Cop, pack leader, prisoner, eventually Shadowhunter – Luke Garroway went through quite a bit of changes throughout the three seasons of Shadowhunters. But he always remained one thing: a father figure for Clary and one of the few constants in her oh so unpredictable life. This past summer, we got to sit down with Isaiah Mustafa at The Hunters of Shadow 3 convention and talk about what all those changes have meant to Luke, how he is dealing with losing Clary and what Isaiah enjoyed most about working on his most recent project, IT Chapter 2. 


SDN: First of all, Luke’s storyline in season 3B was mainly focused on atonement for what he believes were his faults. Can you shine some light on his mindset about going to prison?

Isaiah: I think he thought he was doing it for the Downworld. He was taking care of what he didn’t do in order to ensure the safety of those that were out there on the front lines: All the Vampires, Werewolves, Seelies – well, Seelies… not so much maybe.


SDN: Well, it’s an amazing change because he used to be a Shadowhunter, and now his main focus is literally on the Downworld and protecting it. The Downworlders are his family.

Isaiah: Yeah, when you become one, you act like one.


SDN: To be honest, for us it was his best move on the show, and it played out nicely in the end.

Isaiah: Yeah, I thought so [too].


SDN: Now that we’re talking about it: Luke has always been torn between the Downworlders, who represented his identity, and the Shadowhunters, who became his family again. Do you see Luke reconciling these two parts of his identity any time soon, or will he have to choose between them?

Isaiah: No, he won’t have to choose. I think it’s really simple. Because he’s been a Shadowhunter and now he’s been a Downworlder, I think it’s very easy for him to see both sides. And now that he’s back to being a Shadowhunter, it’s fine. He can do either or he can really go to battle for the Downworld: “Wait a second guys, think about what they’re going through, I’ve been there before, so I know.” It’s very easy for him to reconcile the two, it’s very simple, because on both sides he’s just looking out for his people. That’s basically what he does.


SDN: Yeah, he’s always done that.

Isaiah: Yeah, he’s just trying to keep the peace, and make sure everyone is [okay]… I honestly think Luke would make a pretty good Inquisitor. That’s my thought.


SDN: Do you think Luke has any aspirations to rise within the Clave again, now that he’s a Shadowhunter?

Isaiah: Let’s see, would he do something like that? You’d never find him doing it [on his own]. If someone asked him to do it, then he would do it. But he’s not the type of person to aspire to do something like that politically. You’d have to ask him, like “Hey, we want you to do this,” and then he would do it. You’d have to convince him that it was needed, because then he’d be like “Okay, if I can help out doing that, I’ll do it.” But he doesn’t want to be a leader. He doesn’t have those political aspirations, he’s not ambitious like that.


SDN: It’s like Luke always has his family and his people in mind, first and foremost.

Isaiah: Yeah, exactly. He puts them first, and if they want him to do it, then he would probably do it.


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SDN: Talking about family – over the years we’ve seen Clary and Luke’s father-daughter relationship evolve into her eventually referring to him as her dad. But when Clary lost her memories of the Shadow World, she most likely forgot about Luke as well since he’s part of it. Do you think he strictly stayed away from her, or did he find some way to take care of her and make sure she’s okay?

Isaiah: I was wondering about that. I don’t know, it’s a good question. I always wondered how they were going to approach that. My guess would be… just going off of how Luke was the last time you saw him, he seemed pretty happy. My guess would be that Luke would be smart enough to understand that at some point in time, Clary would revert back. She would figure it out and then be like “Wait a second, hold on, I was this.” And then it would all come flooding back and she’d be back tenfold. 

So I think Luke would be like “It’s just a matter of time.” I also think that he probably knows that Jace is going to keep an eye on her, so he knows she’s safe. I think that Luke is just waiting until she figures out what happened […]. So I think that, eventually, if he’s in her life, then he’s just Luke in her life and she’s going to figure that out. But eventually she’s going to find out that she’s a Shadowhunter.


SDN: Just some random tattoos popping up out of nowhere. Oh no, now that we think about it, she doesn’t even see them because of the sight, or maybe she does eventually since she already can see Jace again by the end of the finale.

Isaiah: I think that was a convenient way to end the show, but I think that if they did it like that, she’ll figure it out eventually for sure.


SDN: Were you happy with your ending on the show, with Luke’s character as a whole?

Isaiah: Yeah. I mean, what else could he have done, you know? I’m very happy with how it ended. I would have loved to have seen more of Luke, but yeah. I had other obligations at the time, so I wasn’t able to give as much time to the show. But yeah, I was very happy with what they did.


SDN: We were so glad to have you back for the finale to begin with because you were so busy with IT Chapter 2. What can you tell us about your character, and what should people be excited about? And what was your favorite or most challenging thing about taking on this new character?

Isaiah: Mike is the only one that stayed back in Derry for the twenty-seven years, so he hasn’t changed. Everyone else has gone off and done successful things, but Mike has not. He became a librarian’s assistant and he stayed in town, just looking for the opportunity to see if Pennywise is going to come back so he can tell everybody “Look, he’s back, you guys gotta come back.” I think one of the funniest things about playing Mike was just that he’s completely different from Luke. He’s such a damaged individual, there are things wrong with him. That was fun, and also working with Bill Hader, Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Jay Ryan, PJ Ransome. These guys are amazing actors, and it was just so fun to be able to play with them together.


SDN: We can totally imagine that. Apart from the character traits that differ Luke and Mike, how was the atmosphere different on the set of IT 2 compared to the show? Because franchise movies are very different compared to shooting TV shows.

Isaiah: Yeah, on the show everyone is fairly young and mellow. It’s just a younger vibe. On the movie, you had some really cerebral actors […]. Like James McAvoy is a very, very smart individual. So to act with him, you need to be on your toes. Your brain has to function fast. He’s just an amazing person to work with, because he’s so giving. Same thing with Bill Hader and same thing with Jessica [Chastain], they’re just so giving that you have to be available when you work with them. You just have to keep your mind open. Shadowhunters and TV was a little bit… after a while you kind of knew the formula, so you could step in, do your thing and step off. But the preparation for IT; it took months to get ready for that, and you needed to really, really be focused.


SDN: Yeah, we’re really excited for the movie. 

Isaiah: It should be good. It has some amazing parts.


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