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Shadowhunters and LGBTQ+ representation: How Malec is changing the game.

Shadowhunters and LGBTQ+ representation: How Malec is changing the game.

Ever since before Shadowhunters premiered in January 2016, the TV series has received widespread acclaim in media. The showrunners as well as the cast have been praised for the show’s accurate LBGTQ+ representation and how Magnus and Alec are portrayed - both as individual characters and as a couple.

Over the course of season 2, its popularity has only grown, not only in media but also in the fandom. This year, Shadowhunters was named the most engaging fandom in the fantasy/sci-fi genre by Forbes, with over 53 million actions across all social media platforms. In this category, the show trumped other TV shows and movies such as Teen Wolf, the Star Wars franchise, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. Furthermore, the popular Shadowhunters YouTube channel has clips with thousands and even millions of views. The most popular of these is Magnus and Alec’s groundbreaking first kiss from the season 1 episode named after the pairing’s ship name.

In media, positive remarks about the show have only increased since it has progressed. Articles often praise the production for its diverse cast, how it deals with current, important issues as well as for its portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters. Shadowhunters is often found in articles and lists talking about television programs with positive representation and terrific LBGTQ+ characters. Showrunners Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer are acclaimed for the direction they carry the show in. In addition, Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario are commended for their portrayal of Magnus and Alec respectively, as well as how they depict the Malec relationship.

In order to get some expert insights on the reason why Shadowhunters is so popular in the media, we talked to TV Guide Magazine’s West Coast bureau chief Jim Halterman, who hosted the Shadowhunters panel at WonderCon in 2016 and NYCC 2017, and has been following the show since its early days. Jim himself is part of the LGBTQ+ community and has a lot of experience writing for LGBTQ+ media outlets such as and In addition to this, he’s also written for outlets like Variety and Mashable. Furthermore, he is a member of the National Lesbian Gay Journalist Association and the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association and a respected member of the television journalism community. In our interview, he said that he has always loved covering shows that include LGBTQ+ characters, which is why Shadowhunters caught his interest back when production started in 2015. What appealed to him most was the fact that the TV series was aiming for a younger audience and its progressive storyline in terms of queer representation.

Coming out stories: Numerous, but no less important

One of the things Jim enjoyed on Shadowhunters was Alec’s coming out arc in season 1. Seeing people on TV shows coming out may not be new anymore, but Jim Halterman is still a strong supporter of displaying characters finding themselves and coming to terms with their sexuality: “I’ve always said we need coming out stories, because there’s still people who are dealing with it, whether they are old or young. So more examples of that is still a good thing.”

While gay or lesbian TV characters have long found their way into primetime TV, bisexual figures are still a bit of a rarity. According to the annual “Where We Are on TV” report published by GLAAD, there’s a slight decrease of bisexual representation in cable series, with Shadowhunters being “one of a handful of shows that is helping to turn that tide of representation for bi men”.

Shadowhunters has always addressed Magnus’ sexuality very openly, but never made it the center of his storyline. This is also something Jim Halterman appreciates about the show - that it respected Alec and Magnus’ sexualities, but never focused on them for their storylines: “I think if you see it on film, television or theater and they make it the focus of [those characters’] lives - that’s not the reality. So even though Shadowhunters has told Alec’s coming out story, we got to know so much about Magnus and the relationships he’s had in the past. And I’m sure there’s more of that coming.”

Representation: Why getting it right matters when so few do

The actress and activist Sara Ramirez, known for her portrayal of the bisexual orthopedic surgeon Callie Torres on Grey’s Anatomy, recently talked about the overall importance of bisexual visibility within the LGBTQ+ community. "There are so many LGBTQ+ institutions and spaces where I don't feel seen, where I don't feel recognized as a bisexual pansexual queer person of color,” she said during the Women’s Event 20 at the New York LGBT Center. “Every time bisexual+ people are erased, every time I am erased as a bisexual+ queer person of color in the movement spaces that are supposed to be my home, the pain can feel unbearable."

"Whether you are comfortable with labels or not - the fact is - the ability to be seen, to name our truth, to find community and build power around who we are is such a critical part of any political movement for true liberation,” Ramirez went on. While her speech was mostly about bisexual visibility in the LGBTQ+ community overall, it also serves to highlight just how important accurate, healthy representation is in all kinds of outlets.

In media and popular culture, Shadowhunters has made enormous progress in terms of improving media’s queer representation. Freeform - the channel currently airing Shadowhunters - is the most LGBTQ+ inclusive network on cable. Currently, it has 25 LGBTQ+ characters, both regular and recurring. Over the course of Shadowhunters’ two seasons, the show has introduced several LGBTQ+ characters. The most prominent of these are of course Alec and Magnus, who identify as gay and bisexual respectively. But the representation doesn’t begin and end with them. Aline Penhallow is lesbian and Raphael Santiago is asexual. What the show does right in terms of representation, as we’ve already mentioned, is allowing their characters’ sexual identities to be part of them, but not be their defining characteristic. Aline may be a lesbian, but she is also a highly skilled Shadowhunter and passionate about protecting her family. While the reveal of Raphael’s asexuality played a major role in 2x10, “By the Light of Dawn”, his character has far more sides to him, sides shown both prior to and after the 2A finale.

Shadowhunters’ representation matters because it is currently one of few shows handling representation the way it should be handled. It isn’t until this year that GLAAD has been able to add asexuality to their annual “Where We Are on TV” report, primarily because of Raphael. Where other shows overlook sexualities, for example CW’s Riverdale who thus far has chosen to overlook Jughead Jones’ canonical asexuality, Shadowhunters makes sure to highlight them.

In terms of bisexual representation, accurate and healthy depictions are sadly a rarity. "Unfortunately, a lot of bisexual characters are still falling into damaging tropes," Megan Townsend, director of entertainment at GLAAD, said during 2017’s TCA Press Tour. Townsend also elaborated on the representation issues, noting that bisexual men are often written as "wicked, villainous characters whose bisexuality is directly tied to why the audience is supposed to understand them as bad people”. As for bisexual women, Townsend said that they’re often portrayed as "lacking morals, as scheming manipulators, and that is tied to their bisexuality". She also spoke of why accurate bisexual representation matters so much: "We need more bisexual characters who have nuanced, fully realized stories that don't just lean into these tropes that we've seen over and over and over again."

Shadowhunters wants to represent the bisexual community accurately. Furthermore, they aim to depict bisexual characters in a nuanced, healthy way. Before giving characters and storylines the green light and making them come to life, they’ve consulted GLAAD in order to ensure that their representation is multifaceted and accurate.

When it comes to representation, Shadowhunters has also been commended for not just featuring LGBTQ+ characters, but for doing so realistically. This is sadly an area where other shows often fail. Jim Halterman also noted this, saying: “I think the mistake some shows and films make is that when they make a character gay or lesbian or bisexual or whatever, that’s the thing that defines that character. And they kind of forget that this is a small part of who this person is and it’s great to explore, but it can’t be the only story. You know, for any of us that are gay - I’m a gay guy - and there’s so much more going on in my life than just being that.”

Malec: Fan favorites, yet so much more

Shadowhunters’ popularity amongst both fans and media representatives is also thanks to the impeccable performances by Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario, known as Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood. Although Jim Halterman loves the show overall, his focus undoubtedly lies on those two characters. “[Their sexualities] have never been the one thing that defines those guys.” He went on in detail about Alec: “They’re just as qualified, like Alec becoming kind of the leader this year and this past season. I mean, that was a big thing, and it’s not because he’s gay, but because of his qualities and who he is as a shadowhunter. So, it makes the characters really three-dimensional.”

ScreenSpy have also remarked on Shadowhunters’ non-cliché characterization of Alec, saying: “Alec serves as a challenge to stereotypical representations of homosexual men. He’s a warrior to his core - masculine, calculating, resolute. It’s an inversion of the typical flamboyant and effeminate portrayal viewers [usually] see on screen - not that either of those two qualities are negative by nature. Their stigma comes from how often they are used to exploit a character’s sexuality, particularly for comedic effect.”

As for Magnus, Jim Halterman further noted how realistically he is depicted. “Magnus has had other issues he’s dealt with, that were not about his relationship or his sexuality and again, that’s real life.” Moreover, GLAAD has noted and praised Shadowhunters for this. “During the series’ first season, Magnus’ low-key affirmations of his sexuality and references to his past relationships have made it clear that he is bisexual without his sexuality being his sole defining characteristic or story,” they said about Magnus’ character. “It is rare enough for a television series to include a well-written and nuanced bisexual male character, and it is even more rare for that character to be one of the leads.” GLAAD hopes that Shadowhunters will be raising the bar for improved LGBTQ+ representation.

Michael Reisz, who worked on the show during its first season, talked in an interview about Magnus’ and Alec’s respective development in season 1. “The journey of Alec in season one is of him owning his power and his authenticity. [Magnus’ journey] is of him breaking down his walls and giving himself up to love,” he said.

Continuing, Reisz went deeper into the importance of the portrayal of Magnus and Alec: “One of the things that was really, really important to me was to tell a true, authentic representation of both straight and gay characters, and not just stereotypes. Every character, whether you’re straight, gay, bi, trans—every character is a multifaceted human being with many different levels of what they care about, what they’re willing to risk, what they’re not willing to risk. I think a lot of times there’s potential for all of those levels to get washed over and that’s something that we fought very hard to protect.”

