At The Hunters of Shadow 2 convention, we sat down with Dominic Sherwood and talked about Jace’s future following the intense season that he had. Dom also touches on the #SaveShadowhunters campaign that we’ve all been fighting hard in and how he feels about all of it. Read on to see what he says!


SDN: You have been aware of the movement we started, right? The campaign for Save Shadowhunters? Can you send some encouraging words to the fans?
Dom: I am very aware of it, yes. I think just witnessing such a wonderful plethora of people coming together, a cacophony of people who care about what we do and [who] all care about one thing is so inspiring to see. It is proof that if you have a voice and it’s something you’re passionate about, you should speak your mind and be vocal about it. As long as you’re not hurting anyone with your voice or your passions or whatever you’re trying to say then – absolutely come together and try to change the world. It’s the only way change happens.

SDN: We’re trying and doing our best! No matter in how much trouble either of them got themselves in the past, the parabatai bond between Jace and Alec remained intact. Do you think that everything Jace did while he was under Lilith’s spell might be the one thing that causes some possibly permanent damage to their relationship? How guilty can we expect to see Jace in 3B?
Dom: Yeah, it’s interesting. It’s something that Matt and I have to work quite hard on because it seems the focus is on more conventional pairings like Malec, Clace and Sizzy. So, we have to put quite a lot of effort behind the scenes into making that relationship more than just potential. Because you get little glimpses, but it’s only really when the big stuff happens. Matt and I work on things like – we have one [scene] where Matt walks into a room, I’m looking at something and he walks in behind me, and the second he walks in, I triggered that something’s wrong with him but I don’t know what it is. The first line is “What’s wrong with you?” but we wanted to see that early, we wanted to see that the moment that Matt walked into the room that Jace already knew that there was something wrong. We try and add little pieces like that as and where we can. In my opinion, the hardest thing Jace went through was almost killing Alec because he remembers all of that. And we do see a bit of a break in Jace in 3B.

SDN: Well, we can’t wait [to see that]. In order to save Jace in the mid-season finale, Magnus sacrificed his magic. In 3×08, it was also Magnus who managed to find a way to free Jace and he almost succeeded. Will we see a moment between them, where Jace will acknowledge and thank Magnus for what he did? Can we expect to see him try to help Magnus getting his powers?
Dom: It’s yes and no. Again, it’s not something that was directly in the script. It was something Harry and I had. It’s more of a guilt from Jace’s point of view because Jace wanted it to be over. He was like “I know I’m causing this pain so if you have to kill me to save everyone else, then that’s what needs to happen.” Obviously, they went a different route and Magnus ended up saving him. There is little bits of it but again, it’s difficult for us because we don’t know what’s going to end up being cut together and put in the show. So there are things we maybe put in that sometimes don’t make it into the final edit and they sort of change the relationships via that, so we’re not sure but we know that when we were on set, we worked on it, yeah.



SDN: Before we found out that Jace was The Owl, we saw that he constantly hallucinated, a lot of them coming in the form of Jonathan gloating about things like Jace’s parentage. How much of that do you think was a manifestation of his own insecurities and how much was Lilith planting doubts in his mind?
Dom: I think the idea of the hallucinations and flashes was that, it was Lilith putting it in Jace’s head and that was a big reason as to why we made Jace walk and talk and move – as The Owl ­– more like Jonathan. Will’s a little bit more upright and he stands a very particular way so the big transition, you see that happen, [it] was at the bar when Lilith put the potion in Jace’s drink and he wasn’t in love with Clary anymore. You physically see him stand straighter and become Lilith’s idea of a perfect soldier which to her is Jonathan. So that’s why we worked really hard to make sure that The Owl walks more like him, fights like him – he moves like him. We put a lot of effort into it as a team. So I think that all of it was from Lilith, she was planting everything in Jace’s mind.

SDN: That’s very interesting. Anna had so much to say about you. We had the chance to talk to her and she was really nice.
Dom: Anna is one of my favorite actors that I’ve worked with. She’s absolutely incredible.

SDN: Your scenes [together] are great.
Dom: It’s interesting too because in a lot of those scenes, I just stand there and don’t really do anything. I’m in position and she does her crazy, evil thing around me. And it’s like when it wasn’t really my turn I just remember thinking “That’s really good, I’m really enjoying that. Oh right, I’m acting.”

SDN: Given that Jace was the Owl, and he killed mundanes, almost killed the Head of the New York Institute, killed Imogen – he’s probably not everyone’s favorite person right now. Are we going to see any backlash from anyone, specifically the Clave because of this situation?
Dom: No, not as much as you would think. I mean, there’s not as much as we did before when everyone was thinking that he was demon-blooded which is interesting in hindsight. There probably should have been some backlash there, we probably should have gone to the Gard again. No, that doesn’t really happen. Maybe we dropped the ball there. It’s more Jace’s internal guilt and it’s really interesting because Jace gets so much shtick from everyone and, he died! I died to save the world. And then I try to die at the mid-season because he thought he was sacrificing himself. Albeit, it was a mistake and a bunch of downworlders died because of it but Jace was willing to die to save the world. And then he comes back and everyone hates him again, I don’t get it! I like Jace, I think he’s a good guy.

SDN: In 3×06, we have a short but pretty cool fight scene between Jace as the Owl and Magnus. It was also the first time that he was going against the Warlock. As both were using magic, how different was it to prepare for this scene compared to your other fight scenes?
Dom: I actually adhered to Harry quite a bit. Let me think.. I don’t think I did any actual fighting, because the stunts were my double, the flip was my double. He even struggled because we’re wearing the mask and you can’t really see out of it. You have to take the eyes out, but if you see the face, you have to have the eyes on and you can’t really see. So the flip was Aaron, my double, and he was amazing. Then the magic part of it, I was talking to Harry about it because it obviously couldn’t be the same as Magnus’ magic. It had to be a version of what Lilith’s [magic] is and that [is] a sort of dark magic. But Magnus has some of that from Asmodeus and there’s a version of his dark magic that’s come from the Prince of Hell. So we had to make it similar, but not the same. What we kind of got to the place of is; The Owl’s magic is a little more animalistic where it’s sudden and more aggressive, whereas Magnus’ is so balletic and beautiful and dance-like. That was the divide that we tried to find between us.

SDN: It looked amazing. At the beginning of season three, it seemed like Jace and Clary would finally get to spend some time together without fighting demons or saving the world. How difficult is it going to be for them to get back to that, after everything that happened towards the end of 3A?
Dom: There’s more that happens. I don’t want to give anything away but people who know what goes on in the books; we’ve done our own version of that. It gets worse. I feel like I say that in all my interviews, that it gets worse before it gets better but it does get worse. I’m trying to think if it gets better but I don’t think it does. But we do have more to film so, you know, maybe. Who knows. But I don’t think so. Season 3B is hard for everyone.


We’re definitely excited to see what happens in 3B especially considering how tragic all of it sounds. We really hope that perhaps we might get an extra season just so we can have a proper and happy ending after how foreboding 3B sounds. Thank you for sitting down with us, Dom!