We managed to speak to the ever intelligent and lovely Katherine McNamara who touched upon Clary’s growth, how incredible the fandom has been in the fight to #SaveShadowhunters and the relationships that she has in the show with other characters including Alec. We were eager to cover an array of topics with her so read on to see what she says!

SDN: Are you aware of the movement that we started with the hashtag Save Shadowhunters? And can you give us any encouragement because the fandom is really in need of some motivating words right now!
Kat: Very aware, absolutely. Basically, we have no idea what’s going to happen with the show. I don’t know how it works. I don’t really know what the process is, maybe somebody else does. But seeing the tweets, seeing the support that you guys gave us from the get go was the most comforting thing and the most encouraging thing for us. We know what kind of fandom we have but seeing it first hand and seeing you guys come out of the woodwork to support us was mind blowing and it is mind boggling to see the effect you guys have. But, for me, what that does is show what kind of fandom we have, and when we come together and we work together, when we set our sights on something, we’re unstoppable. That’s a really beautiful thing but if nothing else and the show has to come to an end, I promise you we’re going to make you guys the most kickass series finale you have ever seen. We’re determined because we have the chance to end it right so we’re going to.

SDN: We hope that it’s not the end though, we really do. We’re going to fight for it. Clary and Alec seem to have grown closer because of their common goal to save Jace. Still, Alec’s reaction after her revelation in 3×08 was a surprise for her, he didn’t react the way she thought he would. How do you think she felt in that moment?
Kat: Well, in that moment, it becomes this thing where Clary always wants to make it right; she has the best of intentions. At this point, she’s really taking matters into her own hands. She’s tried everything she knows. She’s like, “Okay, I’m going to be there to support Jace,” but that doesn’t work. She finds that she’s in over her own head, so she goes to Luke. With Luke, she’s like “I need to talk to your sister. Let’s fix this” but that doesn’t work either, and she gets the angel killed. At that point, she’s at a loss. She doesn’t know what to do. She’s just been dropped off the roof by the love of her life who just said to her “I don’t love you anymore” and tried to kill her. She’s at a loss and she’s in over her head and she realises that, “I really did screw up this time and I don’t know if I can fix it and I’m sorry. Maybe this is the wrong choice but I don’t regret it. We have to fix it.” She’s not going to rest until she saves Jace and I think Alec sees that in that moment and that’s why, ultimately, he sees how broken she is. He sees how she has made the effort to try and make it right and whether or not later he was planning to go back and maybe reprimand her for it is unbeknownst to all of us. But in that moment, I think it speaks volumes to the growth that their relationship has had that he does have a compassionate moment with her.

SDN: It was an amazing moment. We were all surprised by his action and you guys portrayed it perfectly.
Kat: It was a big scene and I really wanted to make it right, and I was happy with how it turned out.

SDN: Ever since Clary discovered her ability to draw new runes, we were able to witness the creation of many powerful runes no one even knew about before, like the one that destroyed a Mortal Instrument. Do you think she might also be able to discover a rune as unthinkable as the immortality rune?
Kat: I know where you’re heading with this, but I mean, maybe. Anything’s possible, I mean she did the necromancy rune. It’s kind of opened a door that I don’t know how far they’re going to take but it’s kind of exciting because no one knows what the limit of her power is. It’s the same with Jonathan’s and Jace’s powers as well because they are purely angelic or demonic, depending on who you’re talking about. There could potentially be no limit to what they can do and it’s up to them to discover it. What I love about it is that it’s made them beautifully flawed and human and it’s linked to their emotional life as well and they draw that power from the people that they love and the relationships that they have. I think that speaks volumes to the whole message of the show.

