SDN Team

Who's behind ShumDario News?

ShumDario News has been online since early 2016, but the account would never have made it this far without the tireless work the team behind the account puts in every single day. Here you can meet each member of the SDN team and learn a little more about them and their tasks.



Rude caffeinated Parisian and procrastinator extraordinaire who can usually be found working at events and conventions. I’m the founder and main admin of ShumDario News since I launched the fansite back in early 2016. I manage this lovely, slightly dysfunctional family, take care of the website maintenance, go crazy with graphic design, create content and help with some of the ongoing projects as I keep an eye on everything that’s going on like the responsible adult that I am… not!



A typical French cliché who can’t live without a good wine and some cheese. This girl right here is working hard to become a professional actress. I am the second admin of ShumDario News and joined the party in mid 2016. On the team I mostly work in the shadows; I update and help with projects we launch. You will also find me trying to understand everything that is going on during conventions and making sure everyone is okay. I am also a proud owner of a file with ridiculous pics that I like to send in all our chats for the great entertainment of the team (or not).



BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) student and social media coordinator with a love for words and languages. As the project manager and one of the co-admins of ShumDario News I do a little of everything all the while perfecting my impersonation of the side eye emoji and trying to uphold my reputation of being this team’s very own class clown. I can normally be found buried deep in some of the various content we publish, rushing my corresponding self from one convention to the other, and managing any and all crises that may come our way.



Professional night owl with a love for fantasy novels, dark chocolate and good concerts. On ShumDario News I get to put my journalism degree to use by writing articles for our website and live-tweeting all kinds of events. I also help with projects and often drive the rest of the team crazy with my tendency to be more sarcastic than is probably good for me. Sometimes that trait even transfers to our content, but thankfully it hasn’t gotten me kicked off the team yet – at least not for real.



Master in international public law in the backpocket, this French girl emigrated to Vancouver where she is busy juggling between working as a production assistant, making her first steps in the film industry and helping the account as best as she can. Passionnate and dedicated, I joined ShumDario News to share with others the inspiration that Harry and Matt gave me with their careers and life achievement. I am proud to work with this team, mostly by stressing about the everyday updates and helping with our projects in any useful way.



A brazilian girl with the dream of traveling the world a love for fashion and a Fashion Designer degree to prove it. I love it so much that I managed to sneak into the writers team and I am now the official ShumDario News Fashion Expert. I also put my photoshop skills to good use as one of the graphic designers. When I’m not writing, making gifs or updating for ShumDario News, you can find me either watching something on Netflix or partying around São Paulo.



Italian mess and space geek with a passion for reptiles and physics. On ShumDario News I vid, update and spend days and nights working with the (best) team. I love going to conventions and meeting new people even though I am very shy. I’m also very chaotic, but not always, sometimes I sleep. I’m the black sheep of this dysfunctional family since I don’t share most of their preferences (pineapple on pizza is a no) but surprisingly I haven’t been kicked out… yet. All jokes aside, words cannot express how grateful I am to be a part of this wonderful team and to support Matthew and Harry in this very unique way.



24-year-old freelance editor and translator with a bachelor’s degree in English and currently studying administration. When I’m not writing novels disguised as articles or modifying text pieces here and there, I can most likely be found laughing at puns and dad jokes, lost in a TV show or a book, or reorganizing one thing or the other, all the while clad in black. I joined the team to extend my love of writing into more aspects of my life. As part of ShumDario News, I compose articles for the website and proofread content.



Communication Studies/Public and Mass student despite the fact that I barely know how to communicate properly. I previously wrote for Affinity Magazine, a teen online publication and I currently write for my college’s chapter of Her Campus. For ShumDario News, I mostly help with updates, occasionally livetweet Shadowhunters episodes and probably annoy the hell out of most of the members with my terrible attempts at humor. Despite being the only American member, most of the time, everyone else tends to speaks better English than I do.



A quiet, reserved and easy going Australian? It’s true! And yes I do love Vegemite! Where do I spend the majority of my time? Putting my Nursing Degree to the test being an Anaesthetists extra set of hands securing airways in unconscious people on the daily. But when I’m not working I’m either out on adventures in the wilderness dabbling in photography, or I’m at home trying to be an adult and do my laundry. My journey with ShumDario News began when I was gathering intel and panel photos while I was attending conventions here in Aus. I had the best time and now I’m part of the busy Update Team and loving it! Updating can mean little sleep and some loss of sanity. Didn’t have much of either to begin with so no real loss!



Australian fangirl extraordinaire with a Bachelor of Arts (Screen Studies). After seven months of professional work experience in sports media, I decided to switch gears and fall back into one of my earliest passions: writing. I now write for a variety of websites, including ShumDario News. While that’s how I spend the majority of my time – you can also find me binge-watching television shows, attending conventions, and belting out some very tone deaf Taylor Swift.



Introverted perfectionist from Denmark, with an education in administration. I’m the one you find in the corner by myself with headphones on listening to music while writing about anything and everything. I’m one of those annoying morning people, who no matter how late I go to bed wakes up full of energy at 5am. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to relax and do nothing, which tends to drive people crazy. On ShumDario News I get to put my passion for writing and editing to good use as part of the writers team.



I’m Mathilde – aka Noksindra – a 22-year-old artist from France and also the art projet manager at ShumDario News! I’m finishing up my engineering studies and spend most of my free time drawing – fanarts and original art – and working on my own fictional world, as I want to write stories about it! I also love travelling and discovering new places and cultures!

They’re not part of the SDN team anymore, but they’re part of its history, so they belong here as well:  Mélanie (France), Erika (USA), Jeffrey (USA), Adelia (Singapore), Emma (Australia), Lisa-Marie (France), Denise (USA), Rachel (Canada), Lucile (France), Maddy (France) and Adam (Australia)!