revealed on Twitter that Alec is going to learn more about his boyfriend’s past. Since Magnus has lived for so long and certainly has many more stories to tell (for example about a certain Greater Demon called Asmodeus) we are excited for what is next. (source)

Update October 8th, 2017
Ever since their trip to Tokyo, Magnus and Alec didn’t really have the chance to take some time for themselves. Understandably so, since after that trip the Valentine/Jonathan drama started to really heat up and took up a lot of their free time.
Now that at least Morgenstern Sr. is no longer a threat, it seems like Malec are making up for lost time by giving pool matches at the Hunter’s Moon another chance. There’s a tiny Malec sequence in the new season three trailer of them at the Hunter’s Moon, with Magnus looking slightly worried and Alec telling him that all he cares about is how Magnus feels. We didn’t get much context for that scene, so it could be anything from Alec setting his priorities to the two of them resolving a conflict. However this scene may turn out, we cannot wait to see it.

Harry was working last weekend and sadly couldn’t make it to Comic Con but luckily that didn’t keep the showrunners from hooking us up with some rather interesting insights into the upcoming season during their panel. For example, the fact that the show is going to explore the subject of Magnus’ immortality and how it affects his relationship with Alec. We know that Alec and Magnus are the loves of each other’s lives but since Alec is mortal and Magnus is not, this topic certainly is a rather sensitive one. But it might also be something to look forward to, since Alec and Magnus being upfront and honest with each other has led to some of the most beautiful scenes of the show, such as in episodes 11 and 15 of the second season. Malec talking about the immortality issue might be just the right occasion for another one of those cinematic gems.

Magnus is also getting to catch up with an old acquaintance in season three. Unfortunately, it will not be a particularly cheerful reunion. As the showrunners revealed during the NYCC panel, Javier Muñoz – best known for his role in the Broadway musical “Hamilton” – is joining Shadowhunters as a guest star for season three. He will play Lorenzo Rey, a fellow warlock from Spain and old rival of Magnus. We cannot wait to see that new dynamic play out on the show, especially considering the very cryptic “being High Warlock of Brooklyn meant everything to him” line from the season three trailer. Since it was not clarified who that line was about, it seems like a hint to some epic warlock rivalry. Bring it on, Shadowhunters.

Update December 15th, 2017:
Season 3 will bring on the domestic side of Magnus and Alec. According to a tweet by our spoiler source #1, showrunner Todd Slavkin, we will see Alec and Magnus “living, laughing, cooking, battling, pondering, sacrificing”. (source)
Okay, those last two don’t really sound good but the rest sure makes us look forward to the new episodes. Especially since in another tweet Todd got even more specific: apparently, that cooking scene is going to involve French Toast and famous American chef Julia Child. Also, that same tweet said something about a “very special box” that will have something to do with Malec. Well, we are certainly excited to find out what’s in there. (source)

As for the highly anticipated Malec training scene, we can assure you that we are going to get to see it. How’s that? As always when the really good Malec deets are concerned, Todd spoiled it on Twitter, saying that seeing our two lovebirds face off against each other in a training fight is “very likely”. (source)

No doubt, the title of “fandom’s favorite warlock” clearly goes to Magnus, but other than him, there’s a second very special Downworlder the fandom has grown rather fond of: Madzie. Her scenes with Magnus and Alec respectively in season 2 were adorable – so adorable, that in the new season, we will get to see the three of them having scenes together. The prospect of this finally happening has us excited enough, and the fact that Todd tagged that particular tweet with “#uncles” is not really helping. (source)

The upcoming season seems to be a rather Malec-heavy one in general, at least judging from what director and executive producer Matt Hastings teased on his Twitter account. Answering a fan’s question, he tweeted that there would be “too many good Malec episodes to mention”. It seems as if we are going to see that quality Malec content pretty early on in the season, as Todd tweeted that “the Malec fandom will never be the same after 3×02”. (source x source)

Knowing the showrunners, this sentence could mean literally anything – and will probably end up meaning something entirely different than we expect it to, but for now, we take it as a sign of some cute Malec fluff coming our way. Until they get more specific on 3×02, that is.

Update January 28th, 2018:
With less than two months to go until the premiere date of season 3, official promotion for Shadowhunters is (very) slowly getting into motion. So far, we got a new teaser and a look at the adapted opening credits, which now include Maia/Alisha Wainwright, who got promoted to a series regular last summer. Neither of those clips included any new Malec scenes, but with the new season finally being in sight, showrunner Todd Slavkin and Matt Hastings have both been quite generous with confirming Malec rumors recently. They even threw in some new information here and there; such as the fact that we will see Magnus and Alec holding hands this season. (source)

While season 2 treated the fandom to plenty of memorable Malec moments, we have yet to see our favorite Warlock and Shadowhunter be cute with each other when there’s not an imminent threat waiting around the next corner. Replying to a fan on Twitter, Todd hinted that season three will finally give the fandom what we all have been waiting for – we will see them “do really domestic couple things”. (source)

Knowing that the Shadowhunters fandom has been starving for a few months now, Todd even treated us to a little Malec headcanon, though we are not entirely sure whether he was kidding with that one or not. But if he wasn’t, we will see Alec borrowing clothes from Magnus – a shirt, specifically, which will be magically tailored so it fits him perfectly. Recalling the picture of Matthew Daddario wearing a really nice – but for Alec kind of unusual – purple shirt while filming season 3A, we are certainly curious to find out if it will actually happen. Until then, check out the full tweet Todd posted about it here – it even includes a tiny bit of dialogue! (source)

Speaking of great Malec moments, we should probably be looking forward to episodes 3×11 and 3×12. Executive producer Matt Hastings, who is directing both of these episodes, teased on Twitter that all our symptoms of severe Malec withdrawal might be cured by watching them, especially 3×12. (source)
On that note, Matt Hastings also revealed that a familiar face might be coming back for the second half of season three. Although we doubt that the people at the New York Institute (and a whole lot of Downworlders as well) will be all too happy to see him. Matt’s tweet didn’t confirm anything, but when a fan asked him whether former Head of the Institute Victor Aldertree will be back for the back half of season 3, he replied with a – rather vague, but also kind of intriguing – ‘maybe’. So who knows, perhaps Magnus will not be the only one to cross paths with an old rival again. (source)

Apart from cute Malec scenes, another thing the fandom has been waiting for ever since the season one premiere, are bloopers. After the fans did a solid two years of bugging the showrunners, directors and what feels like every Freeform employee ever, the season two bloopers will finally be released. Unfortunately, there is no more specific information in terms of when they will be released or how long that video will be. But judging from how well the cast and crew get along, the many rumors about pranks being played on set and lines being cut because the respective actors couldn’t say them without cracking up, we sure are in for a few good laughs. (source)


That is all we know so far, but we will keep this article updated, so make sure to stop by every once in awhile so you don’t miss the latest S3 Malec news. Season 3 of “Shadowhunters” returns on April 3rd, 2018 on Freeform and on April 4th on Netflix.