The SDN Family

The SDN Family

You think you can add your special something to our family? Writing, giffing, laughing?
Do not hesitate one more second and contact us right the hell now so we can talk about it!

Davina - ADMIN


I am what you can call a 27-year-old French cliché. Some knows me as the owner and creator of ShumDario News, others as the tyrant behind this awesome team. Web development and web design student in real life, my survival is based on the amount of coffee I drink per day and my almost non-healthy obsession with TV series. I also update, create gifs, visuals and make sure this website isn’t crashing every other day. I might shout at my team, but mostly my unconditional love for them.

Sophie - ADMIN


I’m a 21-year-old French ginger girl in a committed relationship with any and all French products you can consume. Student in a drama school with the big dream of becoming an actress by day, admin on ShumDario News by night, I mostly update and take care of internal relations. I joined the team very early on and I am a very proud Momma of each and every one that composes it! And don't worry, if it looks like chubby me is trying to kill chubby Davina, you should see what it is like in real life!

Lisa-Marie - CO-ADMIN

20-year-old French student majoring in English. I travel a lot and write on the side. I like puns and disrespecting those I care about. I decided to apply to join ShumDario News as I had already experienced working for media accounts. I am now part of the graphic design team and doing gifs for the people, as well as updating on the Twitter account.


Currently located in Germany, 27-year-old me tries to smoothly run a team - of about just as many employees as I carry years on my shoulders - while trying to tackle my Bachelor in Fashion Design and my second calling as a social media agent for public and fan relations. I joined the ShumDario News' team not too long ago and am entertaining the position of Co-Admin, Project Manager and professional impersonator of the side eye emoji.

Lucile - UPDATE


I'm a 26 year-old from France currently living in Canada trying to get a PhD, write on the side, update and try to stay sane at the same time. Most people call me Lu but you can call me Satan. I've been called that before. Not that I understand why. On the ShumDario News team, I update and scream in agony during cons and events.

Adelia - UPDATE

Hello there! i'm a 21-year-old that can't seem to stay in one place. I joined the ShumDario News team to show my love for Harry and Matthew and to also hone the skills I already have. I can't wait to see what being part of the team has in store for me!



26-year-old Business student and dancer with a love of travel. I like to travel somewhere different every year but ultimately would love to work and live overseas one day. Joining ShumDario News was the best thing I've done, I love being a part of such a wonderful family. At ShumDario News, I'm a Co-Admin from Australia, so I mainly help out with updates and anything else in between



Just a French 5 years old 23 years old audiovisual lover but actually it is more than just a passion since i also make videos to pay for my daily pasta meals. Mostly known as the fandom’s baby cow, I like to write, vid, sleep & eat. I’m now slave co(w) member of the ShumDario News (family) team.

Jeffrey - UPDATE

A 20-year old communications major from New York with an unhealthy obsession with social media, theatre, and sleep. I joined ShumDario News in November 2017 and I've loved every second of it! Matt and Harry are rockstars and deserve the best. I work on the website, projects, and updates.



Journalism student from Austria with a soft spot for fantasy novels and dark chocolate. I have always loved to write and over the years, it has become my favorite way to tell stories. I hope I’ll be able to make a living from it one day. I joined SDN because I admire the work and the passion that is poured into this account every day. But the thing I’ve come to like most are the people that make up the team - our crazy little SDN fam really is something special. On ShumDario News, I write articles for the website and help with projects and updating our social media accounts.



I'm a 20-year-old Brazilian fashion design student with a deep love for photoshop. I decided to join SDN to get the opportunity to perfect my photoshop abilities and because I loved how the girls were pouring themselves into the account. Most importantly, the impact Matt and Harry have on me as a person is what encouraged me to apply and, as a fan, I thought this was a good way of showing my love and support at the same time. I'm a believer that kindness creates more kindness - so be kind at all times. On ShumDario News, I'm part of the graphic design team, doing gifs and whatnot.


Photo SDN

French freelance illustrator and zine maker. I’m a cross between a unicorn and nerd. And I really love musicals! I have been here since we created the account and I am very proud of everything that was achieved in only twelve months. ShumDario News is an amazing adventure, I consider this team as a family. I have to admit that I particularly like our chill moments when I doodle silly things or when we start a gifs war. On the account, I am an illustrator and recently named photographer for any events we attend.


autoportrait cv 2 petit

23-year-old introverted and generally anxious artist, former architecture student now dreaming of becoming an animator at Pixar or Dreamworks Studios. I should dream bigger, I know. I joined ShumDario News as an illustrator, to participate in projects and provide exclusive drawings !


20-year-old French engineering student with art dreams. I have always loved drawing and the feeling of freedom that comes with it. I aspire to become a concept artist or a storyboardist in an animation studio someday. I joined ShumDario News at the beginning of July as an illustrator, and I don't regret it one second!


Italian economics student. I'm probably the most awkward shy and anxious human ever. I love vidding and being creative. I joined ShumDario News as a vidder and since Matt Harry and Malec own my soul my heart and my entire existence I couldn't be happier. I also love throwing kindness around like confetti. I strongly believe that every act of love, no matter how big or small, can change everything.

Jenny - WRITER

23-year-old Swedish care administration student and freelance editor with about as much black in my wardrobe as Alec in season 1 and a penchant for writing overly formal messages. At this point, my middle name should be 'Kind regards'. I have a love for writing and it's always been a big part of my life. I joined ShumDario News as a writer and to compose articles for the website.