In our interview, Jim Halterman remarked on how wise Shadowhunters is for portraying Magnus and Alec in such a good way. Furthermore, he talked about how realistically depicted Magnus and Alec are, both as a couple and when it comes to the problems they face. “It’s a really smart way to approach a story,” he said, “because even when they do have relationship elements in a story, you know when Magnus and Alec broke up for a while, it’s not about their sexuality, it’s just a relationship. The show treats their relationship the same as the [others], that’s how it should be – and that’s not what you get all the time.” Continuing, Jim Halterman gave more props to the show, saying: “I love any story that respects sexuality and relationship stories and makes it the same as everyone else’s. And I think Shadowhunters has always done that.”

Prior to “Malec” airing in March 2016, ScreenSpy applauded the show for succeeding with Magnus and Alec where other shows have failed with their characters, both separately and together. “Shadowhunters has largely managed to do what others have not: write queer characters that are their own people first. Alec and Magnus have remained fan favorites as a result of a purposeful effort to use each character’s personal stakes and the plot’s organic drama to connect them to [one another]. It’s how their straight counterparts are predominantly delivered and developed–with nuance, sensitivity, creativity, and intent.”

ScreenSpy continued their positive evaluation, saying: “Claiming that both characters’ development has been perfect up until [1x12] seems a bit disingenuous. But arguing that their portrayals have challenged the very ways we see characters like them on screen, does not.” Elaborating on this, they went on: “Our small screen stories don’t always mirror real-world realities. This is why so many of our representations have been and continue to be one-dimensional. But Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane aren’t devices, thrown in to advance another’s plot. They’re the heroes and love interests of their own stories.”
As a closing note, ScreenSpy detailed what that means for LGBTQ+ representation: “That’s a fact and one that underscores just how well Shadowhunters is changing the way LGBTQ characters live and love on screen.”

Especially when it comes to bisexual representation, GLAAD have been very vocal about congratulating Shadowhunters. After the season 1 finale when Camille as well as Magnus’ immortality had been introduced as a barrier for our favorite couple, they commended the show for not making their issues about Magnus’ sexuality. “This storyline refreshingly subverted a trope so often seen in stories of bisexuality, where someone dating a bisexual person is solely concerned that they will leave them for a person of a different sex, thus reinforcing tired stereotypes of bisexual people being inherently incapable of monogamy,” they wrote. Elaborating, GLAAD also went into what Shadowhunters avoiding this trope meant for the community: “The avoidance of this overused story is significant not just for Shadowhunters, but because it defies so many real life assumptions people even within the LGBT community have about bisexuality.”

GLAAD have not been the only ones commending Shadowhunters for their LGBTQ+ representation. After “Malec” aired, HerCampus, written by and for college students, praised Shadowhunters for their depiction of Magnus and Alec. “Now, for a teen fantasy series, this may not seem like a big deal – two lovers finally coming together – however this is a big deal for LGBTQ+ representation in the general media. Having two openly queer characters displaying a positive example of a same-sex relationship on screen will be inspiring, not only for viewers but hopefully other television writers as well.” They also saw Shadowhunters’ representation as a way to improve queer representation overall: “Seeing the amount of positive responses these characters are getting could encourage other writers to write more fully formed queer characters rather than [including] stereotypes that often do more harm than offer positive representation.”

HerCampus also touched on what they would like to see in terms of overall future representation: “As the first season draws to a close, we can only hope ‘Malec’ continue to thrive in the rest of the series and that other shows will get the hint, that we need better representation like this.”

Moreover, Affinity Magazine have complimented Shadowhunters for how it portrays Magnus and Alec. Right as season 2 started, the magazine praised the show for allowing two queer characters to be “instrumental in the action of the show”, and having “two men who are falling in love with each other saving the world” as opposed to reusing tired, old stereotypical tropes associated with the LGBTQ+ community. The Mary Sue also noted this, saying “Whereas some other shows simply toy with subtext, Malec is at the forefront of the story as a canon queer romance” and praising the TV series for showcasing “a same sex relationship as one of its most prominent love stories”.

Shadowhunters have not only gotten queer representation right, they have also played a major part in moving queer Asian representation forward. While GLAAD recently noted that there is a severe lack of queer characters of color, Shadowhunters is one of few shows to feature an LGBTQ+ character of color. This makes the show’s representation even more important, particularly since Asian LGBTQ+ characters are the most underrepresented in media.

What’s more, ScreenSpy have saluted Shadowhunters for their queer representation. In 2016, they wrote: “Shadowhunters has done things for both its gay and bisexual leads that we rarely see: it’s dared to treat them as complex, fleshed-out characters.” They’ve also commended the show for its inclusion of queer people of color, writing: “Shadowhunters’ choice to diversify its cast and offer more development focus to supporting members of its ensemble bucks an industry trend that not only limits creative possibilities but who connects to them. Magnus isn’t just attractive, powerful and perceptive. He’s one of a literal handful of bisexual men on TV. He’s also an Asian man whom the narrative defines as eternally desirable, in a medium that has historically downplayed Asian male sexuality and desirability through discriminatory stereotypes.”

In addition, during our interview, Jim Halterman talked about Magnus and Alec’s break up in 2x18, “Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen”. He admired how the show incorporated conflicts that exist in every type of relationship - instead of focusing on issues related to them being a queer couple. “And when they break up [it’s not just about distrust] or like ‘Why didn’t you tell me that?’ I mean that goes on in every relationship,” he said. “It’s like you want to have trust and faith in your partner and if you don’t have that, that’s like ‘I don’t know if we can be together.’ So the fact [this] was part of their issue was very realistic.” This is something that The Mary Sue also brought up, noting the importance of how the show featured Malec as “another story among many that audiences can engage with”.

Matt and Harry: Respectful and open from the very start

Shadowhunters’ success, how acclaimed and admired they are both by media and the fandom, is as special as it is unprecedented. The reason behind it is undoubtedly Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario. Their immense work and dedication in portraying their characters - both individually and as a couple - in a nuanced, healthy way provides a good representation. Furthermore, it made media fully embrace them and their characters, turning them into fan favorites.

Harry and Matthew have both been vocal about representing the queer community in a way that is not stereotypical. Speaking to OUT Magazine, Harry talked about why representation matters. “Bisexuality isn’t really talked about in the mainstream,” he said when he talked about why he wanted to portray Magnus. “It’s like me being an Asian Latino American - there aren’t many of us.”

Harry also talked about how he wanted to be part of portraying an LGBTQ+ relationship in a way that has never been seen before on television. “I look at it the same way as Asian stereotypes on TV,” he noted. “Why would I want to play that? I want to find uniqueness and capture it every time Magnus and Alec have intimate scenes.”

Matthew Daddario has also talked about his and Harry’s portrayal of Magnus and Alec’s relationship. In January 2017 when he and Alberto Rosende visited AOL Build to promote the start of the show’s second season, he said the following: “The key for me - being authentic is really, really important. And I don’t want there to be a situation we arrive at where you are taking advantage of a community or trying to just sort of portray something so that people will be like ‘Oh here, look what we’re doing, we’re being progressive’ or something like that. We want to actually do something that actually is meaningful and is in fact impactful, and is honest.”

Another reason behind Shadowhunters’ success is the openness of Harry and Matt. Ever since they were cast in their roles, they have always been highly respectful of the fandom. What’s more is they’ve always been open and proud to embrace it. When we talked to Jim, he recalled some lovely memories of Harry from when he was covering Glee. Speaking about attending press junkets and such for the show, Jim said: “Glee had some LGBT characters and Harry wasn’t one of them, but I think just in the mix of different press parties and things I thought that he was just such a cool guy and he was always super nice.”

Elaborating on this, Jim especially talked about how open Harry has always been toward his fans from the LGBTQ+ community: “I knew he had a lot of gay fans - even then he did. I knew he wasn’t gay, but I just thought that this was interesting, and he was always really cool to talk about it. (...) He was like ‘You know, fans are fans, and I don’t care if gay guys think I’m hot.’” Continuing, Jim said: “He was really cool, which I appreciated, and at that time there were more gay characters coming on TV, when Glee was on that definitely helped a lot. So by the time Shadowhunters came around, it wasn’t really shocking that ‘Oh my god, there was going to be a gay character and a bisexual character’. So getting back to your question: when I [learned about Shadowhunters], I was like, Harry will be great to talk [to] about this.”

Actually, both of them were. Long before they were cast as Magnus and Alec, Harry and Matt have shown great support of the queer community. Their dedicated work on the show - as well as their openness toward the fandom - has not gone unrecognized. In April 2017, themselves and the show were rewarded with the GLAAD Media Award “Outstanding Drama Series” for their portrayal of Magnus and Alec’s relationship. Accepting the award, they beat other fan favorite shows, such as Grey’s Anatomy, Shameless, How to Get Away with Murder and Supergirl. In their speech, they pointed out how far TV has come in terms of representation of different sexualities and ethnicities. And they were right - the entertainment industry has come a long way. There is definitely still room for enhancement, but considering the improved diversity of characters we’ve seen on TV so far, we have all the more reasons to hope that there will be more progress. Shadowhunters certainly is a great example of that.

A massive thank you to Jim Halterman for taking the time to answer our questions and giving us so much interesting inside information. We can’t wait for more of your coverage on all things Shadowhunters!

Make sure to follow both Jim and TV Guide Magazine on Twitter at @JimHalterman and @TVGuideMagazine respectively.

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Oh… it looks like the whole team took part in creating this article!

