By the Angel! Episode four of Shadowhunters, aptly titled “Day of Wrath”, aired Monday night on Freeform leaving us completely and utterly traumatized! From start to finish we were on the edge of our seats as we watched our beloved characters thrust into a desperate and overwhelmingly perilous situation like nothing we’ve ever seen before on the show. One shockingly devastating event after another, told at a frenetic pace by writer Jamie Gorenberg, no doubt left audiences jaws hanging open with disbelief just as it did our own. As unforeseen injuries and deaths mounted, the episode unraveled into a scene of total chaos. By the end of the hour we could only scrape together what was left of our remaining senses to ask ourselves, “What the heck just happened?

We rejoin our favorite duo inside the Institute’s command center where Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) tells Alec (Matthew Daddario) that Victor Aldertree (Nick Sagar), acting head of the Institute, plans to punish him for his attack on Raj (Raymond Ablack) which happened in the previous episode. Alec confesses to Magnus that even though Jace was the one who brought him out of his coma he could feel Magnus with him the whole time and it did make a difference. A very touching moment between the two as their trust and openness with each other continues to grow. Alec then brought up the fact that they’ve still yet to have their first date and the two discuss going to dinner, much to the delight of the impatiently awaiting Malec fandom. Harry Shum Jr. does an amazing job showing Magnus’ joyous anticipation for the date, his eyes dazzling us with feels. Matthew Daddario offers up one of his brilliantly genuine, yet bashful smiles, leaving no doubt in our minds both characters are anxious to finally spend time alone together. Unfortunately the two are interrupted by Raj who pulls Alec away for demon hunting business. (Boy this guy really needs to go!) Magnus is obviously disappointed but manages to still make us laugh when he tells Alec, “You go battle your demons, and I’ll go battle mine.” A nod to the inner demons of self-doubt and pessimism Magnus has been struggling with ever since he first met Alec. Also foreshadowing his confrontation with one of the literal demons from his past later on in the episode.

Later, while still inside the Institute, Alec and Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia) interrupt an awkward conversation between Clary (Katherine McNamara) and her mother (Maxim Roy) to report a demon attack has just occurred downtown. They need Clary to come with them since Jace is gone, but Alec makes sure Clary knows she wasn’t his first choice. We immediately pick up on the preexisting rift between these two characters as they continuously butt heads in every episode. Once downtown the banter picks up as Alec gives Clary a bit of field training. Their tense relationship playing out with a surprising hilarity we didn’t see coming. Alec calling out, “Hey Fray!” gave us a much needed laugh. A possible Alec and Clary friendship in the making left us hungry for more interactions between these two.

Continuing with their investigation, Clary and Alec discover a terrified young mundane girl crouched behind a dumpster. Alec tells Clary she is suffering from a “classic demon possession hangover”. She’s covered in blood and unable to remember the gruesome murder she committed while the demon was controlling her body. A foreshadowing that became critically important just a few scenes later. It is also worthy to note we were again impressed with the enhancements to the newly imagined visual effects. Luke (Isaiah Mustafa) elegantly crossing a glamoured boundary line that was hiding the demon’s victim, and Alec showing Clary how to spot demons using heat signatures. Visual imagery like these are really noticed and appreciated as a major step up from season one. Every week we are exposed to more and more technology and special effects which adds more interest and depth to this new take on the Shadow World.

Back at the Institute, Aldertree had summoned vampire Raphael Santiago (David Castro) to appear before him for questioning regarding a series of raids on local vampire dens. These vampires are guilty of violating Clave law by killing mundanes and draining their blood, some of them even children. He ends up clamping Raphael to a chair and torturing him with a newly designed Clave weapon of highly concentrated UV rays. Victor then tells Raphael that if he doesn’t deliver Camille (Kaitlyn Leeb) to the Clave within 12 hours he and his entire clan will be killed. The book readers from our team rejoiced as Raphael showed up on Magnus’ doorstep for help, telling him he had “nowhere else to go”. Bloody and disfigured from the torture, Magnus scoops Raphael up, sweetly referring to him as “my poor boy” and promises to take care of him. This reveals to the audience for the first time what a deep and longstanding connection the two characters have shared. A relationship showcased in Cassandra Clare’s book The Bane Chronicles. Harry Shum Jr. grips our hearts yet again with his gentle and fatherly treatment toward Raphael as he lovingly heals his wounds. Just another layer of depth and dimension to Magnus’ character as we add “caring and supportive father” to his long list of attributes.

As Magnus finishes healing Raphael, Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende) arrives to the loft with both barrels loaded demanding more help with locating Camille. As soon as he discovers Raphael is also there the two face off for a full on vampire showdown. Fortunately it was quickly interceded by their Downworlder Dad as Magnus forces them apart and offers cocktails as an alternative. This confrontation ended up being one of our most favorite moments of the entire episode. Along with Magnus, this dynamic threesome might be a bit of a dysfunctional family but we couldn’t stop smiling the entire time as their onscreen chemistry together was mesmerizing.

