That was some seriously creepy stuff going on this week. But there were also really sweet scenes, and some rather emotional ones. Here’s our review of episode 3×03 “What Lies Beneath”.

Week three, friends! We’re finally starting to get back into the groove. Episode 3×03 started with an opening scene that would have fit perfectly into a horror movie – a young woman walking down the street at night, suddenly comes across a weird stranger. This scenario never ends well in the movies, and neither does it on Shadowhunters. The girl, Morgan, almost gets abducted by Lilith’s creepy lackey that everyone calls “The Owl”. She is able to escape thanks to a can of pepper spray, but things are still not going all too well for her this episode.  

Neither are they for Jace. He is still having a really hard time. When he’s asleep, he dreams of killing Clary and during the day, he has hallucinations of Jonathan being alive and well in the middle of the Institute. When we get to see him for the first time this episode, he looks like he hasn’t slept in days. He really needs to talk to someone about all of this. It is doing him absolutely no good.

And since we’re already speaking of main characters being in big trouble, let’s add Simon to the mix, shall we? After his not quite-fight with one of the pack members last week and the Seelie Queen’s mark working its evil magic on said werewolf, Simon is absolutely devastated. He learns that the guy who attacked him broke quite a few bones when he crashed against the wall and he feels terrible about it. We were just as devastated seeing him so sad. Simon does not deserve this – he got into the entire Shadow World trouble completely by accident and he’s way too nice to go through so much trouble. Now that he had so much of it in the first three episodes, can Simon get a break please? Maybe somewhere nice and sunny, with a fridge full of 0 negative. That sounds nice.

After that, the plot switches back to the Jade Wolf where Russell is still causing Maia and Simon a lot of trouble. He’s complaining to Luke that Simon is still living in the boat house and – this is an actual quote – “sleeping with our women” (by the way, the 18th century called, it wants its outdated values back). Thankfully, Luke shuts him down right away and lets him know quite clearly that Maia isn’t anyone’s woman.

You go, Luke. And Russell is lucky that Maia wasn’t around when he said that. She would have certainly given him a piece of her mind and we doubt that it would have remained as civil as what Luke told him.

Bad news for the Lightwood siblings

Back at the Institute we see a scene with Alec and Izzy in what we suppose is Izzy’s office (Are we still proud of her for becoming such a badass new weapons master? You bet we are.) It was so good seeing them be siblings instead of colleagues again, even though the reason for that is a quite unpleasant one: Maryse is coming back to New York and requested a dinner with her kids. Said kids are less than thrilled about this announcement and try their best to find a place to hold that dinner at, since, as Alec puts it so diplomatically, “the Institute tends to bring out her inner Inquisitor”.

Being the absolute sweetheart and perfect boyfriend he is, Magnus offers that they hold the dinner at his place and tells Alec that whatever is important to him is also important to Magnus. Can these two get any more adorable? We highly doubt it.

By the way, did you pay attention to Izzy’s face while Magnus was talking to Alec? We bet she’s already planning out their wedding in her head.

Speaking of adorable moments, there is another one involving our favorite vampire clan leader taking his sister on a night walk. That scene was hands down one of our favorite moments this episode, even though it was bittersweet. It may have been sad to watch it since Rosa doesn’t remember Raphael anymore, but seeing this soft, vulnerable side of our oh-so-tough vampire leader really was something special. Raphael often pretends to not care about things, but this moment proved once again that he does care quite a lot. David Castro aced this scene – seeing Raphael hurting because his sister no longer recognizes him hurt so much. Since we’re sending Simon on a little break from all his trouble, can Raphael join him as well? Thank you very much.

Just as we thought the bittersweet Santiago siblings moments were over, we got more of them. But now there was nothing sweet left about it. Rosa passes away at what seems to be the day after their walk and Raphael is devastated about her death. Thankfully, he doesn’t have to go through all the pain on his own – Isabelle is there for him, which we found very sweet. Those two may have a rocky history, but even after everything that happened, they still trust and care about each other deeply. We were so glad to see that Izzy still cared about Raphael – and Raphael didn’t push her away or tried to pretend that he was fine. They both have caused each other a fair share of trouble, but the trust that they put in each other is truly beautiful to watch.

After these few emotional Raphael-centric scenes the plot moves on to NYPD where we get to catch up with Luke and Ollie. And learn that telling Ollie about the Shadow World was probably not the very best idea. We love Luke’s partner, but she has no idea how to deal with all of this new knowledge. She tries, we’ll have to give her that, but telling her girlfriend about everything may not have been the wisest decision. But still – we loved seeing Ollie have that little fangirl moment in the car when she was all excited to finally meet the Shadowhunters. So relatable!

What was also pretty relatable is the fact that Raphael didn’t want to talk to anyone after his sister’s death. Especially not Simon. However, what we did not understand is why Simon couldn’t just leave him alone. That scene actually felt a bit out of character for him. Simon Lewis may talk more than is good for him sometimes, but he is not stupid. He knows how to read people and when to leave them alone. Therefore it was just weird to watch him not leave Raphael alone, even though he was asked to do so several times. We understand that that scene served as a way to show off once more what Simon’s mark can do – but honestly, it was a rather cheap one.