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Oh… it looks like the whole team took part in creating this article!
Amanda Row “Magnus’ gold sheets were not an accident!”

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We had the great honor and privilege of interviewing Amanda Row, the director of Shadowhunters’ “Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen“. Amanda, who had previously worked on shows such as Hemlock Grove and Minority Report amongst others, was kind enough to take the time to answer our questions.

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Oh… it looks like the whole team took part in creating this article!
High Warlock of Sass – 15+ times Magnus made us laugh

High Warlock of Sass – 15+ times Magnus made us laugh

Magnus Bane has been through so much and never lost his sense of humor. In fact, it is quite the opposite – he is one of the most cheerful characters on the show, even though he has lived through centuries of war and misery. None of this would have been possible without a big amount of sarcasm. His snarky comments have made us laugh so often that we suppose it’s only fair to put the spotlight on some of our favorites.

When he knew Malec was endgame before everyone else (and had a blast teasing Alec about it)

1x04: “Pretty boy. Get your team ready.”

The world is round, 1+1 equals 2, and Alec and Magnus are perfect for each other. Simple as that. By now, even people who don’t watch the show know this – and Magnus did from the very start. He was in too deep for Alec from the moment they met – at least that is the only explanation we have for the entire “pretty boy” confusion in episode 1x04. That, and maybe Magnus having some fun offending Jace along the way. The Herondale ego is probably still licking its wounds.

1x05: “Playing hard to get. I love a challenge.”

Unfortunately, Magnus’ advances at winning Alec over were rejected by their target, no matter what Magnus tried. Not even calling Alec and unceremoniously asking him out on a date seemed to convince our (previously) stone cold Shadowhunter. At least the tiny little smirk at the end of their phone call, when Magnus hangs up and says “I love a challenge” did the trick for most of the fandom. We will leave it to Magnus Bane to get rejected and still react so fabulously nonchalant to it. But then again, when is Magnus not fabulous?

1x08: “Speaking of which, how is Alexander?”

Magnus Bane is probably also the only person on this planet who can smoothly turn an autopsy into a conversation about the gift preferences of his future boyfriend - without even batting an eye. And land the smoothest comeback in the history of comebacks while he’s at it – cue “I wanna get my hands on that thing.” – “Speaking of which, how is Alexander?”
The time when Alec was determined to marry a woman in order to save his family’s reputation sure was one of the darkest the Malec fandom ever had to go through. But at least Magnus made sure we had a couple of good laughs here and there.

When he was one of the most powerful warlocks alive and he knew it

1x12: “Why is Ragnor Fell up there? He’s not more powerful than I am.”

Magnus may be one of the sweetest, most caring people on the show most of the time – but he certainly does not like it when people deem other warlocks more powerful than himself. Especially not when those other warlocks are among his closest friends. Such as Ragnor Fell, who as Hodge found out, once made the potion that put Jocelyn in a magically induced coma.
Magnus getting offended when Hodge proposed searching for Ragnor was one of our highlights of that episode. The both of them interacting was fun to witness - it was such a shame that Ragnor died right after we met him. Seeing Magnus bicker some more with his old British friend would have been so much fun.

2x13: “My powers are vastly beyond your imagination. And I saw you crossing the street outside.”

There’s this saying that light can be found even in the darkest moments – well, the same applies to funny Magnus moments and emotional Shadowhunters episodes. In this particular case, the previous episodes had been so tough for Magnus that we loved to see him loosen up and joke around when Dot came over – even if it is just pretend and to keep up the façade. However, what was certainly not just pretend was that epic dance battle that came after that conversation – if any of the Shadowhunters showrunners ever read this, can we have more scenes like that please?

When he roasted the Clave in front of everyone... several times.

1x11: “The law is the law”

Some Shadowhunters may like to deny this but let’s face it: the Clave is as far from a transparent organization as you can get, and then some. Those prejudiced Shadowhunters seeing themselves as the rulers of the entire Shadow World is nothing but unfair at times, and the Downworlders have every reason to be mad at them. And Magnus certainly is. However, with Magnus being Magnus, he decided to express his anger the classy way and throw the Clave’s dusty old motto right into their – well, Alec’s – face. Listening to him going on and on about the flaws of the Nephilim was music to our ears. Apart from that, this moment served as an intro for another one of our favorites: The “I’ll do you pro bono” line. It certainly doesn’t get better than a sassy and flirty Magnus, right?

1x11: “Put the cup on trial!”

Admittedly, this is more of an angry Magnus moment than a sassy one, but it had us smirking nonetheless. During Izzy’s trial in season one, when everyone was oh-so-serious about convicting her for treason, Magnus couldn’t save the day but he at least made being at the trial worth the while. Magnus may not be a trained attorney (Actually, he just might be. Who knows what he was up to during the past 400+ years?), but that didn’t keep him from going up there and owning the moment. It was so much fun to watch him confront the Inquisitor about her own close-mindedness. Also, we now know exactly who we need to call if we ever get into a law dispute with a bunch of prejudiced Shadowhunters.

2x01: “The Clave being unhelpful… who’s shocked, show of hands?”

Another episode, another Lightwood sibling in trouble – what else is new? Well, pretty much only that this time, Magnus is part of the task force trying to find Jace.
Other than that, it is pretty much business as usual – things at the Institute are tense, Alec is worried, and the current Head of the Institute, in this case Lydia Branwell, is not really helping. Add that to the Clave not cooperating with the New York Institute in the search of Jace, and you got yourself a perfect opportunity for Magnus Bane to drop one of his snarky comments.
In hindsight, mocking the Clave in front of his boyfriend – who was working towards taking a lead position in that very same organization – might not have been the best idea. It only added to the tension between Alec and him. But it also contributed to us getting that beautiful makeup scene at the end of the episode. So, as Magnus would say: it’s quite alright.

When he just had enough of Shadowhunter stupidity

2x03: “Oh, Clary is back. We can all go home now.”

Again, this is a moment originating more from anger than joy, but it was, however, still funny. For one, because Magnus was so gloriously sarcastic, but also because he was 100% right. This might be slightly biased as the author of this article was never really a fan of Jocelyn (and had a blast watching first Alec and then Magnus give her a piece of their mind) – but it was funny anyway.
We have to admit that Jocelyn had good intentions, but as it seems to be standard in the Fray family, the best intentions lead to the absolute worst ideas. Someone confronting Jocelyn about the consequences of her poor decisions was long overdue. And that Magnus did all of it with his usual class (and then slammed the door shut right in front of her face), was just the cherry on top. Touché, Mr. Bane.

1x07: “It would be like Beyoncé riding on a dinosaur through Times Square. People would notice.”

It’s rare that we see Magnus being really sarcastic on the show. But when he is, his comments are on point. Like that one time Luke was injured and Clary panicked about being unable to locate the Mortal Cup. And the setting made it even funnier: How he was just casually relaxing on his living room couch, not at all worried by what was happening, and only got up to deliver that snarky, yet so fitting reference to modern-day pop culture. Priceless.

1x12: “Oh it’s happy hour somewhere, my dear.”

Granted, Magnus had every reason to be salty in episode 1x12: The Clave was in need of his powers once again, he got called to the Institute at 9am and, oh yeah, the guy he was in love with was getting married to someone else. Good thing he has always had a soft spot for Clary Fray – she is probably the only person who can question Magnus’ craving for alcohol at 9am and get away with it. And even better that the episode ended on such a good note for Magnus – who knows what a drinks-deprived, grieving and heartbroken High Warlock of Awesome might have been capable of?

When he was done watching his kids act like...well, kids.

2x02: “Honestly, it’s time to man up.”

To be honest, this paragraph is just an excuse to include Simon and Magnus’ trip to India somewhere in this article. The two of them searching for Camille was so unique and amusing, and we could probably write an entire article about the blast we had watching these scenes. What happened in Camille’s home in Agra was easily one of the comedic highlights of season 2 (not that there are that many to choose from). From Simon wandering the endless halls of Camille’s winter residence, over Magnus casually stealing his stuff back and him cooing at a vicious cobra as if it were a cute little puppy - this episode included unusually many reasons to laugh. One of our favorite things was still a bit of a more serious one: when Magnus gave Simon a little pep talk to stop him from freaking out about Camille. In hindsight, it was more of a shovel talk than a pep talk, but all that matters is that it worked...well, kind of.

2x14: “I applaud Mr. Lightwood for his progressive thinking” – “Cause you’re totally unbiased.”

As Magnus said himself, many of his downworlder friends are like his own children to him. Unfortunately for him, they sometimes like to behave just like that – even though they are immortal and hundreds of years old. And just like any other parent on this planet, Magnus does not like to see that happen. Even more so when it’s in front of other people. But since Magnus is a warlock with class, he won’t shout at his kids but goes for a more subtle way of scolding them – in this case, through a very pointed look. What a shame we couldn’t listen in to that silent conversation Magnus and Raphael had at the Downworld cabinet meeting – we sure would have loved to hear the Magnus Bane Downworld version of “Watch your tone, young man!”

2x08: “This is an elegant affair. Not an episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Idris’.”

Magnus’ opinion of the Clave might not be too good but there is one Shadowhunter (besides Alec) that has always been his weakness: Clary Fray. He’s seen her grow up, has grown very fond of her along the way, and can hardly say no to anything she proposes. And, let’s be real, he has a heart of gold. Hence why he doesn’t unceremoniously kick her out the second she starts throwing a tantrum at Max’s rune party. Instead, he tries to calm her down and investigate what happened. Though, he is still Magnus Bane and does not like to have his parties disturbed like that – so that tiny bit of sarcasm is just fine, we suppose. Even if it’s Clary.