The vamp skirmish over at least for now, Simon flourishes the mystery box he snagged from Camille’s house during the previous episode. We learn from Raphael that it contains her grave dirt which gives them the power to summon Camille at will. Using Simon’s blood Raphael opens the box, while an observant Magnus seems conflicted and quite on edge. We begin to see his tumultuous past relationship with Camille coming back to haunt him. Magnus’ feelings for her seem a bit muddier than we originally thought. In a touching balcony scene a deeply saddened Magnus confesses a horrifically tragic story to Simon of his near suicide in the early 1870’s. Camille was the only one there to save him during this low point in his life and since then has always been “his rock”. Harry Shum Jr. gives an incredibly emotional delivery of this woeful tale with the mention of Blackfriars Bridge pulling extra hard on the book lovers’ heartstrings.

Back at the Institute Izzy and Lydia (Stephanie Bennett) are with the corpse of the person who was killed in the demon attack. Once their backs are turned a swirling cloud of black smoke rises out of the body and infiltrates the Institute’s ventilation system setting off a domino effect of disastrous circumstances. Raj is possessed and almost kills Lydia. Then Alec is possessed and tragically kills Jocelyn which was a soul crushing, book burning, holy crap moment that none of us saw coming. This really felt like a turning point in the season as the writers and showrunners demonstrate their willingness to turn the Shadow World on its head to further drive their new and inventive plotlines.

Saving the best two scenes for last we first go back to Magnus’ loft where he has just sent his two vampire sons away on a wild goose chase to fetch more potion ingredients. A lie so he could summon Camille in private, fearing he might not have the strength to turn her in. The tension and crippling stress visibly coming from Magnus in this scene was perfectly delivered and emotionally painful to witness. When he referred to her as “My dearest Camille” it was definitely a bitter pill for Malec fans to swallow. Magnus’ obvious trepidation and wavering resolve kept us biting our nails until the very end. Luckily Camille made the fatal mistake of hitting below the belt. First her cruel and obviously jealous statement of “don’t tell me you’re doing the Clave’s bidding because of your silly infatuation with that boy toy Shadowhunter” ruffled Magnus’ feathers as he quickly told her to leave Alec out of it. Then her continuing threats to the Downworlders Magnus has taken under his wing, his “children” as he explains to her, she stupidly accuses him of only attaching himself to them out of fear of loneliness. A low blow even by Camille’s standards. Her desperation seeping through as she reminds him that she’s the only one who will be with him forever and that deep down he loves her. It’s too little too late at this point as these hurtful statements end up being the final nails in Camille’s coffin. Magnus gathers the courage to bravely portal her to the Clave to pay for her crimes, although still clearly upset as he looks away, unable to watch her go. Kaitlyn Leeb gives a solid performance as Camille, and Harry of course wows us yet again with the infinite range of emotions used for his impassioned portrayal of Magnus.

The grand finale of this harrowing episode took us back to the Institute to a visibly shook and guilt ridden Alec who’s trying to stop Clary from going off to hunt the demon alone. Things go from bad to worse when Isabelle suddenly shows up possessed, throwing Clary across the room and viciously attacking her own brother. Thankfully Clary is able to subdue her with a non-life-threatening stab to the back that released the smoky demon from her body. Clary then takes her seraph blade and kills the demon all on her own while Alec immediately scrambles to Izzy’s side to heal her with an iratze. Apart from Clary now facing the cold hard realization of her mother’s death this scene is really beautiful. Alec gently tending to his sister, they are soon joined by a newly freed Jace who wraps Alec in his arms pulling him close to his chest. It gave us all the Lightwood feels we could handle while a haunting new song added to the emotional moment.

All in all our souls were left weary once this chaotic episode full of twists and surprises came to an end. As usual, leaving us hungry for more and counting the days until the next installment. Looking ahead to next week, our minds are full of questions. Is Jocelyn really dead? Or could this be another one of Valentine’s tricks? How will Luke handle the news? Will Jace now be allowed to return to the Institute? Are Raphael and Simon finally out of harm’s way, or does Aldertree have more evil plans up his sleeves? Will Simon be able to help Clary deal with her grief without going off the deep end? Is she really going to attempt to bring her Mom back from the dead? And most importantly of course, will Magnus and Alec ever get to finally go on their first date? For answers to these and other burning questions make sure to tune in next Monday night, January 30th, on Freeform for the fifth episode, “Dust and Shadows”. Also make sure you are following ShumDario News on Twitter for all the latest news and information!