Dinner for three

Remember the family dinner Maryse requested earlier in the episode? Well, turns out that two of her three children bailed on her, which leaves only Alec to deal with his mother. And Magnus of course, which comes in very handy this episode, since Alec is a nervous mess.

Who would have thought that we would live to see the day that Alec Lightwood is panicking because his mother is coming over? We loved those scenes so much. Even though we felt sorry for poor Magnus who had to deal with panicking!Alec and his…uh…can you even call that cooking?

Anyway, it’s the thought that counts and Alec had the best intentions. Who cares that, judging from Magnus’ reaction, even Gordon Ramsay would have been out of words at the taste of the stew Alec attempted to make? Thankfully, he has a rather magical boyfriend to fix his attempt at giving people food poisoning, so it’s not that bad anyway.

Also, Alec has bigger problems than the taste of his food. Such as his mother showing up at Magnus’ place for their impromptu dinner, presumably stressed out and “on edge”, as Alec so caringly warned his boyfriend.

Except that she is not on edge at all. Turns out that Maryse Lightwood is in the best of spirits when she shows up at Magnus’ penthouse, all smiling and genuinely happy to be there. While nervous!Alec turned into absolutely shook!Alec, we were left wondering who exactly that person was who showed up for dinner and what she had done to Maryse Lightwood. Whatever she did, she should keep going: we loved this new version of Maryse. It’s amazing how much she developed as a character over the past two seasons, she seems like an entirely different person. The stoic, strict matriarch is gone and made room for a loving mother who only wants the best for her children. That doesn’t change the fact that she is still a strong Shadowhunter, but this softer side totally suits her (also we love her new haircut!)

Unfortunately, the relaxed atmosphere doesn’t last all that long. Maryse did not come with good news, actually she came with pretty terrible ones: The Clave is exiling her from Alicante and stripping her of her runes.

We’re sorry, what?

We understand that Maryse has not always been a perfect Clave member, but come on, this woman has devoted her entire life to the Clave, done everything they’ve asked, she even raised her kids to be perfect little soldiers. If that doesn’t count as making up for her crimes, what else will?

Despite all the drama, we have to admit that the idea of Maryse leading a mundane life seems like quite an interesting new storyline. Of course, we don’t want her to lose her runes and her powers, but it’s something that has never happened on the show before. It would also fit to this season’s theme of the mundane world blending in with the Shadow World. We’re excited to see what will happen next.

Until then, let’s enjoy the Malec ft. Maryse scene that came next. It was one that absolutely melted our hearts. What Maryse said to Magnus before she left was incredibly sweet and proved once again that she finally overcame her prejudices and accepted their relationship. We would love to see more Maryse and Magnus moments like that. Now that all of the road blocks are out of the way, we have a feeling that these two could make pretty good friends. Character development, your name is Maryse Lightwood.  

The return of Morgenstern Jr.

As much as we would love to go on about how much we loved having Maryse back on the show, she was not the only well-known character that had their debut for this season in episode 3×03. Jonathan Morgenstern is back and he is up to no good (not that he has ever been up to any good, for that matter).

Will Tudor already had a few short scenes here and there, but this week he got more screen time. He and Dom Sherwood shared a pretty cool fighting scene which was, as always, perfectly choreographed. Tons of kudos to the Shadowhunters stunt department for always coming up with all these cool choreographies.

While Jonathan is technically still just a product of Jace’s hallucinations, it seems like he will stick around for a bit. While that will cause lots of problems for Jace, Clary and pretty much the entire Institute, it was good to see his face again.

From evil Jonathan the episode then moves on to the even more evil Lilith. She’s still at the Church of Talto, carrying out her plan. Or rather instructing her “Owl” to carry it out for her. For the past few episodes, the fans were left wondering who that weird, quiet lackey was. This week, we found out. During one of the last few shots before the end credits started rolling, the Owl gets to take off that black mask and reveal his face…and it’s Jace.

Boom. Plot twist.

We still don’t quite know what to do with this new information, but we cannot wait for the next few episodes to find out. The first two episodes already hinted that there was something seriously wrong with him, but we didn’t really expect him to be Lilith’s right hand. Still, we’re excited about this new development and for what it will bring to the show.

The drama increases

As opposed to last week, this episode didn’t have as many new changes in the plot, besides Jace being the Owl and Maryse getting deruned. The writers narrowed down the storylines a little and stuck to them, which we loved. It gave them the time to really dive into those stories – Raphael’s relationship with Rosa, for example, or the dinner at Magnus’ place. Knowing this show, slower-paced episodes like this will remain a rarity but we enjoyed it while it lasted. The promo material for next week looks already quite promising, especially since there is another new character joining the cast: The 100’s Chai Hansen is making his debut on Shadowhunters next week as the mysterious new character Jordan Kyle. We can’t wait to meet him!