And let’s face it… when he just enjoyed being a bit of a drama queen.

2x13: “I wouldn’t want to be overdramatic.”

Another perfect example of the “good intentions that create bad ideas” pattern we’ve gotten to know so well in season 2A. Alec shows up at Magnus’ apartment, his only plan being to clear Magnus of any future allegations the Clave might come up with and asks him for a strand of hair. And Magnus does not react well to it – at all. And he’s right to. We loved how his voice dripped of sarcasm when he told Alec that he wouldn’t want to cause extra drama, his cold look while he pulls out that single strand of hair. All that would have been missing was small orchestra playing a sad music in the background. Frankly, Magnus kicking Alec out a few seconds later was not really one of our favorites, but since they made up at the end of the episode and this proved to be only a bump in the road, we’re fine with it.

2x20: “Duh.”

If Magnus premiered his drama queen qualities in episode 2x15, the season finale was where he really showed what he could do. He obviously had every right to be mad at Alec, but there was no way we could have hold back our laughter at Magnus’ reaction when Alec came to ask him for help. Cold shoulder would be the understatement of the year - and although watching that scene hurt our Malec shipping hearts like crazy, we also couldn’t help but find it funny. How Magnus just turned to look right and left before even acknowledging Alec was there, how he let him know without words that he would prefer being literally anywhere but with Alec that moment - and, the cherry on top, his reaction to Alec saying that they needed a warlock to keep the demons at bay: “Duh.”
Well played, Harry. Well played.


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Words of wisdom and an open heart: Alec’s most inspirational moments

Words of wisdom and an open heart: Alec’s most inspirational moments

Alec Lightwood is many things: partner, brother, parabatai, son, leader, Shadowhunter. With the impact Matthew Daddario’s depiction has had, the praise and awards Shadowhunters has received for their portrayal of Alec’s coming out storyline, as well as the countless fan accounts of how seeing themselves in Alec and his journey has affected them, there is no denying that he truly is an inspiration. Take a look below at some of his most prominent, impactful moments in season 1 and 2.

1x12: Choosing his own path

Who can forget one of the show’s so far most iconic moments? With a staggering 2 million views on the ‘Wedding Kiss’ video, its reach far extends any of the other shared scenes on the official Shadowhunters YouTube account.

In the second to last episode of season 1, fittingly titled “Malec”, Alec’s coming out arc comes to its head when he is intending to marry Lydia. Just as they are about to place the permanent wedded union runes on each other, Magnus bursts through the door.

At this moment, Alec realizes he is stuck at a crossroads, not knowing which route to follow. On one hand, Alec could deny himself and live the life his family wanted him to, but on the other hand, he could follow the new road Magnus helped shed light on when he pushed Alec off his predestined path.

Ultimately, Alec listens to his heart, courageously tearing up the ground beneath him as he strides down the aisle, declaring “Enough” as he storms past his mother, coming out to his family and some of the most important members of the Clave by grabbing Magnus by the lapels and pulling him in for a kiss that won’t soon be forgotten.

“This isn’t about you,” Alec tells his mother after the interrupted ceremony. “I’m the same person I’ve always been. Now everything’s just out in the open,” he continues determined, delivering a stand out line of the episode as it emphasizes that coming out doesn’t fundamentally change who you are - it just brings it into light.

Despite nearly two years have passed since this episode originally aired in March 2016, the kiss still moves us as much as it did the first time. The significant kiss touched fans from all over the globe - #Malec trended worldwide on Twitter - and also welcomed a whole new group of viewers to the show. In the episode, Alec not only chooses Magnus and the potential of them as a couple but he more importantly chooses himself, telling the world his truth in courageous, unspoken words louder than thunder. By doing this, Alec showed members of the LGBTQ+ community from all around the world that no matter your sexual orientation, you should never be ashamed of who you are - inspiring them for years to come.

2x13: Standing up for what is right

Season 2 highlighted many of today’s most significant issues in society, such as homophobia, supremacist ideologies and racism. The latter was especially touched upon in the thirteenth episode of the season, “Those of Demon Blood”. With Inquisitor Herondale momentarily in charge of the Institute and a murderer on the loose stripping Shadowhunters of their runes, the Clave decides that all Downworlders should be chip marked in order to be traceable. Confronting Imogen’s homophobia and the Clave’s tyrannical rule, Alec loudly protests against the measure. In reply, she accuses him of being partial because of his relationship with Magnus. “You know what, maybe [my personal relationships] have everything to do with it because it was a Warlock who told me to always follow my gut,” Alec answers, not backing down, “and [using the GPS chips] is just plain wrong,” he continues, comparing her to Valentine and his racist beliefs.

While certainly not an easy feat, Alec’s objection followed by his first decision as head of the Institute to revoke the GPS chips, as well as establishing the Downworlder-Shadowhunter cabinet shows his unswaying stance against injustice. Alec constantly reminds us that we should always stand up to wrongfulness and fight for what we believe to be right. As a certain Warlock once said, Alec would blow up the very ground he stands on to make something right. In Alec lays a fire blazing with the desire to improve the world. His resilience and his determination to do what is right all push him to actively work toward and fight for a better tomorrow - for himself and for all of the Shadow World. These are just a few of the countless reasons why he is such an inspiration to so many people, including us.

2x01: Working on his mistakes (and his apologies)

Over the course of season 2, the words “I’m sorry” became a highly familiar phrase to hear from Alec’s lips. In “This Guilty Blood”, the very first episode of the second season, Alec apologizes to Magnus for taking his frustration out on him. “Look, with Jace missing, it’s like… the ground has shifted and I can’t keep my balance. I didn’t mean to take it out on you. I’m sorry,” he says, holding Magnus’ hand in his own and maintaining eye contact. “You’re forgiven,” is Magnus’ reply as he reaches up to adjust Alec’s collar. “Also, you’re great at apologies.” Smiling bashfully, Alec says one of the defining lines for his character, showing his willingness to make things right when he’s messed up: “Thanks, I’ve been working on it.” Probably for quite some time, too – when Alec left to go to Magnus’, it was broad daylight but once he arrived, the New York skyline glistened above them.

It wasn’t the first time Alec made amends, nor the last as the season progressed. Alec was shown several times apologizing when he was in the wrong. He is not without flaws, nor does he never mess up – as our very own Matthew Daddario once put it, he is prone to make mistakes, even though he has good intentions. What is important, refreshing and also incredibly inspiring about him is seeing a character so willing to do better and learn from what he’s done wrong. Alec owns up to his shortcomings and goes out of his way to apologize for them, showing that the two simple words “I’m sorry” can go a long way in mending fractured relationships. His willingness to learn from his mistakes and make amends certainly inspires all of us to follow his example and utter the words more freely.

1x06: Breaking noses and accepting the consequences

One of season 1’s many inspiring moments is in episode 6, “Of Men and Angels”, in a scene between Alec and his mother. “There’s always something we can do,” Alec says as they talk about Clave matters. “You taught me that.” Alec and Maryse look back on when Alec was younger and couldn’t win over another Shadowhunter in his training. In order to finally beat him, Alec disrupted his regular, impeccable pattern, adapting to the situation even though it “went against every fibre of his training” and breaking the other boy’s nose in the process. Maryse smiles as she recalls her pride over how Alec took the punishment that followed what the Clave considered to be his disobedience. “I knew it had to be done,” Alec replies simply.

“We’re Lightwoods. We break noses and we accept the consequences,” he proudly states with his head held high, offering his mother his help in handling the Clave. Alec’s declaration shows us the importance of standing by our actions even when things get difficult instead of shying away from responsibilities and admitting guilt when necessary, although, hopefully, without breaking any noses in the process!

2x18: Opening up

In the beginning of Season 1, we saw Alec in a deeply repressed and unhappy state. He had a difficult time letting anyone new in, as seen when Clary entered Jace’s and thus Alec’s life - a redheaded storm causing chaos to his routine lifestyle.

Despite Alec’s reluctance, he can’t help but be drawn in by Magnus when he first meets him and later helps him heal Luke, going as far as putting his trust in him without fully knowing why, as depicted in one of the flashbacks in season 2, episode 18. “You’re more than just a pretty face, aren’t you?” Magnus asks Alec after Alec wakes up on his couch the morning after they healed Luke together, startled. “You shared your strength with me to help your friend. It’s rare to find a Shadowhunter with such a… open heart.” “I trust you. I don’t know why, but I do,” is Alec’s reply after a brief pause, letting his carefully built up walls down for a moment. It isn’t long before Alec’s instincts kick back in, raising his shield once more when Magnus asks him to stay for breakfast and is met with an instant “No”.

Next to the other significant flashbacks of the episode - showing Magnus and Alec happy, in love and Alec at ease with himself - this scene highlights just how far Alec has come in terms of accepting himself and opening up to others. This short yet powerful flashback not only lets us see a founding moment of Magnus and Alec’s developing connection, but also shows us the inspiring, subtle power of opening oneself up to something new - whether it be things, experiences or people who may come to change our lives for the better.

