After the lovely family dinner with Maryse last week, it was time for another badass single mother to work her magic – or her wicked mind games, as we like to call it. Here’s what you missed on episode 3×04, “Thy Soul Instructed”.

At the beginning of this week’s episode, we find ourselves once again in the Church of Talto, where we see Lilith’s apartment for the first time. She lives above the hall where she keeps her “disciples” and created a quite stylish place for herself. No idea how she found the time to decorate since she is, you know, busy being this season’s evil mastermind, but she certainly has a good taste in furniture.

But since this is not some show about interior design but Shadowhunters, the peace in her own four walls doesn’t last that long, only until Jace shows up for new instructions. While she tells him what he should do next (namely, get her 33 more disciples and then… well, die) we also get another glimpse into her wickedly fascinating character.

What’s so interesting about Lilith are the many layers to this character. Of course, she’s the new main villain after Valentine died, but it feels like there’s an entirely different character hidden beyond that cold, distant façade. Lilith may focus on her plan, but as soon as she gets some rare moments off, her disguise breaks and her true self shows. Just like she is an evil and fierce demon, she is also a loving mother who recently lost her son. We already got a glimpse at that aspect in episode one, but this time we also get some backstory why exactly Lilith is so passionate about bringing Jonathan back. Turns out that the demon blood that Valentine injected baby Jonathan with was not just any demon’s blood, but Lilith’s. Which is why he turned out to be so strong, and also explains why she feels like she is his true mother – and hates Jace so much for taking him away from her. Having this evil side mixed with all those conflicting emotions is what makes her character so interesting – and obviously, Anna Hopkins’ amazing acting does its part as well. Shadowhunters has had a lot of evil characters in the past, but Lilith is for sure one of our favorites.

Lone solid Vampire

This week’s episode also dealt with a topic that some of the characters already know quite well: getting used to being part of the Shadow World. The last ones struggling with that issue were Clary, Simon and Bat. This season introduced us to another newbie to the Shadow World drama: Heidi, the young vampire Raphael and Simon once met at the bleeder den. Unfortunately, Heidi didn’t have as much support as the others did, actually she didn’t have any support at all while getting used to her new life. All she got was Raphael experimenting on her for the past couple episodes. So it’s only understandable that she is very pissed at him for locking her up in the basement of the DuMort like his own little guinea pig. Now that she managed to escape, she is out for revenge. And she has only one single target. But more on that later.

Speaking of vampires, Simon doesn’t really get to “vamp out” a lot this episode. He’s actually busy with a quite mundane task – apartment hunting. Since he got kicked out from the boat house last week, he’s been sleeping in his van. As that is nowhere near a permanent solution, he’s looking at different places. And getting a little reality check while he’s at it. Simon may be immortal and forever blessed with the looks of a guy in his early twenties, but for now he’s also cursed with the budget of a guy in his early twenties. The fact that he lives in one of the most expensive cities in the world doesn’t make things any easier, so looking for a roommate it is. Lucky for him, he finds one faster than he probably expected to. And also in a more unusual way – by almost getting run over by a guy on a bike. Season 3’s latest new character really knows how to make an entrance.

You might remember that Lola Flanery, who plays the Seelie Queen, regularly switches coasts in order to work on both Shadowhunters and The 100. Well, it looks like the casting directors did some scouting on the set of The 100 of their own: If you watched season 4 of The 100, you might recognize Shadowhunters’ latest newbie. Chai Hansen, who played Illian on The 100 switched coasts as well and is now playing Kyle, Simon’s new roommate.

Kyle seems pretty nice at first, but as we soon learn – and we did with many other new characters this season – he is shady beyond compare.

Still, Simon and him hit it off right away, and Simon pretty much agrees to move in with him on the spot, but after a little while and what seemed like some pretty fierce gaming battles, we see Kyle step out of the apartment and call – Luke. Yep. But the fact that Luke and Kyle seem to know each other well is not even the weirdest part – it’s how Kyle ends the call. He says something about Simon being “the Praetor’s problem now”.

We know that the Praetor is another reference to the books, but we don’t exactly remember what they did or whether they were good or bad in the first place – so we can’t wait to see how that new storyline plays out. Chai Hansen sure made a great first impression as Jordan, his character may be a little shady, but we loved him shaking things up a bit. And having an Australian character on the show was a nice change as well.

Parabatrouble at hand

While Simon and Kyle keep bonding over video games, Jace and Alec keep drifting further and further apart. With all the adorable Malec and Clace moments going on recently, most of us didn’t really notice it – but Jace and Alec are barely talking to each other anymore. In episode 3×04, we get the first parabatai scene in quite a while and it’s during that scene where we first realized how much their relationship already suffered.  

Jace and Alec have always been an inseparable unit, but they are as far as they could be from that right now. It’s not that they’re not getting along, but you can feel something in their relationship keeps changing, and that it is not doing them any good.  Jace is a mess and all the secrets are now starting to really wear down on Alec as well. He tries to help Jace, attempts to get him to talk and finally tell him what’s wrong, but it’s not working. Which is a shame, because with everything that’s happening around them, it doesn’t seem likely that they will get another chance to talk openly all that soon. And on this show, bad communication usually leads to things going horribly wrong at some point. Probably sooner rather than later.

After that unsettling parabatai scene, we get to catch up with Heidi again, who has now moved on from killing mundanes to…chaining Raphael down on a rooftop just a few minutes before sunrise? Excuse us, Heidi, we know you’re new to this thing but we are pretty sure that this is not something more experienced vampires would advise you to do to the leader of your clan. At least not without a very good reason.

On second thought, Heidi may have the best of all reasons to be mad at Raphael, but come on, you don’t tie other vampires up on a rooftop before the sun comes out. That’s so not cool. What is very cool, however, is how David Castro slays these scenes, just as he has been slaying pretty much every single appearance he had this season so far. We love that Raphael has been getting more attention recently and hope that this will continue in future

When plotlines collide

Towards the end of the episode, things get rather emotional again. After being saved at the very last second by Izzy and Clary, Raphael tries to cover up his tracks and is cleaning up the basement where he kept Heidi locked up when he gets caught by Isabelle. When Izzy finds out that Raphael held Heidi captive, she tells him that she won’t report him to the Clave but she wants him to leave New York. For good.

We know that Emeraude and David are both great actors, but they truly outdid themselves during that scene. Both of their characters were in so much pain and they made their viewers feel that as well. This scene reminded us a little of the Malec “breakup” in 2×18 – it was painful to watch, yet incredibly beautiful and an amazing performance by both actors. We wonder if Raphael will really do what Isabelle asked of him and leave – but for some reason we can’t really see him abandoning his clan like that. Also we certainly don’t want him to.

Last week there was a pretty mean cliffhanger at the end of the episode and this week… the writers pulled that stunt again. We see Lilith showing up at Magnus’ door, asking him for help and Magnus inviting her in. Unfortunately, the screen then fades to black and we won’t find out anything about that until at least next week. This was the first time that the two main storylines this season – the story of our heroes on the one side, Lilith’s evil plan on the other – truly collided, and we are left curious to see what this will result into.

Altogether, 3×04 was a pretty solid episode that left many questions to be answered for the next couple of episodes. Most importantly, we would like to know what the deal with Kyle is – and what Lilith wants from Magnus. Catch up with us next week when we find out!