Matthew Daddario’s 30th Birthday Project

Matthew Daddario’s 30th Birthday Project

The ShumDario News team is organizing a very special book of fan letters and fanart just for Matthew on his birthday. Turning 30 is a big milestone so we think this book will be a perfect way to commemorate the occasion and hopefully make him smile.

All fans are welcome to participate.

Please send your digitally typed letters (ie. Microsoft Word – no hand written letters will be accepted) and/or fanart to our email address: no later than SEPTEMBER 10th. This is a firm deadline because the book will need to be sent to the printer in time for Matt to receive it on his birthday. Late submissions will not be accepted.

When writing your letter to Matt please be respectful.

Please keep your artwork and/or letters a maximum of two 8.5”x11” (A4) pages.

Also, our team can provide French, Italian and Spanish translations into English for you, but please specify this in the subject line of your email. Any other language translations will be your responsibility to provide.

A very special cover for the book is being designed by three amazingly talented artists: ShirmirArt, Noksindra and Sunshunes.

We are very excited to begin working on this project and we can’t wait to see all the amazing submissions from Matt’s many fans around the world!
Deadline: September 10th, 2017


Your questions:

Is a Google Doc okay?
Yes it is.

Is there any other specification? Spacing, letter size, etc?
Please use a minimum 12 font or larger. We will make necessary adjustments during the editing process if spacing or margins need to change.

How many arts can be from the one artist?
Whatever you can fit on two A4 (8.5″x11″) pages.

How will you decide the order of the letters? By the date they were sent?

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