2x15: Showing openness and acceptance

As Magnus noted after just meeting Alec, his open heart made him a rarity among Shadowhunters. One of the most important scenes between Magnus and Alec in season 2 takes place in “A Problem of Memory”, its fifteenth episode. Alec, having noticed Magnus’ sleeping problems and that something was troubling him, tries to get Magnus to open up to him, offering his help and support without even knowing what is wrong. “I love you, and I know something’s wrong. Whatever it is, I’m here for you,” he says, unmoving even as Magnus tries to convince him he’s fine. When Alec has made it clear that he’s not going anywhere, Magnus opens up to him, telling him about his dark past and confiding in him things he’s never told anyone. Tearfully, Magnus admits that he never wanted Alec to see this terrible, ugly side of him. While we can see Magnus expecting Alec to turn and walk away from him in the light of his revelation, Alec does the complete opposite. Showing nothing but love and acceptance in his eyes, Alec moves closer where he is kneeling in front of him. With a gentle hand, he cups Magnus’ face, urging him to look at him as he tells him there is nothing ugly about him.

Alec’s actions and words here show a raw openness and acceptance that refuses to be swayed by whatever Magnus might tell him. These are two of Alec’s strongest character traits and this scene shows just how much Alec has evolved.

In season 1, Alec was heavily influenced by the Clave’s institutionalized oppression of Downworlders, making him less than welcoming of them.

Season 2, however, beautifully shows us an Alec Lightwood who not only has grown to accept himself but who embraces his newfound trait by enveloping others in it as well - not just in this scene but throughout the entire season. In episode 5, “Dust and Shadows”, he gets a frightened Madzie to warm up to him by complimenting her Warlock mark, offering “Cool gills” with an easy, open-hearted smile, much unlike the prejudice many other Shadowhunters would look at her with. When later on, in episode 18, Alec sees Magnus’ cat eyes for the first time in a flashback to the seventh episode of the season, “How Are Thou Fallen”, it comes as no surprise when Alec, without a moment’s hesitation, presses closer to Magnus - his love and acceptance unyielding with soft touches and even softer murmurs. “Magnus, they’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.”, Alec tells him.

Much like the real world, the Shadow World is sadly filled with prejudice. Having Alec as the leader of the New York Institute signals what is hopefully the beginning of a much needed positive change and a more open, embracing climate. These key characteristics of his are ones we definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more of in the real world, either.

There is no denying the impact and resonance Alec has had with fans worldwide. His journey to coming out and accepting himself has made him a fan favorite for many.

His courage, unfaltering defence of what he knows to be right and his willingness to learn from his wrongdoings as well as his openness and acceptance are traits that not only define him, but also are ones we’d want to see more of in the world.

And with the mentions above only being some of Alec’s many inspiring characteristics and moments, one thing is for sure: mankind could use a few more people like Alec Lightwood.


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All black no more: Peeking into Alec Lightwood’s wardrobe

All black no more: Peeking into Alec Lightwood’s wardrobe

Last week we presented you our favorite looks from the fabulous wardrobe of Magnus Bane. You guys loved this article and asked for more - well, your wish is our command. This week, it’s Alec’s turn.

Alexander Lightwood may be dating the High Warlock of Brooklyn, but his own clothes do certainly not compare to his boyfriend’s vastly diverse wardrobe. Our dear Head of the Institute likes to keep his choice of clothing more... simple. However, Alec has made a lot of progress and upgraded his style over the past two seasons. Some of those changes were quite obvious, others more subtle.

Generally, Alec’s clothes are very practical. Since he’s a Shadowhunter who’s out battling demons a lot, he needs clothes that are comfortable and don’t hinder him in his work. He is always running, fighting and moving his arms, so he needs clothes that will not tear at the slightest strain - which is why we see him in a lot of leather and denim. Both fabrics fit Alec’s job quite well, especially denim clothing has a long history of being worn by people who work hard and need sturdy apparel. Created in the late 1800s, it was typically worn by workers, before the movie industry discovered it and famous actors like James Dean, Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley turned it into an everyday piece of clothing.

Season 1: The Emo phase

Alec’s style in season 1 can be described pretty easily: black.

In the first season, we see Alec mostly in his fighter/soldier mode and respective attire. Hence the dark colors, they make hiding blood and dirt stains a lot simpler.

Alec wears a lot of jackets, both for going hunting and in his everyday life. The hunting jackets are very practical, they have lots of pockets and a little plastic buckle on the shoulder which Alec probably uses to hold his bow or other fighting gear in place. He has two of those - one appears in 1x01 during his very first scene on the show, and the other one in episode 1x05, when Clary sneaks out of the Institute and Alec has to go find her. Alec’s everyday jackets are more fashionable and less functional, and they don’t have any kind of “extras” like the ones he wears for hunting.

When he’s at the Institute, we mostly see him wearing basic black t-shirts and jeans, which get replaced by sweatpants and hoodies when he’s working out. The only occasion we see Alec dressing more formal is when he has to deal with his bosses - his parents or Lydia. That’s when he goes for something more sophisticated and colorful, maybe a dark shirt when he’s feeling rebellious.

Alec likes to keep his style simple, even when he goes to parties (which, let’s be honest, doesn’t happen too often anyway, so why change his attire). In episode 1x04 we see him wearing a denim shirt for the downworld party at Pandemonium, which marks one of the very few times he chooses something out of the grayscale. It’s not until 8 episodes later, in 1x12, that he wears something colorful again: according to an old tradition, Shadowhunters are to wear gold on their wedding day. Matching to Lydia’s gorgeous gown, Alec goes for a gold jacket over a white shirt, black dress pants and a black bow-tie. Those colors are still very subtle and not flashy at all, but considering what Alec usually wears, it is easily the most colorful outfit in all of season 1.

Well, that is if you don’t count AU!Alec from episode 1x10 - which is probably better not to do, since AU!Alec would be downright offended about these plain outfit choices anyway.

Season 2: Alec, meet Color.

In season 2, Alec goes through a lot of character development. He takes on new responsibilities, finally lets himself be happy and opens up to other people, especially Magnus. The Shadowhunters costume department did a great job including all of those changes into his wardrobe. One of the most prominent changes: Alec gets to wear more colors.

We first get to see that in the season premiere, when Alec wears a new bomber jacket and a dark red shirt. Dark red instead of black, everyone - we’re talking serious progress here. But it gets even better. In episode 2x02, when Jace is missing, Alec wears the bomber jacket together with a dark blue shirt and - brace yourselves - pants that are not black. Instead they are a nice army green, which we see Alec wearing a lot this season, mostly in the form of sweaters. We will probably never know if Alec’s preference for this certain shade of green is just a coincidence or has anything to do with the color suiting his eyes perfectly. But we certainly like to think it’s the latter.

However, Alec’s wardrobe is not the only thing that got upgraded due to a new season with bigger budget. Season 2 of also introduced the fans to thigh holsters, where the Shadowhunters now keep their weapons in. The introduction of those made Alec’s modified hunting jackets kinda obsolete, which is why he doesn’t wear them anymore.

Apart from that, season 2 also has a severe lack of “I’m gonna wear black until they invent a darker color” emo Alec. We only get to catch up with him once, when he wears an all black suit, shirt and tie combo for Max’s rune ceremony. Seems like there are some old Shadowhunter customs he can’t shake off that easily, no matter how hard he tries. Good thing it doesn’t really matter in this case, since that suit looked really good anyway.

One of the biggest changes in the second season for Alec is his new job as Head of the Institute. After Jace appoints the position to him in episode 2x13, we see him dressing in a more professional way. For official occasions like the downworld cabinet meetings, he goes for nice shirts and blazers, and generally dresses a bit fancier when he’s around the Institute. It seems he’s really trying to look the part of Head of the Institute and we like to think that AU!Alec would approve of that development. Looking good, Mr Lightwood!

Season 3: Influenced by Magnus Bane

The third season of “Shadowhunters” has been in production for a while now but thanks to Matt being Matt, seemingly hiding away in his trailer whenever there’s a BTS camera around, we’ve gotten very little photos of Alec so far.

From what we have seen, we gathered that Alec is still on the “casual chic” vibe from season 2. He’s slowly adding color to his wardrobe while keeping the comfortable, yet professional look from season 2 upright. Thanks to Harry Shum Jr’s Tuesday takeover (x) we also know that we will see Alec wearing a gorgeous purple shirt with a gray pattern at some point.

Neither purple nor patterns are something Alec has worn very often before, except for his party suit in 2x08, so it seems like Magnus finally took his boyfriend shopping.

AU!Alec certainly approves. Scratch that - he is smiling.


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A closer look at Magnus’ wardrobe (10 times he aced the fashion game).

A closer look at Magnus’ wardrobe (10 times he aced the fashion game).

Magnus Bane can be described as many things: powerful, compassionate, kind-hearted, badass. Apart from that, he is clearly the best-dressed character on the show. SDN took a closer look at the many different styles Magnus has worn in the past two seasons, and eyed up some of our favorites.

Magnus has lived through more centuries than he likes to admit and has seen even more fashion trends come and go during that time. The costume designers on the show have made use of that fact several times during the past two seasons and included elements from many different eras into Magnus’ wardrobe. What’s also very interesting about Magnus’ style is that he seems to express himself through his wardrobe - and quite literally wears his heart on his sleeve more often than not.

With the help of our graphic designer and very own fashion expert Isabela, we took a trip down memory lane and examined some of the best creations worn by the High Warlock of Brooklyn.