SDN: Since season one, how would you say Clary has evolved? What would present day Clary tell the past one, if they ever were to meet?
Kat: I think to sum it up, she’s grown up. She was thrust into this world and saw it as this beautiful, magical world of wonder full of glitter and power and creatures and all these wonderful things. But by the end of season 2, definitely by the end of 3A, she sees it for what it is which is a cold-cutting and deadly world that will kill you if you don’t fight back. And you cannot observe it with wonder, you have to observe it with caution and you have to enter it with the utmost awareness and she knows that now. She knows how to treat the world and she’s much more aware of the consequences of things at this point. And she needed that, she needed to grow up and take responsibility for herself and I think now moving forward, she’s fully committed to being a Shadowhunter and she’s ready to be the soldier that she needs to be.

SDN: We cannot wait to see what 3B has in store for her. Clary disappeared just as Jace came back to normal. In your opinion, how will his possession affect their relationship once she comes back and they meet again?
Kat: I think it’s going to affect everything because essentially the last time they spoke was when he threw her off the roof. Yes, it wasn’t him but there’s always that question, there’s always that hole, there’s always that moment of darkness in their relationship. But Clary is also going to be forever changed and she will never be the same person that she was before after everything that happened with Lilith. So, for better or for worse, they’re both different people now so we’ll see how that affects their relationship moving forward. It definitely doesn’t make it easy.

SDN: Once the love of your life throws you off a roof, that definitely changes things.
Kat: I don’t know if it necessarily affects Clary as much as it will affect Jace, to be honest, because Clary understands what’s going on and she knows that it happened but that deep down she knows it wasn’t him. But Jace knows what he did and he saw it happen and that guilt is going to weigh down on him because ultimately he puts pressure on himself to be the perfect warrior and hero and to be the golden angel that everyone sees him as. That was taken away from him without him even having a chance to stop it but Clary also knows that it is partly her fault because she brought him back. Not that it’s her fault or his fault or anything like that but that’s how they’re going to feel because they are the kind of people they are and because of the hearts that they have and because of how much they love each other. So, it just makes it doubly and triply more complicated and difficult.



SDN: We had the chance to hear one of your songs on the show in season 2. Any project to release more music in the future? We really do love your voice, and we know that Jade and Alberto also collaborated a few months ago. Any hope to see you join them for some jamming?
Kat: I do! I would love that. I’ve talked to Alberto about it a lot because we always sing musical theatre stuff together. I’m sure it’ll happen eventually. Some day.

SDN: Well, you guys had an amazing time at the panel on Saturday. We can’t imagine what it’s like when music gets involved.
Kat: Generally, we have a good group. Everybody plays a different role and everyone works together. That’s why I love our panels. That’s why I love having conversations with everyone because we do come from different backgrounds and we’re all such different people. But we’re so comfortable with each other and no one really gets offended by anything. So, I always learn something, and I always come away with a different perspective from any conversation I have. The show’s been so special because I started it when I was 19 and by the time everything’s done airing, I’ll be almost 24. So that’s a really huge, influential chunk of my life and these people have been with me when I went from basically a kid to an adult. It’s that time, it’s that transition and that’s why it’s been so special to me because I love these people, they’re my family and they always will be. I’m never going to forget this no matter what happens.

SDN: If you could sit down with one famous female figure in history, who would it be and what would you talk about with them?
Kat: I would love to sit down with Marie Curie, I think just because my mom’s a scientist and I was always obsessed with Marie Curie as a kid, or Amelia Earheart or someone like that. They were in industries that were previously dominated by men and just didn’t care and threw themselves into it, were unabashedly themselves and were confident in knowing that they could do the job just as well as anyone else could in a time where women were not thought of that way. Now, we’re lucky to be in a time where all of that’s changed or is changing. I wonder what the difference was like because I feel very lucky to have grown up in a time where I could do whatever I wanted. I could go to school, I could get a job, I could work alongside men or not, you know? I could choose to be a mother or have a career or I could choose to do both and that’s the exciting thing but there was a time where that wasn’t a choice, and there are still some parts of the world where that’s not a choice for women and girls. I think it’s important to not take that for granted.

We were definitely charmed by her and her thoughtful answers and it was a joy to be able to speak to her. We hope this isn’t the last time that we are able to speak to her and look forward to other events in the future. Good luck with everything in your future, Kat!