1x01: Party at Pandemonium

If Magnus knows one thing, it’s how to make a first impression. This was the outfit he wore during his very first appearance on the show and saying he owned the moment would be the understatement of the century. The combination of suit jacket, half unbuttoned shirt and necklaces radiates confidence. As with many of Magnus’ outfits, there seems to be a hidden message in this supposedly random mixture of styles and patterns. The rough, almost reptile pattern of his pants poses a stark contrast to the soft shirt and the chains on his belt and jacket. The open buttons of that shirt could be interpreted as Magnus being open to new experiences and acquaintances, while his bare chest underneath shows some kind of vulnerability. At the same time, the chains around his neck represent that something is holding him back from becoming the open-hearted man we see him evolving into as the show progresses.

2x02: Black and white to travel the world

We first got to see this beauty of a shirt in episode 2x02, when Magnus and Simon travelled to India in order to find Camille and turn her in to the Clave - also known as the episode, where we learned that we probably don’t want to be on Magnus’ christmas gift list.

It’s a pretty casual outfit for Magnus, less elaborate than we are used to, but still very stylish. We are in love with the light fabric and the nice black and white pattern. Once Magnus arrives in India, we see him wear a matching jacket as well, which seems to be inspired by the so-called “justacorps” coats, a knee-length piece worn by men in the late 1700s. The high collar and the many buttons along the seams resemble those jackets quite a lot. Add a few necklaces and subtle eyeliner to that and you got yourself a toned down, yet very classy Magnus Bane look.

1x12: Army colors to fight for his love

In episode 12 of season 1, Magnus goes on a “business trip” with Clary and Jace in order to find his old friend Ragnor Fell. For this occasion he chooses a military green jacket alongside black pants, boots, gloves and a matching shirt. The green jacket was inspired by reefer jackets, which were popular in the late 1900s but ultimately have a much longer history. Originally worn by officers of the European and US navy, the reefer jacket was considered an outside type of coat until it eventually became very popular for business looks.

There are two possible interpretations for this particular choice of jacket: The first one would be a little act of rebellion, as Magnus didn’t approve at all of Alec’s engagement to Lydia. Showing up at the Institute dressed in something that was once considered unprofessional might be his own way of expressing that disapproval. On the other hand, the green jacket might also be an attempt of looking bold and detached - even though he clearly loosened his attire up a bit by adding the chains and spikes to the plain green jacket. Despite all his personal ties to Clary, her friends and the emotional turmoil they might be causing him, Magnus came to the Institute to do business, after all.

Obviously we like the first explanation better, which is partly due to a little detail we have left out so far: the color of the jacket. It’s a military green, commonly used for uniforms worn by people who were going into battle for something they believed to be right. And we sure love the idea that Magnus picked this particular color since he was also getting ready to fight - for Alec.

1x12: Epic outfits for epic moments

For one of the most memorable moments on the show so far, Magnus picked a suit with black pants, a shirt of the same color and a burgundy jacket made of velvet. While the suit per se is a classic cut and one of the most common types of suits, it’s the jacket that catches all the attention and brings the unique “Magnus factor” to this outfit. For the second time in episode 1x12, Magnus’ choice of color says a lot about how he feels. Burgundy can be associated with sophistication, power and ambition, which fits to the confident, powerful entrance he made in the middle of the ceremony. Apart from that, burgundy is also on the red color scheme, which is generally associated with passion and adrenaline, two emotions that describe the entire wedding scene oh so perfectly.

1x07: Gorgeous in gold

This outfit was worn during another two pretty significant episodes for Alec and Magnus: 1x06 and 1x07, when Alec stayed overnight after Magnus had exhausted himself too much trying to heal Luke. It seems that before the shadowhunters arrived and all hell broke loose, it was a pretty chill day at the Bane household - both the pants and the shirt seem to be made of very light, comfortable fabric, which is a perfect choice for just staying in and taking some time off.

The biggest eye catcher with this outfit is certainly the burgundy shirt with its intricate gold details. While it is really hard to tell what those details are made of, we narrowed it down to two possibilities. It could be either devoré, which is a French technique that uses chemicals in order to burn parts of the fabric to create patterns, or some kind of embroidery. Magnus combined the outfit with gold eyeliner, highlights in the same color and matching jewelry. Gold is usually associated with luxury and richness, but also with knowledge and light. Both interpretations suit the circumstances the outfit was seen in, as Magnus has both the skills to save Luke and to enlighten Clary about her family. And let’s face it - after hundreds of years on earth, he’s probably super rich as well.

2x20: High fashion upgraded

As much history as Magnus’ outfits may have sometimes, for the season finale, the costume designers went for something more recent. The gray jacket he wears while hunting down the dragon demons alongside Alec and Isabelle is from a recent John Varvatos collection. In order to fit Magnus’ taste, the jacket has been altered a bit and got new buttons and a few more details on the shoulders in order to give the jacket a tad of an army look. By the way, did we mention that we love the idea of Magnus altering his clothes as soon as he doesn’t like them anymore?

Due to the season 2 finale being such a fast, exciting episode, it was difficult to get a good look at Magnus’ outfit altogether. But the jacket in combination with the dark shirt and the layers gave us some serious 1700s vibes, and we are so here for it.

1x11: Chalk stripes for defending Izzy

In episode 1x11, Magnus was Izzy’s defense attorney when the Clave accused her of treason for saving Meliorn from the City of Bones. For that occasion, Magnus put on another one of his professional outfits: a well-cut, classic chalk stripe suit. Historically, this particular suit model was highly popular with businessmen and gangsters from the 1920 to 1940s. On the show, Magnus put it on to make the impression of a competent attorney who knows what he’s doing (not that we would ever doubt that) and maybe also to intimidate the Clave representatives along the way. And even though he ended up losing the case, as Izzy said - at least he lost it with style.

2x09: Stylish by the light of dawn

In the two-part winter finale of season 2, Magnus stunned with a combination of one of his signature band collar shirts and a black vest. The outfit got introduced to us in one of the first scenes of episode 2x09, where Alec and Magnus talk on the balcony of the loft (Remember the “They are not all your responsibility” - “But you are” dialogue? Yeah, that scene). Again, Magnus is not afraid to mix various patterns and combines a striped vest with a dotted shirt. The band collar of the shirt reminds us a bit of the Victorian style shirts worn by men in the 1800s. Another highlight is the subtle black handkerchief - a nice, formal contrast to the otherwise very fun and modern look. Definitely one of our favorites of season 2A.

2x15: Textile armor

2x15 was easily one of the most emotional episodes so far, especially for Magnus. We got to a deep look into his past and have yet to see him more vulnerable as we do in this episode. He has a lot of different emotions going through him, which he once again represents through his choice of clothes. The way his shirt is buttoned up all the way to the top can be interpreted as Magnus closing himself off to people as a consequence from the traumatic experiences he suffered through at the beginning of season 2B. If you pay attention to the previous episodes, Magnus doesn’t cover himself up that much prior to the body swap in episode 2x10. The first time we see him back with loose, open shirts is in 2x17, which is after he talked with Alec about his past. It seems like that conversation brought him some sort of closure for what he had to endure and helped him get back to his normal self. The white streak in his hair also points towards that theory, as the color is normally associated with cleanliness, so it might have been a way for Magnus to clear his mind of the bad memories from his past.

2x18: Purple and painful

Episode 2x18 continued the heavy, emotional theme that started in 2x15, which is also represented in Magnus’ outfit. Compared to 2x15, this episode is even more difficult on an emotional level, since it takes place right in the aftermath of his fight with Alec, Max being so terribly injured and all the flashbacks to when Alec and him were a lot happier and more carefree. On top of that, there’s the ever lurking threat of Valentine and Jonathan eradicating the entire downworld. It’s only understandable that Magnus tries to shield himself from all of this. The many layers used for this outfit - the shirt, the vest, the scarf and the heavy black jacket can be interpreted as a step in that direction. The dark purple that can be found in all of the pieces is associated with sadness and frustration, which is a perfect summary of Magnus’ emotions during that episode. Also, we know that Magnus likes to hide his emotions behind fancy clothes whenever they are getting too much to bear. This purple ensemble can be considered as an attempt to do just that, which makes it certainly more painful to look at, but no less beautiful.


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All you need to know about “Shadowhunters”

All you need to know about “Shadowhunters”

Shadowhunters is an American supernatural drama TV show that is generally based on the popular book series The Mortal Instruments written by Cassandra Clare. The show was developed by Ed Decter and is being filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The first season of 13 episodes premiered on Freeform (formerly known as ABC Family) in January 2016 and the 20 episodes of its second season debuted a year later.



Shortly before resuming production in August 2016, showrunner Ed Decter decided to leave the franchise because of “creative differences”. Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin were later on named as replacements. Shadowhunters has been renewed for a third season that is scheduled to air in January 2018 and started production in August 2017.

As the writers’ room is under constant change to ensure variety and diversity in storytelling, the director’s chair is occupied by the amazing Matt Hastings (The Originals, Eureka), alongside other recurring and guest directors, such as Amanda Row (Hemlock Grove), Joshua Butler (The Vampire Diaries), Bille Woodruff (Honey 1-4, Empire), Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries) and many more.

While the viewers get to dive deeper into this supernatural universe with each episode, the showrunners and writers manage to skillfully touch on subjects that are real, contemporary and more relevant than ever - e.g. homophobia, racism and supremacist ideologies.

The bold approach and inclusion of currently stirring issues in our society, the widespread popularity within the fandom and the media, as well as the immensely talented, hard working cast and crew are only some of the reasons why Shadowhunters has been nominated for multiple awards.

In 2016, Matthew Daddario was named Choice Breakout TV star and accepted both his and - on behalf of the cast and crew of Shadowhunters - the Choice TV Breakout Show award.

The amazing and beautiful representation of the same sex relationship between Alec (Matthew Daddario) and Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) earned the show the GLAAD nomination and win for Best Outstanding Drama Series in 2017.



On the night of her eighteenth birthday, art student Clary Fray learns that she is a Shadowhunter. The Nephilim, humans born with angelic blood, dedicate their lives to protect the mundane world from demons. That same evening Jocelyn, Clary's mother, is abducted by a rogue group of Shadowhunters called the Circle, whose leader turns out to be no other than her presumed dead husband, Valentine Morgenstern.

With her mother missing, Clary turns to a family friend, Luke Garroway, only to seemingly be betrayed by him. Struck by yet another attack in the Fairchild home, a hurt and unconscious Clary is saved by the handsome Jace Wayland and taken to the city's Institute, home and base of the resident Shadowhunters. After a recovery, sped up by an applied rune - the power source of the Nephilim - she teams up with Jace and his adoptive siblings, Isabelle and Alec Lightwood, to find and save her mother while discovering powers she never knew she possessed.

Trying to uncover Clary’s lost memories to expedite the search, the group joins forces with the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane. Clary and her loyal best friend, Simon Lewis, now find themselves living among warlocks, vampires, werewolves and seelies in a world within the human world hidden from prying eyes by glamours and spells.

Beginning a journey of self-discovery, Clary learns more about her past and what the future may hold for her, her family and both her old and newfound friends. As the season progresses and the relentless search for the Mortal Cup - one of the Mortal Instruments - and Jocelyn continues, relationships and unlikely friendships form while lifelong bonds are tested and strained.



In the wake of losing Jace and the Cup to Valentine, Clary and the team find themselves desperate to return the lost warrior home and prevent their enemy to create an army of new Shadowhunters using the Cup’s angelic powers. With her mother now back by her side, Clary finally gets the chance to learn more about her family’s past - her own memories destroyed alongside the demon that was keeping them safe.

Under the strict hand of their newly assigned Head of the Institute, the desperate search for Jace leads Alec to risk his own life in attempt to bring his Parabatai and brother home. The group, reunited with Jace, faces grief over the loss of one of their own, as the war against Valentine - now in possession of a second Mortal Instrument, the Soul Sword - reaches its peak when they learn the weapon, if activated, could destroy the entire Downworld.

Following a gruesome attack, Clary’s father gains control of the Institute and under false pretenses manages to force Jace’s hand which results in the immediate death of dozens of Downworlders. In the aftermath of Valentine’s assault and his capture, relief takes over as the depth of feelings are revealed, relationships strengthened and declarations made. Shadowhunters and Downworlders alike try to recover from the attack, all the while - unbeknownst to them - a new threat arose while Valentine’s regime was brought to an end.

Traitors in their midst and a summoning gone wrong leads to Morgenstern once again escaping captivity. While he comes together with the new opponent, the Institute rallies its resources to reveal the identity of their betrayer, racing against time to stop the pair from reaching their goal: collecting all Mortal Instruments to raise the angel Raziel and demand the elimination of all demon-blooded creatures.

As their enemies work together, the recent events caused a significant rift between Shadowhunters and Downworlders. With the dispute also affecting their relationships and friendships, the team has to try and mend their strained bonds as they fight off the ultimate threat.



Katherine McNamara
Clarissa "Clary" Fray / Fairchild
Dominic Sherwood
Jonathan Christopher "Jace" Wayland / Lightwood / Herondale
Matthew Daddario
Alexander "Alec" Lightwood
Harry Shum Jr.
Magnus Bane
Emeraude Toubia
Isabelle Lightwood
Alberto Rosende
Simon Lewis
Isaiah Mustafa
Lucian "Luke" Garroway
Alisha Wainwright
Maia Roberts



Alec is the eldest child of the Lightwood family, brother of Isabelle and Max and son of Maryse and Robert Lightwood. His parabatai is Jace Herondale – whom his parents took in when they were young – since their teenage years. As a big brother, Alec is really close to his siblings and consider his duty to protect them at all costs.

Alexander was raised in an environment where duty to one’s family supersedes any type of personal desires. He grew up yearning to prove himself and wanting to make his parents proud while bringing honor to their family name. His one focus was to follow the rules and follow orders, secretly wishing that one day, he will be able to rule the Institute as its Head. Training being an important part in a Shadowhunter’s education, Alec is experienced in both armed and unarmed combat. Throughout his childhood, he found a deep interest in archery and grew to be highly skilled and quickly became an expert.

As Shadowhunters are known not to have the luxury of following their heart, Alec has never had a relationship. During his adolescence, he realizes his feelings for his parabatai which led him to hide his sexuality from his family for years. Being in a milieu where no one has ever openly displayed their homosexuality, Alec feels trapped and does not mention his sexual orientation.

Years later, Alec meets Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn, and their connection is beyond doubt. They slowly get to know each other, Alexander still being distant and careful not to display his feelings nor share his sexuality. As a bisexual man, Magnus shows Alec that it is okay to follow one’s heart and that he should not be scared of unveiling his true self.



Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn, he is immortal and hundreds of years old. He is a proud “free-wheeling” bisexual and had around 17.000 relationships. Magnus is known for running the Pandemonium, a night club in New York and for his extravagant style. His distinct feature is his cat eyes - his warlock mark.

Magnus had a heavy childhood – his mother realizing that his cat eyes were a sign of him being part demon and taking her own life because of it. He is the one who found her lifeless body in her bed before his step-father did, the latter calling him an ‘abomination’. Magnus then burned him to death with his magic.

Magnus’ past is very onerous as he struggled with difficult relationships, one being with Camille Belcourt that started in the 1850s. He attempted suicide twenty years later but was stopped by Camille herself. This led to Magnus being grateful and caring deeply for Camille, becoming so attached to her and not realizing that she was emotionally manipulative and had disbelieving views of love. After a while, Camille broke his heart. Magnus didn’t have any partner since then, too heartbroken to throw himself into another relationship.

A century or so later, Magnus became the High Warlock of Brooklyn and created a name for himself. Being known in the Shadow World as well as the Downworld, Jocelyn Fairchild went to him so he could erase the memories of any supernatural events from his daughter, Clary Fray. A couple of years later, meeting Clary led him to meeting other Shadowhunters – Alec Lightwood included.

Alexander and Magnus started working together and their relationship started to grow - their connection being indubitable since they first met. Magnus helped Alec figure out his sexuality, the both of them falling for each other in the process – a scary step for him as he closed himself off feeling anything for anyone for centuries.



Magnus and Alec met through Clary – Clary needed Magnus’ help to regain her memories and tried to make a deal with him. Magnus told them that he fed her memories to a memory demon for safekeeping. They tracked Magnus to his lair where he’s been attacked. Magnus battled a member of the Circle and Alec joined him to help.

The pair connected instantly, Alec smitten from the beginning. They started seeing each other, no one from their worlds knowing about it. Magnus opened up to Alec, the latter fighting his feeling for Magnus, telling himself that he could not follow his heart but that he had to stay true to his family name.

Alec ended up accepting his feelings and caring deeply for Magnus, the two of them working as a team. After Valentine stole the Soul Sword, the Downworlders were on high alert as the sword could exterminate them. The Shadowhunters managed to lock Valentine up, the Clave said that had retrieved the Soul Sword – which was a lie and meant the Downworlders were still at risk. Magnus learned about the Soul Sword missing in an undesired way, leading to him and Alec having a fight and taking a break in their relationship.

Magnus and Alec realized they couldn’t live without one another since their fights, their love too strong for this to keep them apart.


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The Shadowhunters Tuesday takeovers in a nutshell!

The Shadowhunters Tuesday takeovers in a nutshell!

After months of radio silence and little to no behind the scenes material, the Shadowhunters Tuesday Takeovers have returned. And while the fandom couldn’t be happier about that, not everyone can keep up with what happens during the takeovers at all times. But don’t worry if you can’t - SDN got you covered.

Starting this week, we will keep track of the takeovers and keep an eye out for any relevant season three information and put it into this article. The article will be updated after each takeover, so make sure to stop by every now and then in order to not miss anything.


September 26th, 2017: #EmeraudeTakeover
The first one to take over the Shadowhunters’ social media accounts was Emeraude Toubia - who plays Isabelle Lightwood. While filming in downtown Toronto, Emeraude took some time off her lunch break to talk to the fans via Facebook live chat.
Here is what she revealed about season three:

Plenty of Malec
Isabelle will have a lot of scenes with both Alec and Magnus. While the Lightwood siblings getting screen time together might not be a big surprise, we certainly loved that Izzy and Magnus are going to get more bonding time. Alec and Magnus are going to have a lot of scenes as well, according to Emeraude “they are going to be everywhere”. We can’t say we have a problem with that.

Exciting new characters
Season three will bring on a couple of new characters, and while we already know from the season two finale that one of them is going to be Lilith, most of the others are still unknown. Emeraude teased the casting announcements were going to blow the fans away and mentioned during her takeover, that an important new season three character had their first day of filming.

Shadowhunters at NYCC
Just before the end of her live chat, she answered a question about New York Comic Con, more particularly about who will attend the panel. Emeraude wasn’t sure yet, only revealed that not the entire cast would make it since some had to stay in Toronto to keep working on season three. By now, the participants have been revealed: Katherine McNamara (Clary Fray), Isaiah Mustafa (Luke Garroway), Alisha Wainwright (Maia Roberts) and Matthew Daddario (Alec Lightwood) are going to be there alongside producers Darren Swimmer, Todd Slavkin and Matt Hastings. Let’s hope for some good season three spoilers.

The Shadowhunters NYCC panel is scheduled for Saturday, October 7th at 12 pm ET (6PM European Central Time) at Madison Square Garden. SDN will be covering the event.


October 4th, 2017: #AlbertoTakeover
The second week of the takeovers was all about our dear Simon Lewis, played by Alberto Rosende. Alberto kept the fandom entertained with lots of pictures from set, and sat down for a 25-minute live chat where he revealed quite a few details about what we can expect for the new season.

Trouble ahead
Regarding what the fans can expect for season three, Alberto teased that with Shadowhunters, things always get worse before they get better. He said that in his eyes, season three was going to be a lot scarier than season one and two, with more heartbreak and problems that are going to test the characters time and time again. Addressing Simon’s arc in particular, Alberto said that there was a lot of change ahead for him in terms of places and people, which might be tough at first, but would eventually help him grow as a person.

New music by Simon
What we already learned in the first two seasons, is that not only is Simon an NYU student and the dorkiest vampire ever, but also a talented musician. We already got to hear Alberto’s beautiful singing voice twice last season: first when Simon played “Fragile World” during his gig at the Hunter’s Moon in 2x13 and then again in 2x17, when Maia walks in on Simon playing “Royal Blue” on his guitar and they both decide to take things slow in their relationship. Alberto revealed that those two songs were not the last ones we are going to hear and that he was actually recording a new single the day of his takeover.

Rough times for vampires
Raphael and Simon’s relationship has had its fair share of ups and downs ever since they met and that is not going to change that fast. Regarding the development of those two fan favorites, Alberto said that it was very difficult. With Raphael being busy leading the New York vampire clan and Simon not always understanding how taxing that task is, there’s lots of material for more conflicts ahead. Alberto had a lot of praise for David Castro, saying that he’d killed his scenes in 3x04. If that meant that there are going to be a few major Raphael moments in the new season, we are so here for it.


October 10th, 2017: #HarryTakeover
The Tuesday after New York Comic Con, it was time for everyone’s favorite warlock to take over the Shadowhunters’ social medias. Harry Shum Jr started his takeover right after he came off a night shoot for 3x05 and took us on a little tour around the outside area of the Shadowhunters set in Toronto.

After spending the first couple of minutes of his takeover musing about possible names if there ever was a Shadowhunters theme park (our personal favorite was “Chairman Meow’s Haven“, if we’re honest), Harry revealed that shooting of season 3A is halfway done.
Unfortunately, he didn’t reveal a lot of details about the third season, just that there are plenty of emotional scenes waiting for us: funny and dramatic ones, but also some that are going to make us cry.

What Harry could offer, however, was a little preview into Magnus’ arc this upcoming season. He said that we will see Magnus evolving as a character and also get a deeper glimpse into his past. This fits pretty well with the rumor that Magnus’ father Asmodeus will make an appearance this season, as well as the already confirmed guest starring of Javier Muñoz as Magnus’ old enemy Lorenzo Rey.

Introducing The Shirt™ (x)
Since Harry’s live chat happened right at the beginning of his takeover, he took the rest of the day to treat us to some insights on set life via instagram, such as a quick walk through Magnus’ new study, which was unfortunately just too quick to really see anything.

After that, we got a glimpse at the new, fancier version of Alec that Matt teased at NYCC last weekend in the form of several pictures of him in a dark shirt we had never seen before. While we here at SDN may still be unsure about whether that shirt was black, blue or purple, we all very much agree that it looked absolutely glorious. The Shadowhunters’ costume department sure know how to upgrade someone’s wardrobe. And how to kill the entire SDN team in the process. But that’s a story for another time.


October 17th, 2017: #AlishaTakeover
This week it was Alisha Wainwright’s takeover, whom we all know as sassy bartender and badass werewolf Maia Roberts. Alisha started her takeover with a selfie from the gym, later on we got to catch up with her while she was getting her hair and makeup done. Her live chat didn’t happen until she was done filming, but it had a special guest: Alberto Rosende - who had his takeover two weeks ago - stopped by for the last couple of minutes.

Unfortunately, Alisha couldn’t talk much about the new season, but she did drop a few hints here and there. One of them was the fact that she was filming with Alberto on Tuesday, so more Maia/Simon scenes are coming our way. Although being the most “mundane” couple in Alisha’s eyes, she teased that those two are in for some trouble this season, and that “all we can hope for is that their happiness continues”. Seems like there are rough times ahead for Simon and Maia.

More werewolf scenes and backstories
Times might be less tough for Izzy and Maia as those two might get to know each other better in season three. Alisha kept her answer very vague when a fan asked about Maia and Izzy, but from what we gathered, these two are going to get some more screen time, as well as Maia and some other shadowhunters that have yet to be determined. Hence why the Izzy/Maia scenes remain unverified info.

Luckily there was also something Alisha could already confirm: Season three is going to dive deeper into the world of the werewolves. She said that there would be plenty of werewolf backstory, and that the scenes were going to be “wonderful”. With now two main characters who are werewolfs, we guess it is safe to say that those scenes were long overdue. We can’t wait to see them.


October 24th, 2017: #DomTakeover
After three Downworlders in a row, it was time for another Nephilim to wreak some havoc on the official Shadowhunters channels. Dominic Sherwood, also known as our male lead Jace Herondale, started his takeover right after he woke up. He kept the fandom updated with a couple of Instagram posts throughout the day and squeezed in his Facebook live between filming a scene with Matthew Daddario, who stopped by to say hi to the fans (link to video!), and a night shoot with Alexandra Ordolis, who plays Luke’s partner Ollie.

Parabatrouble ahead
Unfortunately, Dom was told not to give the fans any spoilers but still he managed to tell quite a few interesting things. Such as a teaser on where the parabatai relationship of Jace and Alec is headed. Long story short: there are rough times waiting for them, that much is for certain. However, Dom said that at the end of the day, the parabatai bond is where both Jace and Alec pull a lot of strength from, especially when times get really dark for either of them.

It seems like there will be plenty of opportunities to prove that statement. Dom predicted a turbulent ride for both his character and the Lightwood siblings. He said that he’s soon going to film some very emotionally taxing scenes with Matt and Emeraude. Apart from that, we’re going to get to know the Lightwoods better as season three is going to dive deeper into their backstories, including lots of parabatai scenes and more focus on Jace and Izzy’s relationship. To complete the Lightwood family stories, Maryse is making a comeback and also has a few scenes with Jace. Same goes for Magnus Bane, even though he does not bear the Lightwood name... yet! 🙂

Rough times for Jace and Clary
In terms of Clace, the news Dom had to offer were altogether not too good. He teased that both Clary and Jace are in a “very tough emotional space this season. Nobody is ever really happy for a long time on this show.” Considering this statement and Jace’s last scene in the season 2 finale, it seems like Clace fans will have to buckle up and get ready for a turbulent ride.


October 31st, 2017: #KatTakeover
Last Tuesday was Halloween and the day of Katherine McNamara’s takeover. Kat took her job very seriously and turned her takeover into a truly “spooktacular” experience. Not only did she wear cute cat ears for a while but she also provided the fans with lots of Halloween puns and jokes. One of our favorites: “What do you call a haunted chicken? - A poultergeist!”. Get it?

Always trouble with those Lightwood siblings
Kat’s first attempt at going live was cut short due to technical issues but when she came back online a short while later, she shared some pretty interesting teasers with us.

For example, a hint as to where Clary and Jace are headed this season. Kat said that things do get better for them but only temporary. While this sure sounds bleak, it doesn’t really come as a surprise - when do things ever go as planned on this show?

Even less of a stunner is the next S3 fact: Jace is not going to remain the only Lightwood sibling Clary will have trouble with. Alec and Clary have always had a rocky relationship and even though they made some progress over season 2, the term of friendship is not going to apply to them just yet. Kat said that even though Alec and Clary have a lot of scenes together, fans should not expect them to be all too harmonic: “You know Alec and Clary, they don’t necessarily get along.”

Back to the roots and off to foreign places
All the way back in the pilot episode, we got introduced to Clary as a young artist with big aspirations. A lot has happened since then - lots of things that made Clary put her art dreams on hold. In the new season we will finally see Clary drawing something other than runes again. According to Kat, it’s a way for her to ground herself, something that doesn’t have anything to do with the Shadow World for once. Considering everything Clary has had to deal with since that fateful night at Pandemonium, she certainly deserves this break from her everyday life.

Clary might also get to revisit Alicante. This is not really confirmed information, but judging from Kat’s reaction when a fan asked her about it, another trip to the capital of the Shadowhunters’ home country seems very likely. Let’s just hope that this time around, things go more smoothly than the last time Clary went to Idris.

That is all you need to know - for now. No matter whose takeover is next, there’s a good chance we might get some more season three spoilers - so make sure to catch up with us next week!


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What’s in store for Alec and Magnus in Shadowhunters season 3.

What’s in store for Alec and Magnus in Shadowhunters season 3.

Production of the third season of Shadowhunters started only a couple of weeks ago, and even though there has been surprisingly little BTS material, there are a few details that slipped through.

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Journalism student with a soft spot for fantasy novels and dark chocolate. I’ve always loved to write and hope to make a living from it one day. On ShumDario News, I write articles for the website and help with updating and projects.